The Bored Immortal

Chapter 16 - The Snow Family

Soon the flight landed, and Viktor got off, only to see many luxurious cars readied before him.

All of them were black except for a white car which looked bigger than the others. When Viktor read the logo on the front of the car, it read ”Rolls Royce, ” and his eyebrows raised, realizing that it was indeed a very luxurious car since he was familiar with the company.

After all, more than a dozen years ago, he had driven around in one though it had seemed to obviously undergo many changes, making it look more modern and stylish.

But this also proved that even in his absence, the Snow Family didn ’t lose their momentum at all and continued to grow in power and wealth, especially when he overheard Steve and his men talking.

Eva gestured at Viktor to enter the white car while Steve and the others entered the black cars.

Viktor entered the luxurious car, and when he got inside, he was impressed at how big the interior was. There was also even a mini-fridge and wide seats enough for one to sleep peacefully with great cooling.

”Wow, a lion can easily fit in here, ” Viktor commented in awe as he made himself comfortable on the back seat.

Eva could understand why he was so impressed with the car, considering that he was living in a very remote area for a long while. But she couldn ’t understand why someone like him would go and live in such an area unless he wanted to stay low-key.

But even then, that was taking low-key to a whole different level.

Soon they left, and as Viktor rolled down the windows, he was greeted by the beautiful sunlight illuminating many skyrise buildings, some of them with large digital screens showing advertisements, movie trailers, and so on.

”Wow… ” Viktor mumbled, seeing how fast the world had changed in such a short time, making him feel as if the world was not the same as before anymore.

In the past, centuries ago, he only noticed observable changes to the world ’s structure and society, at least after a century. But now, he saw many things and technology that was not well developed just a dozen years ago.

He had heard about the new smartphones, computers, and stuff from people, but he hardly ever used them since he was leading a commoner ’s life for the past few years and never had the need to use such technology.

He had completely gone off the grid but didn ’t try to hide on purpose. Still, he was surprised that ’Madam Snow ’ managed to find his location, making him wonder how strong their intelligence network was.

”Taya…why…. ” Still, when he thought about her again, he couldn ’t help but feel a prick somewhere inside his heart. But he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Even if he was faced with the same choice, he still would have done the same thing.

Eva, who was silently sitting beside Viktor, noticed how Viktor ’s expression seemed a bit serious while his eyes seemed to be blank as if thinking about something very deeply.

She was surprised such a carefree person like him would have moments like these and wondered if she misjudged his true personality. However, the more she thought about it, the more she was getting confused and decided to leave it at that.

The only reason she bothered to analyze him was that she knew he was someone important to Madam Snow, and since she was very loyal to her, she wanted to maintain a profile of anybody close to Madam Snow.

”Eva, tell me more about the status of the Snow Family as of now, ” Viktor said as he turned around to look at Eva with a smile.

Eva ’s lips parted, then after a moment, she answered, ”The Snow Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world having business worldwide in many industries like medicine, retail— ”

”I know all about that, ” Viktor said as he looked out the window again and continued, ”Tell me how they are doing now. ”

Eva replied, ”The Snow Group is now the one leading the healthcare market followed by finance and retail. ”

Viktor was surprised, ”Healthcare? When did the Snow Group become proficient in taking over the healthcare market? ”

As far as Viktor remembered, there was indeed a medical company he helped the Snow Family to establish, but it was small, and at that time, nobody seemed capable enough to grow it, nor did he bother with it.

All he helped them was to make some name in most of the major industries so that as years passed, they will come out way richer than before. And seeing how his goal had been accomplished, he thought that they finally succeeded in their goal.

But he was surprised to hear that they became this wealthy and powerful by making a significant impact in the medical industry.

”After Madam Snow became a doctor, for more than a dozen years, she had been working hard to bring up the Snow Healthcare Ltd. to new heights by building more hospitals, making new advancements in medicine and patents, and so on. She, in fact won many prestigious awards for rebranding a company all on her own and for revolutionizing the healthcare industry, ”

”In fact, the reason that the Qovid-19 ended pandemic faster than predicted was that Madam developed a special vaccine that had absolute immunity against the virus. This was also the reason she was bestowed the Shining Star Award by the Global Welfare Organization, one of the most prestigious awards which are globally recognized and this GPO is an international organization made up of all the influential heads of various countries, ” Eva was unusually talkative as she answered and her eyes had a proud light as if she was talking about herself.

However, she didn ’t notice the soft smile on Viktor ’s face that appeared for just a moment before reverting to his poker face.

”Her husband is still out of the picture, huh? ” Viktor suddenly asked, looking out the window. But his fingers were tapping stiffly on his leg.

Eva felt confused why Viktor suddenly brought up her husband but then said what was common knowledge, ”She has been divorced ever since she came back. ”

Viktor chuckled, ”It ’s strange how an intelligent woman like her ended up marrying such a haa…forget it. I guess it must have been hard for her daughter to have an absentee father. ”

Eva felt at a loss for words, but then Viktor sighed and continued, ”Anyway, never mind about it. How old is her daughter now, and what is she like? ”

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