The Bored Immortal

Chapter 13 - Agent Eva

Within a few minutes, Viktor reached his house and got off the bike. Eva ’s lips slightly opened with a baffled expression seeing how shoddy Viktor ’s house was.

It looked no different from a broken-down hut, making her wonder if this was a place where pigs were being bred.

However, she didn ’t voice out her comments and instead followed him.

Viktor noticed her following him and asked, ”Are you going to follow me into my house? ”

Eva placed her hand on her gun and said plainly, ”I can ’t let there be a risk of you running away. Till I escort you back to Madam Snow ’s mansion personally, I won ’t take my eyes off you. ”

Viktor looked at her with a sly smile, ”Girl, I didn ’t know my charms made you fall in love with me so fast. Well, I won ’t take my eyes off you then as well. ”

Eva knit her brows then realized that her words seemed misleading after noticing the way he said them.

She took a deep breath as the nerves in her temple twitched, ”Please pack your bags fast. I have other things to do as well. ”

Eva felt that no man had been able to make her feel this exasperated, and she couldn ’t understand why.

Viktor shrugged as he turned around, ”Okay. But later, don ’t tell me that I didn ’t warn you, hehe. ”

Eva paid no mind to his words and entered his house. But the moment she entered the house, her nose wrinkled as a pungent smell wafted through her nose, making her expression wince.

She couldn ’t help but hold her breath since the whole place literally smelled like a pig house. She wondered if Viktor even cared to clean his house.

”I told ya, ” Viktor chuckled, seeing how Eva was trying hard to keep herself from running out.

”My love, you are back! ” A young blonde-haired woman rushed out of nowhere at Viktor with hearts in her eyes.

Viktor was surprised and asked as he hugged the beauty back, ”Mary, what are you doing here? Have you been hiding inside my house all this while?

Eva was baffled to see a woman hiding inside Viktor ’s house and wondered how she didn ’t die from the horrible stench of his ’house ’.

Mary had a petite figure, looking in her early twenties but had lovely features that could catch the attention of men.

She cuddled in his arms, enjoying her hand caressing his muscles as she said coyly, ”I was worried thinking that idiot fiance of mine kidnapped you to hurt you. So I waited here, hoping you would return. ”

Viktor had a blinking expression as he thought, ’Woman, is that what you should do if you were really worried about me? ’

However, he replied smugly as his hands reached towards her buttocks, ”Don ’t worry. I taught that idiot Burky a good lesson. Anyways, how about we have a quickie before I leave for good? ”

”Ah~, you are leaving? But why so soon? Let ’s enjoy a few more days before I marry that dimwit. I really love your huge cock twitching inside me, ” Mary winked as she grabbed his crotch and smooched his bare chest.

Eva ’s face reddened and frowned as she averted her eyes, feeling disgusted that these two were flirting and behaving indecently before another person.

It was as if they weren ’t bothered that she was standing right before them. How could they not feel embarrassed?

Viktor let out a helpless sigh and gestured towards Eva, ”I can ’t. Do you see that scary lady? She is my elder sister, and she is here to drag me back home. Otherwise, she will put me in a body bag and take me home. ”

Eva inwardly rolled her eyes, hearing his words, and wondered how long she would have to put up with his antics.

”You still wanna stick around? ” Viktor asked Eva with a smirk as he continued to fondle the beauty in his arms.

Eva narrowed her eyes as veins pulsed in her neck, ”I will wait outside. Please be quick. ”

Eva had no interest in seeing these two perform even more indecent acts before her and get her eyes corrupted.

With that, she immediately left the house, and as soon as she came outside the ’pig house ’, she felt as if she was back in paradise.

”So, where were we? ” Viktor asked as he began to undress Mary ’s polka dot dress.

Mary replied as lust began to heat up her body, ”Right up here. ” Saying that, she jumped onto Viktor, entangling her legs and arms around him while her lips were already sucking his.

Viktor hugged her naked petite body as he plundered his tongue into her mouth and enjoyed the warmth and wetness of her tongue.

He kept on kissing her as he walked and pressed her against the walls while removing her panties in the process.

He let down her legs and kissed her petite yet cute pink buds as he took her left boob completely into his mouth.

”Ahhh~, suck my small boobs, you naughty man, ahhh~ ” Mary moaned as she ruffled Viktor ’s long hair.

But Mary was unable to hold back and crouched as she pulled down Viktor ’s pants, revealing a large dragon that seemed to be staring at her with a provocative look.

”Oh, my~ It ’s still as big as ever! ” Mary ’s eyes flared with lust as she instantly went down on his dick.

”Mmhh~Mmhhh~Mmhh~ ” Mary let out sweet moans of pleasure as she tried to envelop his hot cock completely with her mouth. But her mouth was barely able to cover half of his huge cock.

Her hands were continuously rubbing on his dick, moving up and down, trying to squeeze out some warm milk from his vigorous dragon.

”Nnghh…that ’s it…drink it, bitch! ” Viktor groaned as he pushed her head forward till his glans reached the end of her throat and cummed.

”Glurgg! ” Mary ’s eyes widened as she gagged. But she did not dare waste the precious milk that spurted into her throat and swallowed it in one go.

”Haaa… ” She was able to take in a deep breath as soon as the large dragon came out of her small mouth.

”Good girl, ” Viktor smirked as he pulled her up and thrust his cock deep inside her pussy.

”AHHNN~! ”

”Time to continue our unfinished business, ” Viktor whispered in her ears as he continued to force out moans from her mouth.

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