The Bored Immortal

Chapter 29 - But I Am Just A Maid

”Hmm, what are you looking at? ” Viktor asked with a suppressed smile.

”I-I am sorry..I didn ’t mean to… ” Umilia said in a flustered tone.

”Have you ever washed any man before? ” Viktor asked with a veiled smile.

Umilia replied awkwardly, ”Actually, I have no experience in washing men, and Master is the first one. I only have helped bathe Madam and Tia. So forgive me if I made any mistake. ”

Viktor chuckled, ”Don ’t worry too much about it. But do you know why it is like this? ” Viktor said as he looked at the ’tent ’ on his towel.

Umilia felt her cheeks getting warm as she could form various guesses about why ’it ’ was like that, and most of her guesses were related to her. She also felt a dangerous curiosity to know what ’monster ’ was hiding underneath that towel to look so big.

Viktor lifted her chin gently as he looked into her light green eyes, ”This is your fault. The way a sexy woman like you moving your soft hands all over my body made me feel as if my body is on fire. And that fire has reached till you-know-where. ”

Umilia felt her heartbeat quicken under his burning gaze and softly asked, ”I-I didn ’t know…do you want me to…make it back to normal? ”

Umilia was old enough, and thus she now completely understood why his little dragon was transforming into its ’true ’ form.

”Do you want to? Or are you offering just out of obligation? ”

”No! I mean…I really want to…help you… ”

Viktor smiled, ”Good. But do you know how to? ”

Umi lowered her head, ”I..I had never been with a man…so I only learned things through articles and…videos. ”

Viktor lifted her chin again, ”That ’s not a shame at all. So would you give me the honor of showing it to you? ”

Umilia meekly nodded as she took in quick short breaths.

”Then go ahead and remove my towel. ”

Viktor ’s words stirred the deepest racy thoughts in her mind as her hand already moved towards his towel and slowly uncovered it, revealing a long ’sword ’ that took her breath away for a few moments.

She could smell the scent of a man from his monstrous rod sticking out from his clean-shaven crotch. And seeing it at close up made her heart feel like it might explode any minute.

She had already seen many ’educational ’ videos as part of Taya ’s advice where she saw women obsessing over this ’thing ’ which made her feel extremely curious as to why.

She unconsciously moved her hand to grab hold of that thick rod but then took her hand back as she asked, ”Can I? ”

”Please, go on. Do whatever you see in those videos. Let ’s see how much expertise you got from watching stuff without any practical experience. Show me how good you are, ” Viktor said in a slightly provocative tone.

Umilia felt as if her abilities were in question here and that she had to prove how talented she was by perfectly imitating what she saw. She was good at learning things by just observing, and in fact, she subconsciously had pride over the fact that she had good observational skills.

This was also why she was good at picking up skills and doing her maid work perfectly without making any silly mistakes.

She finally overcame her nervousness and grabbed Viktor ’s cock gently.

However, her eyebrows raised in astonishment, feeling how warm and thick it was.

She unconsciously moved her fingers around to feel how smooth his cock skin was and how soft it seemed to touch while being amazed at how thick it felt to touch at the same time.

She could feel the springy veins underneath his cock skin, pulsing with vigor and energy. She wondered if it was possible for a man to have such a majestic-looking cock since not even in the videos she saw did she ever see someone with such a lofty-looking cock.

And imagining how this thing was supposed to go inside a woman ’s shrine, she couldn ’t help but gulp as she momentarily imagined his cock going into….

’Umi, what the hell are you thinking! You are just his maid! ’ She shook off outrageous thoughts thinking that Viktor was a godly figure who might not be interested in a maid like her.

She knew that people usually considered her to be beautiful and sexy, but even if Viktor also said the same, she had no idea if an immortal man like him would be truly attracted to a mortal like her.

But deep inside her, she desired to feel that warmth and comfort she felt when she hugged him…no matter what she had to do to feel that again.

Just within a day of meeting him, he was able to set her heart free and happier, making her heart flutter for a man for the first time in her life. But she knew better than to act out her inner wishes, especially when she truly admired and respected the man before her.

Her eyes focused dangerously as her fingers over his cock began to move on their own.

”Oooh, your fingers are really magical, ” Viktor let out a surprised groan as her fingers continued to rub his cock in a very stimulating way, making him wonder how she was this good by just seeing videos?

A smile crossed her lips, hearing his compliment, motivating her even further while mitigating her bashfulness.

She was doing a handjob for the first time, but strangely at this moment, all she cared about was making him feel good.

She then saw the pale pink tip of his cock and moved her hand over it out of sheer curiosity.

’How soft and smooth! ’ Umilia inwardly mumbled in amazement as she pulled down the foreskin. She felt that his glans were so soft that it almost felt like her fingers would melt by caressing over them.

She circled her fingers over his glans, caressing it from different sides.

”Nnhh, you really know your thing.. But you still haven ’t ’cured ’ my ailment, ” Viktor said with a sly smile.

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