The Bored Immortal

Chapter 15 - Madam Snow

The duo soon reached the hangar, and Viktor lazily got off to see a huge cargo plane up ahead.

”Seriously. Why do you need such a big plane for me? I am flattered, ” Viktor said while beaming.

Eva rolled her eyes and said as she held the handlebars of her bike, ”Don ’t misunderstand. It ’s for my bike as well. ”

Eva didn ’t say any words and simply rode off into the huge cargo plane.

”You could have just taken me in as well. ” Viktor sighed as he walked towards the plane.

As he got inside, he came upon some tall and stocky men in suits who were looking at him with frowned expressions.

There were four men, and the one in the front had a good-looking face and robust figure who also was wearing a more premium suit than the other three.

He and the other three men quickly came forward and stood before Viktor, looking at him as if he was a suspicious person.

But even if they were tall and stocky, they still had to look up at Viktor since he was taller and didn ’t seem small at all.

The man in the front raised his hand as if blocking Viktor ’s path and said in a stern tone, ”Who are you? What are you doing by trespassing into an unauthorized area? ”

The man didn ’t like the fact that someone as shabby-looking as Viktor was waltzing into their plane as if he owned it.

They worked for one of the most respected and powerful families. So how could he possibly consider that Viktor was someone important?

”What are you four doing, especially you Steve, ” A cold voice came from behind.

Steve, who was the man in the front, turned his neck around and said in a respectful tone, ”Agent Eva, this man trespassed into our plane. We will get him out of your sight. ”

Saying so, Steve and the others were about to grab Viktor but…

”Stop right there, you fools! ” Eva said, sounding a bit anxious while walking forward quickly.

Steve and the others froze, hearing the seriousness in her voice, and had confused expressions. She had never shouted at them like that before, especially Steve, who was feeling bad since he was very fond of her.

She explained as she stood before Viktor, ”He ’s Madam Snow ’s guest. Do you all want to get fired by laying a finger on her guest? ”

Upon hearing the name ’Madam Snow ’, everyone gulped, realizing that they almost committed a serious blunder. They literally thought Viktor was a ’healthy ’ beggar who somehow slipped his way in and didn ’t see that he had accompanied Eva on her bike since they all were waiting inside.

They couldn ’t understand how Madam Snow could have someone like him as a guest. So far, all her guests were coming from exalted backgrounds and would be well dressed with a neat look.

Not even a big shot would dare to visit their Madam with unkempt hair or clothes, let alone someone like Viktor.

”B-But… ” Steve wanted to question, but then he realized he couldn ’t question Madam Snow ’s orders since they had no right, nor were they qualified to ask anything.

The four immediately turned around to bow and apologize, but the man they were looking for was already sleeping on the seat in a lying down position, taking up at least four seats to sleep like a log.

”Hauhmm~ ” Viktor let out a loud yawn as he stretched his limbs and made himself comfortable.

He was too lazy to make these men understand and was waiting for Eva to knock some sense into their heads. Anyway, he knew they couldn ’t do anything to him, so why bother talking to them.

Steve ’s eyes twitched, wondering how this man went to sleep without them noticing.

Seeing that the situation didn ’t blow up, Eva sighed in relief inwardly and walked towards the cockpit to inform the pilot that he could take off.

She had no idea what kind of a man Viktor was, especially considering his unique existence. If it were any other normal person with the same abilities as Viktor, she was sure Steve and the other three might not be standing there right now.

Since she heard many rumors surrounding Viktor, she found Viktor to be unpredictable based on his attitude till now.

She expected to come upon a scary senior expert, but all she saw was a young man with a drunk look and an ugly beard.

If Madam Snow hadn ’t informed her about everything personally, she would have never believed that Viktor was the person she was looking for.

The plane soon was about to take off, and Steve frowned, seeing that Viktor was not paying attention to anything and was not buckled up.

He wanted to wake him up and make him put on his seatbelt, and so he looked towards Eva to ask for instructions.

Eva motioned with her hand to just let it be, making Steve and the others confused.

How could she not care about the wellbeing of such an important guest?

Previously they were scolded for almost offending the guest but now seemed least bothered that Viktor hadn ’t put the safety belt around him.

”Agent Eva, who is he exactly? ” Steve was feeling more and more curious about the shabby man ’s identity.

Eva glanced at the sleeping Viktor and said, ”Don ’t ask questions you are not supposed to know the answer to. ”

Her single sentence made Steve not ask anything about Viktor for the entire flight while trying to form conclusions of his own.

He tried to make some casual talk with Eva during the flight, but all he received were cold or bland responses.

Although Eva was a young woman and he was obviously older than her, she was his superior, especially when it was said that she was personally trained by Madam Snow, making Eva a notable figure among them.

Her track record was also proof enough that her skills and abilities weren ’t for show and that her age wasn ’t a limiting factor at all to take up serious assignments.

In fact, because of her sexy figure and enviable beauty coupled with her abilities, she was the dream girl for many men, especially her colleagues.

But Eva didn ’t seem much receptive to men nor interested in having a love life and always maintained a cold attitude before everyone, which made her appear more charmful in another way.

Viktor, who was supposedly ’sleeping ’ wasn ’t asleep but thinking about ’Madam Snow ’ as past memories began to play in his mind like a movie.

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