The Bored Immortal

Chapter 17 - Taya Snow

ting she was having with any other person, she still never told her to leave her side.

So, this being the first time made her feel quite surprised and also finally realize that Viktor ’s relationship with Taya was way closer or more complicated than she thought.

But she still couldn ’t help but feel a bit worried about leaving a playboy like Viktor alone with Taya.

Still, she didn ’t want to question Taya ’s wishes and closed the door as she went out silently.

Silence descended as the two kept looking at each other as if they forgot to speak.

Taya was the first one to break the silence as she slightly looked away and remarked, ”As expected, the years have done no effect on you. ”

Viktor didn ’t say anything but only walked closer to her while maintaining his gaze on her.

Taya noticed him walking over, and her impassive expression started to show flickers of slight awkwardness as she slowly tried to step back.

Viktor smiled as he casually continued to walk forward, ”Why are you running away again? Do you still hate me? ”

Taya ’s cold expression melted as the memories she was struggling to bury resurfaced. But then she shook off all those memories and coldly said as she stopped moving, ”I don ’t know what you are talking about. Why would I hate you when I am over all those things…when I am over you… ”

Viktor ’s smile didn ’t fade away as he said, ”Is that so? Then why do I feel anger in your words? You know that my senses never fail me. Are you not happy now? ”

”Does it even matter to you? If you truly cared…you wouldn ’t…forget it. I don ’t want to remember the past just like you don ’t want to. I now have many bigger things to worry about, including my own family. ”

Viktor mockingly chuckled, ”So I am not family anymore? ”

Taya ’s eyebrows gathered, feeling bad as she said in a tone of regret, ”No, that ’s not what I meant. I meant my daug— ”

”Oh, the daughter from the mysterious husband whom you married just to get back at me after running away from me. Isn ’t it? ” Viktor interjected as he looked into her eyes.

Taya squinted her eyes as she looked back at his eyes, ”Why do I sense anger in your words? I thought you didn ’t care. Then why does it matter to you what I do with my love life? ”

Viktor chuckled as he shook his head, ”I am not. And whatever I did was for you. But you won ’t understand since you can ’t. Okay, let ’s stop talking about things that don ’t matter anymore and have a fresh start, eh? ”

His tone became playful suddenly as he caressed her cheek, ”Even after all these years, you have been looking way more beautiful than before…just like a goddess. How about we have some good time for ourselves for old times sake, eh? ”


A/N: Don ’t jump into conclusions yet and read on to know the whole story b/w these two. It surely would be satisfying :3

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