The Bored Immortal

Chapter 14 - Who Is He?

Eva was leaning against her bike while wondering when Viktor was going to finish his indecent acts.

By now, her image of the Immortal Devil had been entirely shattered by Viktor ’s demeanor and attitude.

Still, keeping in mind her Madam ’s orders, she waited patiently.

Soon after an hour, Viktor and Mary came out. He had a big smile on his face as if he looked a bit refreshed after enjoying a pleasant session. As for his ’luggage ’, there was only one sleazy bag on his shoulder.

However, Mary had a downcast look and couldn ’t stop hugging his well-built body while her legs seemed a bit limp.

Her eyes were even occasionally moving towards his cock. Still, now that she had been completely drained of all energy, she just couldn ’t push herself for another round, and Viktor had to leave as well.

She asked in a pitiful tone, ”My love, when will I get to experience heaven again? ”

Viktor smiled, seeing that she was unable to get over him, ”When fate allows us, honey, ” He said in a somber tone as if he was saying farewell to his soul mate.

Mary bit her lips and quickly pulled his shirt for another hot kiss, ”Mmmh~ ”

Eva let out an exasperated sigh wondering when these two are going to get tired of each other.

Finally, Viktor managed to squeeze out of Mary ’s hug and walked over towards Eva with a bright smile.

”Sorry, I forgot you were still waiting outside. You know how forgetful I can get, ” Viktor said with a shrug.

”No, I don ’t. Now, can we please go? ” Eva asked with a tired sigh.

”Okay, my lady, ” Viktor smiled as he put his bag in the luggage rack and got on the bike.

Eva felt weird being addressed as ’my lady, ’ but she just decided to swallow it and got behind him.

”You better hold on to me for safety purposes, ” Viktor said as he looked over his shoulder.

”No, thank you, ” Eva curtly replied.

”Don ’t tell me I didn ’t warn you, ” Viktor smirked, making Eva feel that he was up to something but couldn ’t understand what. Anyways she preferred to let him ride than him sitting behind her.


”Goodbye, love, ” Viktor winked at a teary-eyed Mary as he rode off along with Eva.

”See you one day, my love! ” Mary shouted from behind, already missing the feeling of his huge cock in her pussy.

Viktor was living in a remote town with hardly any vehicles because of which the roads were not well maintained as well.

The people living in this town were not that rich too, and most of them did farming activities to bring money to their homes.

The sun was still brightly shining since it wasn ’t even noon yet.

As the two were riding through the bumpy road, Viktor didn ’t seem to slow down at all whenever there were bumps, making Eva almost bump into Viktor.

Her beautiful brows knit together and said, ”You have to slow down while driving through such bad roads. ”

Viktor said casually, ”Sorry, lady. I haven ’t ridden a bike in decades, and my muscle memory is quite fuzzy. And—oops! ”

”You!! ”

Suddenly Viktor went over a huge bump without slowing down at all, making Eva fall onto Viktor ’s back as her hands unconsciously moved forward to grab his waist since the bike tilted forwards at an acute angle.

’Oooh, those are some nice jug-jug ’s she got there, ’ Viktor thought with a foolish smile as he felt two plump melons pressing onto his back.

”You shouldn ’t be shy if you had a crush on me, ” Viktor smugly said as he looked at her hands clinging to his waist.

”Nonsense! ”

Eva felt flustered as she quickly pulled her hands back, feeling embarrassed that she accidentally hugged him and angry that he did it on purpose. She was sure that Viktor was trying to mess with her by hearing his silly laugh.

However, she remembered the feeling she felt when she hugged him. It was as if she hugged a body of steel, so robust and sculpted that she could feel the power contained behind them.

If his face looked shabby, then his body compensated for his appearance very well.

She then shook her head, wondering why she was so thoughtful about his body.

”Ooops! ”

Viktor again went over a bump, but this time Eva was prepared and managed to grip the handle behind her firmly enough to not accidentally hug him.

However, she couldn ’t help but have her body move forward whenever he went over huge bumps, because of which her bosom would press against his back each time.

Since it was a custom-made sports bike, there was hardly any space for Eva to move back.

At first, she didn ’t feel that irked having her bosom pressed against his back. But then, seeing his smile from the side, she finally understood why he was so happy, making her face red like an apple.

”Please stop driving so recklessly, ” Eva couldn ’t help but say stiffly.

”No worries. I am getting the hang of it. ”

Eva could only helplessly sigh, wondering when they would get out of this backwater town.

Soon enough, the two rode out of the two and came upon a highway, making Eva let out a sigh of relief. She felt that her bosom was sore from constantly pressing against his back.

But Viktor was sad that such a pleasurable massage had come to an end.

”So, where are we off to? ”

”To the hangar located in the city up ahead, ” Eva answered.

”We are taking a flight already? ” Viktor asked in a surprised tone.

”Yes. We can ’t cross the oceans using my bike after all, ” Eva replied plainly with a faint smirk.

Viktor smiled, ”Agent Eva is so intelligent. In case I ever become an amateur agent, I would gladly ask you to be my senior. ”

Eva ’s face reddened, and she decided to keep her mouth shut for the rest of the journey as the two made their way to the hangar.

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