The Bored Immortal

Chapter 25 - You Have Served Me Well Goodbye...

Umi walked forward as Viktor followed her. But he slightly smiled, seeing how Umi ’s movements seemed somewhat shaky.

He had to climb the stairs after knowing that all living rooms were on the first floor while Taya ’s office room was on the ground floor, along with other rooms and the hall.

The first floor was vast and wide as well, making him feel as if he was entering a luxurious hotel with numerous rooms here and there and glass railings.

On the first floor, he came upon seven rooms with their doors all closed. One of the doors was colored peached and had a huge signboard out on the doorknob reading, ”NO TRESPASSING! ”

Viktor chuckled inwardly, wondering if that door belonged to the person just as he guessed as he also saw some girly stickers stuck on to the door.

On the far end, he noticed a slightly bigger vibrant red door, which he felt was the master bedroom or the room where Taya sleeps, which Viktor already mentally noted with a smile.

He also noticed a second master bedroom on the other end, which he felt was the room where Brad stayed, seeing how it had an old-fashioned door.

Each room was separated with a considerable distance which meant that each room was big as well.

The other four doors had the same beige-colored doors, with one of them having a beautiful black decal of a plant that covered the outline of the door.

”Who is staying in that room? ” Viktor asked Umi curiously.

Umi turned her neck around and saw that Viktor was pointing at the door with the black decals and said in a low voice, ”That is my daughter, Sayana ’s room. ”

”Oh… ” Viktor was a bit surprised as he didn ’t expect her daughter to live right next to Taya ’s daughter.

And this only confirmed his speculations that Taya indeed held good faith in Umi since he knew that no other household usually would let their maid ’s daughter stay in their own house unless they had separate quarters for maids and servants.

Umi saw the momentary confusion on Viktor ’s face and explained in a, ”Madam has been very kind to let me and my daughter stay here since we had nowhere else to go. Actually, we didn ’t want to impose on her since she had already done a lot for us, but since she insisted we… ”

Viktor saw the awkwardness on Umi ’s face and knew that she was trying to make him understand that she was not being shameless or too brazen by taking advantage of her mistress ’ kindness.

Viktor smiled, ”It ’s fine. There ’s no need to explain. Taya wouldn ’t do anything without reason. So it means she holds you in high regard and not just as her maid. ”

Umi lowered her head and softly smiled, feeling thankful about many things.

”So is your daughter in school or… ”

”Oh, she is actually the same age as Tiana, and they even studied together for all these years. In fact, Madam also made sure that they both enrolled in the same college for the same field of study. Since my Sayana loves computers, Madam didn ’t find any problems in making sure that Sayana is in Tiana ’s batch. ”

”Madam even offered to pay the fees, but I objected and said to let Sayana earn a scholarship on her own since I felt that it wasn ’t right to keep on letting Madam do everything for us, and I am afraid my daughter might take things for granted if she got everything easily, ” Umi said in a concerned tone.

”Fortunately, my daughter was able to earn a scholarship on her own, and it gave her a lot of confidence as well, ” Umi continued with a trace of a beautiful smile.

Viktor was surprised that Umi already had a daughter old enough for college. He felt that she must have given birth at a young age.

”You must be really proud of her, ” Viktor commented and continued with a smile, ”And she is quite lucky to have such a beautiful and caring mother. ”

”I… ” Umi looked down, unable to meet his smoldering eyes as she started having muddled thoughts along with her racing heart.

After being in the Snow Family for more than a decade, she had already learned about all the rumors and news surrounding the Immortal Devil so much that she formed an untouchable and invincible image of that person in her mind.

In fact, she would sometimes even inwardly pray to the ’Immortal Devil ’ image in her mind whenever things were bad or if she wanted some good things to happen to her daughter.

So, hearing a genuine compliment from him made her feel as if she was dreaming and overwhelmed.

Even getting the chance to talk to him was a wish come true for her.

Taya knew that Umi basically idolized Viktor without even meeting him, and even didn ’t take much time for her to believe the rumors surrounding Viktor.

Taya had wondered if it had got to do something with how Umi was a bit superstitious. But she felt that it was no different than how people pray to gods or idolizes them without even having proof that they existed or even after knowing that they were just a figment of man ’s imagination.

Compared to that, Umi at least knew Viktor existed in flesh and blood, so she found it quite normal later on. In fact, she knew Umi was just one of many who idolized Viktor without even knowing if he was real.

However, she found that Umi would be the apt person to take care of Viktor, and thus she assigned her to him.

Still, Umi wasn ’t blindly worshipping Viktor but because she knew that he was the great benefactor of the Snow Family, including her benefactor Taya.

So, because of this and hearing about his greatness for all these years made her subconsciously look up to him.

”So, which one is my room? ”

Viktor ’s question pulled down Umi from cloud nine to earth as she said, ”Ah, right. Sorry…I will show you to your room right away. ”

She led him towards the room on the corner and opened it before she gestured to Viktor to enter the room.


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