The Bored Immortal

Chapter 19 - A Nephew? A Distant Cousin?

Taya wrinkled her brows and pushed away his hand as she said in a peeved tone, ”You still are the same. Trying to get laid the moment you see any woman. ”

Viktor said in an aggrieved tone, ”But you are not ’any ’ woman. You are…you know…my Little Taya. And what do you mean I have been the same? I have been in seclusion to try and comprehend the meaning of life. ”

Taya looked away as she closed her eyes but then, after a brief moment, said, ”Hmph, I am no longer the ’Little Taya ’ you fooled around with. I have learned my lesson. ”

She then looked back at him with a subtle glare, ”And you said you were in seclusion? To comprehend the meaning of life…pfft…Does comprehending it involves getting into bed with some Mary lady? ”

Viktor had a flabbergasted expression, ”Mary? Wait a sec…how did you even know? I only came here just now, and even Eva was with me…. ”

Viktor was flabbergasted since he was sure there was only Eva who saw him with Mary and Eva had never stayed too far from him for a moment.

Viktor crossed his arms and continued, ”Were you spying on me? Was it through some satellite or something? But the place I was in should be out of range… ”

Taya suppressed her laugh and said with a slight smile, ”No, I was not, nor do I have the time for that. You are really behind the times, aren ’t you? I guess you don ’t really care about how much the world changes, do you? ”

”So it must be some piece of tech, eh? Guess I should learn about them lest I get spied on like this again. Maybe I should ask your cold-faced bodyguard…Eva, ” Viktor said with a subtle smile as he scratched his chin.

Taya narrowed her eyes and saw through him, ”Don ’t lay your claws on her. She is someone I personally nurtured and trained to be my personal bodyguard. She is off-limits. ”

”Cough…cough…why do you make me sound like a bad guy? Besides, you can ’t stop her if she falls for me, hehe, ” Viktor said as he played with his hippy beard.

Taya confidently smiled, ”There ’s no way of that happening since I briefed her on what kind of a man you are. ”

Viktor looked at Taya grudgingly, ”No wonder she seemed so cold to me, sigh. Anyways, nothing is impossible, and I am in no hurry. Since this is a city, I heard there are quite many beauties here, is that true? ”

Taya felt like facepalming and said, ”Forget it. But I heard you tried to bully Eva, did you? ”

Viktor put up a confused expression, ”Bully? Me? Of course, not. I only wanted to see how loyal she was to you, seeing that you told her about me. I assume you have great trust in her as well. Where did you find her, and what happened between you two for you to personally nurture her? ”

Viktor was quite curious since he knew Taya was not the kind of person who easily opens up to people and in fact, her personality was the kind that does not easily trust people.

Taya ’s expression became pensive, and she said as she sighed, ”It ’s not my story to say. I am sorry. She just doesn ’t like anyone gossiping about her past. ”

Viktor shrugged, ”Alright, fine, fine. Everyone has their own secrets to keep, right? Just like how you still didn ’t tell me who or where your mysterious husband is. ”

Viktor was feeling quite irked about the fact that Taya never told him about her mysterious husband or any of his whereabouts. He was also unable to find this mysterious figure.

Taya ’s expression became conflicted, and she said with a soft head shake, ”Actually…my daughter ’s father is dead. I don ’t have any husband now nor an estranged husband. I just didn ’t want to break that news to Tia since I don ’t want her to feel the loss of a father. ”

Viktor was surprised and scoffed, ”How does that make sense? She had never seen her father even once, right? What ’s the difference in telling her that her father is no longer alive? ”

Taya turned around, ”You don ’t understand…at least she won ’t feel completely empty in her heart…any image she made up in her mind would be enough… ”

”You are only filling her head with false hopes and expectations…I thought you knew better… ” Viktor said as he shook his head.

Taya rubbed her forehead, ”Anyway, it ’s too late to reveal the truth to her now. She is in a rebellious age of eighteen now, and I don ’t want her to give another excuse to do whatever she wants. ”

”Oh, rebellious, eh? Can ’t be as bad as you when you were her age, ” Viktor chuckled.

Memories of the past flashed in Taya ’s mind as she said defensively, ”No way! It was not only my fault. Anyway, forget it. I called for you since I have a request for you. ”

”Of course, I knew it. I knew you wouldn ’t call me unless you were really desperate. Is it something that threatens the whole Snow Family or something? Are some idiots getting smug just because I disappeared for a long while? ” Viktor casually asked as if he wasn ’t bothered, even if his speculation was true.

He had already experienced and taken care of many people and groups who wanted to take down the rising Snow Family in the past. In fact, because he did that he was able to create the ’Immortal Devil ’ persona that deterred many others from planning anything sinistrous against the Snow Family.

Taya walked towards one of the sofas and sat down while Viktor followed suit as well.

”Not that dramatic or anything. Actually…it ’s about my daughter. I want…no…request….you to be her bodyguard or her guardian to be precise, please, ” Taya said with a serious expression while Viktor had a baffled look, not at all expecting that she wanted to request this from him.

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