The Bored Immortal

Chapter 26 - Umis Past

Viktor entered a neat and well-maintained room with a single large bed and large windows that gave him a good view of the outside garden and the faraway mountains.

Even though the Snow Mansion was in the city, it was located near the outskirts of the city, which was quite a scenic place to live and even had nice schools, colleges, and hospitals around.

This was a dream location anyone would want to stay while enjoying the benefits of living in a city and the peace and quietness of a secluded place.

The room had a vibrant look, and a cool feel which he felt was the air conditioner doing its work. But no matter how fresh and pleasant the room smelled, Viktor found it hard to get used to it considering how he had been living for so many years.

His expression was literally that of a caveman entering a modern room with modern facilities.

However, he had to admit the room did indeed look spectacular, with beautiful dark and polished wooden beams attached to the walls to give the room an elegant look.

There were no curtains making him wonder how he was going to cover the windows in case he wanted some privacy.

What if he brought some woman home and had to…well have some private conversation?

But then he remembered that he would be role-playing and wouldn ’t be able to bring a woman home without blowing his cover.

’I guess pleasure and business have to be all outside, eh… ’ Viktor inwardly sighed.

He also saw a college bag, a mobile with no keypads but a large display, and some books stacked on a study table.

Umi saw that he was curiously looking at the table and said respectfully, ”Master, these are the books you will need to learn how various modern things work and learn more about the city life, especially our Olknard City. I have also marked the various important locations you might need to remember. ”

Viktor nodded in understanding, then he turned around and said, ”By the way, you don ’t have to be so polite as to call me Master. Viktor is just fine. ”

Umi bowed slightly as she nervously said, ”Please forgive me but allow me to continue to call you as such since that ’s how I want to address you. Can I? ”

Viktor slightly smiled, thinking that the women Taya recruited were too disciplined or if they were comfortable being like that.

Still, he didn ’t mind as long as they were okay with it and said, ”Of course, whatever you want. ”

He then noticed a sleek and thin laptop in the middle of the table and recognized it as a laptop.

But he was quite unfamiliar with laptops looking so thin and sleek as the ones he was familiar with were rugged and quite big.

Umi came forward and pointed at the electronic devices kept on the table, ”This is the mobile and laptop you will be using during your college life. I am sorry that I am not accustomed to computers as much as my daughter is. So I hope Master doesn ’t mind if my daughter teaches you how to operate these. The rest I can help with anything. I will introduce you to her when she ’s back from shopping with Tiana. ”

”Of course not. I am looking forward to meeting a genius like your daughter, ” Viktor said with a smile.

Umi smiled, ”Thank you, Master. Now, if you will let me, I can help you wash up and trim your hair in the bathroom just outside. We have three bathrooms on this floor, and you can use any one you like. ”

Viktor asked doubtfully, ”By wash up, you mean like a full course bath and stuff? ”

Umi slightly blushed as she said, ”Y-Yes, Master. But you don ’t have to if you find it uncomfortable. I thought maybe you would want a helper to make things more comfortable for you. ”

Viktor inwardly beamed, thinking how wonderful it was to have such a sexy maid offer him to help him bathe.

’Hell, yes! ’

”Of course not. It would be a shame to refuse the help of such a lovely woman like you. I should thank my stars for quite being lucky to get you as my personal maid, ” Viktor said with a charming smile.

Even though she felt that Viktor was trying to flatter her, she couldn ’t help but foolishly smile at his words and nodded as she picked a shaving kit from the cupboard and shyly said, ”Please follow me, Master. ”

Viktor was finding this shy lady more and more attractive as he followed her. He felt that he should give a ’thank-you ’ gift to Taya for giving him such a wonderful maid despite the fact that she seemed to not like any beauties being around him.

Viktor admired her figure from the back and felt that she could really make quite a lot of money if she applied for some modeling jobs.

On the same floor, Umi led Viktor to one of the three corridors of the floor. Viktor ’s and Brad ’s room was in the same corridor, Tiana and Sayana ’s room was in the same corridor, while in the third corridor, only Taya ’s room and two other rooms were located.

And in each of these corridors, there was a separate bathroom, amounting to a total of three.

There were bathrooms on the ground floor, too, but obviously, Viktor didn ’t care about them when there was already one in his corridor.

He saw that the bathroom was quite big even from the outside and looked like an opaque glass box surrounded by timber walls.

As he entered, he saw a separate yet large enclosure for a bathtub and shower while the toilet was in the middle of the bathroom, and the faucet was placed before a large and wide mirror.

There was also a chair, and a stool in the bathroom and Umi gestured to Victor to sit on the chair before the mirror.

She then took a neatly folded towel placed on the towel bar around Victor ’s body while getting a trimmer, scissor, and comb ready.

’Whew, time for a makeover. Goodbye, my beard…you have served me well, ’ Viktor sighed as he took one last look at his hipster beard, which looked quite pitiful as a trimmer with sharp blades shot towards it!


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