The Bored Immortal

Chapter 30 - A Yoga Instructor

Umilia ’s eyes became determined as she gripped his thick cock a bit tighter and began to move her hands up and down.

The way her hand was moving seemed as if she was trying to squeeze out something from his cock, and she could feel his cock pulsating after getting stimulated by her hand.

”Nngh, yes! How perfect, Umi. You are truly talented, ” Viktor groaned as he appreciated her handjob skills.

Umi continued to give him a handjob while moving her hand in different angles to target his erogenous spots.

However, even though Viktor felt like ejaculating, he held back since he was not satisfied with just a handjob but wanted more!

Umilia started to knit her brows when she saw that his cock was not getting smaller at all no matter how long she had been rubbing it, nor was he cumming, which completely puzzled her, making her wonder if she was doing it wrong.

But then, remembering how Viktor had a feel-good expression, she knew that he was at least finding it pleasurable.

”It isn ’t getting smaller…Maybe I am too inexperienced, ” Umilia said with a sigh as she continued to rub him but only saw his cock getting slightly bigger instead of cumming.

”Actually, you have to do something else to help it get back to normal. Otherwise, haa…the pain of an erect cock is too much to bear, and I don ’t know how long I can hold on, ” Viktor said with a grave expression.

Umilia ’s hand slowed down as she concernedly asked, ”What should I do? Please don ’t hold back from asking anything from me. ”

”Really? Then… ” Viktor nudged her face upwards and asked, ”Can I kiss you? ”

”Eh! ” Umilia was taken aback by his sudden request of wanting to kiss her. She felt her heart leaping in joy but was still feeling embarrassed since she wasn ’t used to this.

”B-But I am just a maid… ”

”Yes…A maid I would gladly die for to get a kiss… ” Viktor replied with an enamoring gaze, making her heart skip a beat.

His words melted away Umilia ’s every last inhibition as she involuntarily leaned upwards to meet his pale crimson lips.

”Mmmhh~ ” Umilia ’s lips interlocked with his and felt a cold yet warm sensation as her lips involuntarily danced to the tune of his lips while Viktor felt as if her lips were as soft as cotton and tasty as candy.

She felt his lips gently and softly caressing over hers as if he wanted to taste more of her. She was feeling a tingling sensation in her heart as if it was going crazy and a strange warmth spreading over her ears, cheeks, and chest.

Viktor cupped her cheeks as his kiss became hot and breathy, sending electric sensations over her lips, traveling all the way over her body, making her body heat up even more.

”Mhhmm~ ” Umilia felt as if she was experiencing a whole new pleasurable experience as she involuntarily let out low moans from the back of her mouth.

However, her mind was struggling with accepting the fact that she was really kissing the Immortal Devil.

’This can ’t be happening! ’ This thought echoed in her mind repeatedly till she believed that this was not a dream.

After a long steamy kiss, Viktor separated his lips and closely looked at her eyes, ”You are so ravishing, Umilia. I want to taste even more of you. Can I? ”

Umilia ’s face flushed even more after hearing his sweet words, which seemed to enchant her soul.

She knew what Viktor wanted and felt happier that he was interested in her. But at the same time, her heart was galloping in embarrassment and nervousness, thinking about removing her dress before a man, especially one she was fond of.

Viktor caressed her head, ”Do you want to stop? ”

Umilia shook her head, ”No…I also…want to be closer to you. You can go ahead and do whatever you want. ”

These words were like music to Viktor ’s ears.

”Stand, ” Viktor softly said as he held her hand and pulled her up. ”Now, I want you to undress yourself. I want to capture your beauty as you undress. I heard that a woman looks most sexy when she removes her clothes by herself before her man. ”

Umilia smiled in embarrassment, hearing Viktor calling himself her man. She nodded and took off her apron. Then she began to slowly unzip her dress from behind till it reached her waist.

Since it was a one-piece maid dress, she raised her arms as she folded and pulled up her dress till she completely removed it to reveal a camisole slip and long leggings which perfectly stuck to her voluptuous body.

Even though her slip was looking conservative, it couldn ’t hide the inviting plump and upright boobs hidden underneath. Even the slip had been pushed front so much that her enticing cleavage was visible.

”So sexy… ” Viktor mumbled in awe, feeling that he couldn ’t remember the last time he had come upon a woman with such perfect curves and hourglass figure while having a face with uncontested beauty.

Umilia felt her heart racing like a raged bull while her muscles were getting tensed up, seeing a man passionately staring at her, undressing herself.

She couldn ’t help but feel her lower parts getting a bit heated up from just his searing gaze.

She then took a deep breath as she pulled down her leggings and removed them to reveal a black lace panty which was like a visual feast to Viktor ’s eyes.

”Please don ’t look… ” Umilia shyly said as she covered her panties while her eyes didn ’t dare to meet his eyes.

Since Viktor was sitting and she was standing right before him, his head was at the level of her waist, and he gently removed her hand, which was timidly covering her panties, and said, ”Why hide such a work of art? Now let me see what kind of art lies hidden up there. ”

Umilia shyly nodded and felt that her body was strangely becoming feverish, which she had never felt so before, even when she was watching those ’education ’ videos.

Her hands moved over to her slip and folded its ends as she raised her arms to remove it, slowly revealing her upper body that made Viktor ’s eyes slowly widen in fascination.


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