The Bored Immortal

Chapter 20 - You Know What I Want

”Bodyguard? ” Viktor repeated with a look of disbelief and continued, ”Seriously? If it was one or two decades ago, I could have understood your worries. But now, the Snow Family is nothing like what it was before. In fact, you, as the head of this family, hold immense power and wealth, just enough to have your own army protect your daughter. I don ’t understand why you still need my help? ”

Taya sighed as she rubbed her forehead, ”I know, but things are not that simple. She cannot be monitored by normal bodyguards. She just evades them and gets into trouble too often. She is just too smart when it comes to unnecessary stuff, and Eva is just too soft on her.

”So, I felt that only someone like you could keep an eye on her at all times and protect her from the shadows…just like how you did for me during those times, ” Taya trailed off towards the end of her sentence with a complicated expression and even Viktor had a blank expression for a moment.

Viktor cleared his throat and asked, ”But tell me the truth. Is anyone targeting your daughter or something? Someone, whom you are too cautious or wary of? ”

After a brief moment of hesitation, Taya said, ”Alright, I will tell you though I wasn ’t planning to tell unless I confirmed it. ”

Her expression turned serious as she continued, ”I recently got some anonymous tip that some mysterious group has some hostile intentions towards my daughter for unknown reasons. Maybe they plan to use her against me or something. But whatever it is, all I know is that this mysterious group cannot be underestimated. ”

Viktor slightly shook his head, ”Wait a sec. You got some information from an anonymous source about an unknown group of people holding hostile intentions towards your daughter for some unknown reason. All I learned is that you basically know nothing from this. What is the proof that this information is even correct? ”

Taya pinched her lips together, ”I know this whole thing seems like just a false tip. But it ’s complicated, which is why I didn ’t want to tell you without confirming further. It ’s better to be prepared than cry after the milk has been spoiled, especially since this is about my daughter. I dare not leave anything to chance. ”

She continued, ”And it ’s not without reason. We have got hold of some proof that the president of Almania didn ’t simply die due to an accidental plane explosion but because this mysterious group rigged that plane. And if you didn ’t know, this only happened a week ago.

”So if they could do this to a president of a whole nation, can you imagine the methods they could employ to harm our family? You may consider me paranoid, but— ”

”No, I understand. You are right. This whole stuff seems too complicated for now. You can just tell me after you confirm everything. But do you think Tiana would entertain the idea of me being her bodyguard? One, she doesn ’t know me. Two, she will try to escape from my sight, not that she could anyway. But still, my point stands, ” Viktor said as he laid back.

Taya ’s eyes gleamed as she said, ”I know. That ’s why only you and I will know the real purpose for you being here. But for everybody else, including my daughter, Tia, you will be her distant cousin or my distant nephew I brought in since your parents died in a typical car accident we always hear about in the news and movies. I also made arrangements to make your story look legit. ”

Viktor jumped forward, ”Wait a sec! How did this escalate to me being your little nephew and me being your daughter ’s cousin? This is ridiculous! ”

Taya wryly smiled, seeing him getting worked up. But she said in a reassuring tone, ”Why do you find this a bad thing? You get to experience modern college life and learn some stuff about the modern world. Besides, we know what you look like without that ugly beard of yours. I couldn ’t possibly tell people that you are millions of years older than me with that face, can I? ”

”Hey, my beard is a piece of art. It ’s not ugly. You have no idea how many women got seduced by the mere sight of it, ” Viktor said with a raised chin as he stroked his hipster beard while Taya felt like facepalming.

She then said with a sigh, ”The truth is I look older than you, and you look like you are in my daughter ’s age group. Even if I tell people you are my son, they will believe it. ”

”Oh, please don ’t! Don ’t make me your son. That would be ughh… ” Viktor grimaced just at the thought of it. But a complicated glint flashed past his eyes as he thought about Taya ’s words about her age and the emotions contained behind it.

”Of course, I won ’t! ” Taya said with a slight head shake as even she felt embarrassed by the thought of it. Even the idea of making him her nephew was because she had no other choice.

Viktor leaned forward as his eyes made strong eye contact with hers, ”And hey, in my eyes, you will always be that twenty-year-old girl I used to spend time with. You will never look older than those times for me. Even now, I only see a woman who becomes more and more beautiful as time passes, just like fine wine. And it will stay that way for me forever. ”

Taya ’s chin slightly dipped as she felt a slight heaviness in her chest hearing his words, triggering some wistful memories.

But then her eyes became cold again as she said, ”Hmph, you can try sugaring up other women with your flattery. It won ’t work anymore with me. I am not that young, naive girl anymore. ”

Viktor leaned back with a sigh, ”You don ’t listen whenever I am honest, sigh. Anyways, what makes you think I would still want to go ahead with all this nephew role play and study by going to college? ” He asked with a bored expression.


A/N: For those questioning these two peeps relationship, pls hold your horses till you see further developments. All I can say is you guys won ’t be disappointed, just sayin xD

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