The Bored Immortal

Chapter 22 - Innocent Cute Boy

Taya looked away as she coldly said, ”I have no idea what you are talking about, and I am not going to accept it. ”

Viktor didn ’t really mean what he said and only wanted to tease her for his own amusement. So he said, ”What naughty thing were you thinking? I was talking about your blood. ”

Taya felt like hiding her head inside a hole since she misunderstood his words and gave an aggrieved look seeing his mischievous smile.

He continued in a captivating tone as he slowly got closer to her, ”Don ’t you remember me feeding on your delicious blood every day? You know how I can ’t function without blood every day, right? ”

Taya unconsciously crept her hand towards her neck as she felt goosebumps over her neck, thinking back to some steamy memories, making even her heartbeat quicken for the first time in a very long time.

But she quickly shook off those thoughts as she cleared her voice and said in an exasperated tone, ”You must be dreaming! Hmph, you think I can ’t see through your silly tricks? I know you need blood, but I guess you already have a harem of women to suck off from. ”

Viktor put up an indignant expression, ”Harem? Of course, not. I am a legit single guy. Do you see any women with me? No, right. Besides, it ’s not like I can announce to some random women that I want their blood. And even if they offered me their blood, it would nowhere be as delicious as yours. ”

He continued with a passionate gaze, ”You are the only woman whose blood I truly yearn for. For some reason, its taste melts my soul and makes me feel powerful. ”

Taya couldn ’t help but feel a blush crossing her cheeks, but she quickly suppressed it not to give Viktor any more ideas.

He went on as he wrinkled his nose, ”You have no idea how I lived all these years. The blood I drank all this time was from friggin blood banks from smugglers or animals, and they tasted like sewage water, to be honest. Ughh.. ”

Taya felt warmth spreading through her chest but then realized that he was just trying to beguile her and said with crossed arms, ”I work in a hospital. So you don ’t have to worry about the shortage of tasty blood. I can give you as many samples as you want till you feel which one is tastier. ”

Viktor ’s eyes twitched, seeing how she was coming up with clever alternatives.

He laughed and waved his hands, ”Okay, okay. I will be generous, and this is my final offer. I won ’t bite your neck…only your wrist is enough. ”

Seeing her hesitation, Victor added, ”Come on, at least this should be good enough. And I won ’t ask for anything else or do anything funny, trust me. Also, I will be 110% efficient in protecting your daughter with the help of your blood, ” Viktor winked.

After a few moments of hesitation, Taya decided to give in and asked with a smile, ”Okay, fine. But you said you wouldn ’t ask for anything else, right? So does that mean you don ’t want a car, a mansion, money, or anything ’materialistic ’? ”

Viktor was surprised that she agreed since he didn ’t expect her to and wondered if it was because she was concerned about her daughter.

He was only teasing her and would have taken up her request anyway if she agreed or not. However, now that she agreed, he did not care to change his words and let it be.

However, her following words made his brows wrinkle since he felt that she was up to something as well.

Still, he answered, ”Well, those things meant nothing compared to your blood. So, of course, I don ’t want it. ”

”I will take your word for it then. If you break your word later, then I won ’t give you my blood, okay? ” Taya said, giving him a subtle challenge. She knew Viktor had every right to use anything that belonged to the Snow Family.

And that was why she wanted to challenge Victor and see how he does and also let him get accustomed to modern times faster and learn something instead of lazing around with the Snow Family ’s resources.

Viktor shrugged as he accepted her silent challenge, ”Of course. I don ’t need them to live as long as I have you. ”

Taya scoffed, shrugging away his honeyed words, and said, ”Hmph, that means you will have to earn every single penny by yourself even to buy your college bag, shoes, clothes, underwear, whatever it is. And this means you will have to find a part-time job…by yourself. You can ’t ask me for any manager or CEO role for any of the companies under us. ”

By now, Taya was feeling it amusing to give him such a challenge and see how he was going to fare.

”Heh, so easy. Just leave it to me. I will take care of them without even asking for your help, ” Viktor smugly said as he leaned back, much to the annoyance of Taya, wondering why he was not the least bit frustrated.

However, not that all the conditions were out, she couldn ’t go back even if she wanted to and said, ”Hmph, we will see about that. But you should stay here, and the maid will clean your room and bathroom if you give me a small monthly rental of two thousand dollars. The first month is free, don ’t worry. ”

Taya wanted to make sure that he does indeed take up some jobs. Otherwise, he could just laze around in this mansion without doing anything.

Seeing her subtle smile, Viktor gulped and said with gritted teeth, ”2,000 dollars?? ” Viktor felt as if she was purposefully making him punch a hole through his already empty wallet.


A/N: This is just a playful challenge so don ’t think too much about it and this is how these two are.. Just saying since I saw how some readers seemed to take this too seriously lol.

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