The Bored Immortal

Chapter 28 - Its Your Fault

Umi ’s smile suddenly stifled as uncomfortable memories surfaced, making her eyes glisten.

Viktor noticed it and said, ”Hey, don ’t answer it. I am sorry if I asked you something uncomfortable. It ’s just I am too curious for my own good, especially when it comes to women like you. So, forget about it, and let ’s continue with what you were doing. ”

Umi shook her head and said, ”No, it ’s fine. I…just hate that part of my life even though the person I love most, my daughter, came to be because of it. And because of that, I don ’t regret that part of my life. Otherwise, Sayana wouldn ’t be with me now. I don ’t really know who her father is since a military officer from another country made me…me..go through artificial insemination along with other women…for some reason, I still don ’t know at all…But it was such a…frightening and painful experience… ” Umi couldn ’t help but let out bitter sobs.

”Okay, that ’s enough, ” Viktor said as he got up, feeling bad that she might be pushing herself to answer him. He already realized that she had a harrowing experience and didn ’t want to make her sob even more.

But he was surprised what this whole artificial insemination was about. Like why go through such a complicated process instead of having sex normally? He felt that either that officer was impotent or he had a weird kink.

He knitted his brows and asked, ”Was that officer a man? ”

Umi shook her head and said in between her sobs, ”It was a scary lady officer. ”

Viktor felt even more baffled, wondering what this whole thing was. Why would a lady military officer come all the way to a war-stricken country to make some women pregnant through artificial means?

He felt that something indeed was fishy here and wanted to ask more details but decided not to for now.

He also couldn ’t understand why Umi called it a frightening experience since he had heard about artificial insemination and didn ’t remember reading about it as a scary or painful process.

He felt that she might have described her shock of having to undergo such a process against her own will.

Still, he decided not to ask more and hugged her into a warm embrace as he patted her back, ”Forget I asked. But remember…don ’t let things that don ’t matter, matter too much. Just remember only the good things of the past…like everything related to your daughter. The rest we forget to keep on going just like how you have been doing for all these years, ” As Viktor said this, he also remembered some very old memories he wasn ’t keen on remembering and most of all, how he truly didn ’t know his origins or who he was.

It was as if he literally forgot, making him again wonder why he forgot what he wanted most to remember.

Hearing his words that seemed to touch her soul, she felt as if her heart got unburdened by all the bad things she had buried within her heart for all these years.

Suddenly it seemed as if those memories didn ’t matter at all now, especially when she compared her present situation to the past one.

She asked herself why she even got affected by those memories before. Now thinking about them again, she felt as if she was seeing the memories of a stranger, making her remain unaffected by it.

Her eyes started to clear up slowly as her hands unconsciously hugged the man holding her in his embrace.

She strangely felt as if she was wrapped in a warm yet protective cushion, making her let go of all worries, ”Thank you, Master. Other than Madam, you are the only other person who bothered to listen to me. But most of all, I feel free and calm now, thanks to your kindness. I am glad I am your maid, and I promise to serve you with all my heart. ”

She also realized that she doesn ’t feel nervous around him anymore but instead an inexplicable sense of closeness that somehow formed just within an hour of interacting with him.

Viktor raised her chin with his finger and said with a dashing smile, ”No need to be that serious. You are already doing more than enough, trust me. I couldn ’t ask for more. By the way, what is your full name? ”

”Umilia Sui. But people call me Umi for short. ”

”Umilia…got a nice ring to it…fitting enough for such a lovely woman, ” Viktor said with an entrancing smile.

Umilia saw his crimson-hued lips and felt a fatal pulling force. However, she suddenly realized that she was brazenly hugging him after getting lost in her own thoughts.

”I-I am sorry…I…didn ’t mean to… ” Umilia felt embarrassed that she sobbed all over her Master ’s chest and even hugged him. She couldn ’t help but think if she made him uncomfortable.

”Relax…I am not going to eat you up. You can be free around me. Whatever stories you heard, they are just stories. Not who I really am. In fact, I will be happy to have you hug me, ” He said as his lips arched.

Umilia blushed as she took a subtle peek at him, and seeing his charming smile, she felt that she was indeed overthinking unnecessarily.

”I will now help you wash up, ” Umilia awkwardly said as she gestured to him to sit on the bathing stool.

”Alrighty, ” Viktor said as he removed his shirt, revealing his charming upper body, making Umilia stare at it with a dazed expression.

She then quickly recovered herself and was about to take the hand shower when Viktor asked, ”Should I remove my pants as well? ”

Umilia ’s face reddened, ”Ah, no need. I can give you a towel for you to cover up. ”

She quickly turned and picked up a small towel and handed it to Viktor before turning her head away.

Viktor shook his head, feeling quite amused, and felt that even if Umilia was a mature woman, she still had the charms of a young woman in personality and physically.

While Viktor removed his pants, she also put on a white apron since she was about to bathe him.

Viktor sat down with a small towel around his waist while she switched on the tap and proceeded to wash his body first before lathering his body with a body wash liquid.

However, as she finally began to apply the lather over his body, she couldn ’t help but feel her hands getting warm as they caressed over his well-defined muscles while also remembering the closure she shared with him just before, especially how she hugged onto him.

She lathered his back first before moving on to the front to wash his chest and found it hard to suppress her abashed expression, especially when her hands felt all over his hard pecs and sculpted abs.

But as she continued to wash him and was about to proceed to wash his legs when she suddenly noticed a large tent forming on his towel, making her gulp involuntarily.


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