The Bored Immortal

Chapter 17 - Taya Snow

Soon enough, they reached their destination, where a large two-storied mansion surrounded by many palm trees was located.

This mansion was hidden away on the fringe of the Olknard City, a city located in the country Ashua which was the fifth largest country in the world and a part of the second-largest continent in the world, Edos.

There would hardly be any soul in the Olknard City who hadn ’t heard of the immensely powerful Snow Family, who held a prestigious position in the high society.

And even the tourists who visited Ashua were fond of visiting, buying, and using many services offered by the numerous well-known companies under the large conglomerate Snow Group.

The most astonishing fact was that this was all managed by a single mother who was also the head of the Snow Family and a very well-known figure – Taya Snow.

Her beauty alone was enough to be the talk of the world, but her skills, achievements, and status only made her halo even brighter and grander.

Eva explained to Viktor how she came to be the ’Madam ’ of the Snow Family.

Viktor learned that when she first became head of the family, many looked down on her, thinking that she was just a pretty face with a daughter to look after and that she was not capable enough to head such an influential family.

But her father, Brad Snow, was very adamant about his decision, and there was nothing else the stakeholders of various companies under the Snow Group could do.

However, they all stifled their complaints when Taya Snow began to show excellent results in a very short amount of time. In fact, she was doing way better than her predecessor, which led to more people supporting her instead.

Viktor was impressed that the mischievous girl he was once close with had grown up into such a mature and strong woman, capable of taking on the world all by herself.

No matter what kind of complicated thoughts and feelings he was harboring, he still couldn ’t help but feel proud.

When he took a look outside, he saw many guards in suits and black sunglasses standing guard outside the large gate of the mansion.

They seemed very stiff like robots, and Viktor would have mistaken them for life-like statues if he hadn ’t known any better.

He could clearly see that these guards were well trained and probably ex-military as well, which only goes to prove how stringent the security of the Snow Family was.

He also counted more than a dozen CCTV cameras and other security systems placed in all positions, not leaving out any blind spots.

”You guys really should make some prisons for the government as well. I am sure they would turn out to be the most secure prison in the world, ” Viktor casually said as he kept surveying the large property covering at least a massive 16,000 sq.metre of area.

”We do that as well, ” Eva plainly said.

Viktor turned around and said with a dry chuckle, ”You can ’t be kidding. ”

He only meant it as a joke and didn ’t think that the Snow Group had already joined hands with the government to build stuff for them.

Eva didn ’t know why Viktor found it surprising and explained, ”We have a highly secure private prison contracted by a government agency, and so far, we have maintained a perfect track record. ”

Viktor shook his head with a smile, wondering how big the Snow Family would become after another hundred years.

Of course, he helped the Snow Family get a boost to bolster themselves to greater heights without his help. But he never thought that they would grow this rapidly.

But it goes without saying that without him, the Snow Family would have been just another speck among countless other small families in the city.

That was why his title was glorified in the Snow Family to the point that it could make Viktor blush in embarrassment.

But no one had seen him or heard of his true name other than the immediate members of the Snow Family.

Of course, he planned to keep it that way since he didn ’t want any unnecessary attention on him, which might lead to the world finding out many unbelievable things from him.

It could cause a lot of problems, especially for him, so he was satisfied this way.

Soon enough, the car came to a stop near the large portico, and Viktor saw a mansion with modern architecture that seemed like it was newly built with wooden finishing and large transparent glass windows while some of these windows were opaque, making one unable to see through them.

He wondered if they painted the glass or something instead of putting a curtain over it. Most of all, if they wanted privacy, why did they build such large windows for all the rooms and even the hall.

The large property was also surrounded by a beautiful and lush, leafy oasis.

’Does she like fancy stuff too much now? ’ Viktor couldn ’t help but wonder as he entered the mansion, where he saw many maids and manservants bowing as he entered.

However, he noticed the slight hesitation they involuntarily showed before bowing to him when they saw his shabby appearance, not that he minded it.

He could see that they were pretty shocked to see someone like him as a guest since they probably never had such a guest entering the mansion before.

But since Eva was accompanying him, they did not dare to ask any questions and simply did as per their duties.

On the entry level was a generously proportioned hall with lights that provided a welcoming atmosphere, especially with the air fresheners placed at well-planned spots.

There were many rooms on the ground floor and a beautiful oak staircase that looked quite eye-catching.

”Madam is in the office room. Please follow me, ” Eva said as she saw Viktor trailing off on his own while looking around like a kid awed by the place.

Viktor turned around, ”Sure.. Lead me the way to your Madam. ”

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