The Bored Immortal

Chapter 26 - Umis Past

to survive was with the help of a kind family but they ended up getting killed while trying to help us. Still, I somehow managed to escape to the border and seek asylum in the neighboring country. ”

”But the people from that country put us in a detainment center, promising us visas and all. But they continued to drag out things even after a year, and they had other refugees and me doing menial jobs and other jobs we never were experienced in to earn ourselves some food and clothing. They treated us very badly, and even the food was so horrible that not even animals would eat them and even the rooms we stayed in were so poorly maintained that we found it hard to sleep for at least five minutes. ”

Viktor felt a bit surprised that such a reserved woman like her had gone through such terrible experiences, especially when she had a child to look after.

Umi continued, ”But I somehow held on for the sake of my daughter, who was just a small child, and it took all my efforts just to make sure that she had enough to eat. Finally, some of us couldn ’t just take it anymore and managed to escape from the facility. ”

”But we had no choice but to run back to our own country. And that made things hard since I wasn ’t able to get any job due to having a child with me, and we were on the roads starving. It was only because I knew my own place that I was able to avoid the dangerous places. ”

Umi ’s lips arched into a soft smile, ”And that ’s when I met Madam, who got stranded in my place, which was quite a safe location away from the bombings. She had no food or money with her and only had a cell phone which didn ’t have a range. So she asked for my help to show a place where she could get range. And so I chose to help her since I could see that she was a foreigner who had no idea about the place and might die if she continued to wander around. ”

Viktor nodded, inwardly feeling respect and admiration for Umi since he knew it must have been no easy task to help a foreigner while she herself was starving and had a child to look after.

”No wonder Taya took you in. You are not only talented, but you are also a strong and kind woman. I bet not many would be able to do what you did after everything you experienced. You indeed deserve to lead a happy life after going through so much. So don ’t think that you are taking advantage of Taya ’s kindness. It would even be normal if she gave you a villa, haha, ” Viktor heartily laughed.

Umi gave a pure smile and said what was in her mind, ”Thank you, Master. I really feel happy hearing you say that. ”

Viktor smiled, then he asked, ”Well, what about Sayana ’s father? ”

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