The Bored Immortal

Chapter 12 - The Immortals House Or...Pig House?

Eva was surprised and felt a bit indignant that he addressed Madam Snow so casually as ’Little Taya ’.

She felt that their relationship was not simple after all. And she found it a bit unbelievable since she couldn ’t imagine the refined, elegant, and aloof Madam Snow interacting with this sort of a person.

But she also wondered if this man was living under a rock to not even know what the present year was.

Still, she replied, ”Today ’s date is the 2nd of January of the year 2025. ”

Viktor ’s mouth formed an ’O ’ shape as if realizing something, ”Is that why people don ’t talk much about this qoronavirus? ”

”The Qovid-19 pandemic ended a year ago, and daily life has returned to normal more or less for a while now, ” Eva informed.

Viktor sighed, ”Still, to think that it ’s only 2025. Time is passing so slowly. I guess I should find some interesting things to do. But why is she calling for me after all this time? I never thought that she would be the one approaching me first unless… ”

”I am not privy to such information. All I know is she ordered me to accompany you back, ” Eva said with a narrow gaze.

”What if I don ’t want to go? ” Viktor asked with a playful shrug.

Eva ’s brows slightly creased as she raised her gun towards Viktor and said, ”Then I will have to shoot you in the head and bring you back. ”

Viktor remained unfazed as he slowly walked towards her and asked with a smile, ”Ohhh, is that what your Madam ordered you to do? ”

Inwardly, he was feeling interested in Eva and knew that the ’Madam Snow ’ she was referring to must have great trust in Eva, especially when it seemed that she knew about his uniqueness.

However, based on her ’threat ’, Viktor felt that Eva didn ’t have a full idea of his abilities.

Eva began to feel a bit anxious seeing him approaching her, but her hand remained steady as she answered, ”No. But I will do anything to fulfill Madam ’s orders. ”

”Even if it kills you? ” Viktor slowly asked as he got close to her face, his dark brown eyes seemingly peering into her soul, her gun touching his heart.

Eva ’s heartbeat began to quicken, and her hands began to shake from just his gaze that seemed to invade her mind and senses.

She, who had thought that she had experienced what fear of death was like, began to feel otherwise at this moment.

Her grip over her gun began to become unstable, but she still gritted her teeth and said as she met his gaze, ”Y-Yes. ”

A light of surprise shone in Viktor ’s eyes as he raised his head and laughed, ”Haha, why are you getting all serious? I was kidding with ya. ”

Eva involuntarily let out a sigh of relief the moment she felt the pressure as heavy as a mountain was lifted off from her heart.

”Still you looked so adorable even then, ” Viktor teased.

Eva ’s face flushed red at his words and laughter, never feeling so embarrassed and angry at the same time before. She couldn ’t believe she got played just like that, especially when she was trained in many things.

Seeing her aggrieved look, Viktor felt like teasing her more, but then he noticed a long, curved? single-edged sword behind her back.

”Wow, nice sword you got there. Can I swing it a few times? ” Viktor asked casually.

”No, ” She curtly replied with a wary expression as she twisted her body to hide her sword from his vision as if hiding a toy from a bully.

Viktor raised his hands as he put up a disappointed expression, ”Okay, okay. It seems like somebody doesn ’t like to share. ”

”Are you coming with me or not? ” Eva asked with wrinkled brows. She felt as if she might blow a fuse inside her if he kept talking to her.

Viktor sighed, ”Fine. I will come since Little Taya personally asked for me. Anyways, I got bored of staying here, ” Viktor said as he went around the back to sit behind her.

However, a dainty hand stopped him, ”Please stop. You ride. ”

”Eh? ” Viktor got confused, but then, seeing the wariness in her eyes, he smiled in understanding, knowing that she was afraid of him taking advantage of her.

”Alright, just don ’t regret it later, ” Viktor said with a smirk, making Eva feel apprehensive seeing his devilish smile.

Still, she preferred this rather than give a playboy like him a room of opportunities. She also wasn ’t confident of stopping him in case he wanted to try something since he was no ordinary human being.

Viktor sat in front of her and said, ”I will have to stop by my house first. ”

”Why? ” Eva asked as she knit her brows. Now she just wanted to fulfill her orders as fast as possible by dropping him off since she felt that every extra minute she spent with him could be quite dangerous in many ways.

” ’Why, ’ you ask? Obviously, I got to pack my stuff, girl. You don ’t expect me to ride through the road half-naked, do you? Or is it because you want to ogle at my charming body, eh? ” Viktor asked with a wink.

Eva felt like a headache was settling in her mind and said, suppressing her exasperation, ”But my bike is not made for carrying luggage. ”

She felt that Viktor must be planning to bring at least a suitcase with him or even worse.

”Don ’t worry, it will perfectly fit in your bike ’s luggage rack, ” Viktor chuckled as he pressed the ignition button on the bike and used the throttle.


The powerful sound of the engine being revved sounded out as Viktor took off quickly, making Eva startle as she almost hugged Viktor but managed to quickly move her hands towards the bar behind her for support.

As they rode off, Eva asked a question that had been bugging her mind, ”Why did you let them beat you up? ”

She couldn ’t understand why such a powerful figure like him would let a few weaklings beat him up. In her perspective, he should be too proud not to allow anyone to lay a hand on him. In fact, she wouldn ’t find it surprising if he killed them all for it.

Viktor answered with a smirk, ”Because I was bored. ”

Eva took a deep breath, deciding to never ask such questions to him since she felt that her mood would get cranky listening to him.

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