The Bored Immortal

Chapter 5 - The Corpse That Came Back To Life

were pointing guns at the mysterious man.

Dina and Brad didn ’t move out from their cover since they were more prudent in nature and didn ’t want to do anything hasty without assessing this strange situation properly.

They knew that they should never be the first to make any move as long as the other party stays still. At least, that way, things would be safer.

The man finally froze his gaze upon the four standing in front of them as if detecting ill intent from them.

His brows began to pull together while his eyes became cold as if disliking the fact that these four were pointing something offensive at him.

The four saw the changes in the man ’s expression and panicked, thinking that he was becoming hostile.


The subordinate of Brock fired as he was the first to get shaken from the man ’s cold glare.

”No! ” Dina and Brad clutched their heads in frustration, berating that guy for firing without any warning.


The bullet found its mark on the man ’s shoulder, but they felt that the bullet sounded as if it hit the trunk of a large tree.

The man ’s shoulder only slightly jerked as the bullet struck his right shoulder and crimson blood began to trickle out.

He didn ’t even let out a whimper. Still, his lips curled as he saw a small metal object half embedded into his skin while a trickle of blood escaped from underneath it.

Brock wanted to smack his subordinate for shooting first, but even he would have fired a second later since he wasn ’t also feeling good from the man ’s glare.

He was also shocked to see that the bullet barely made halfway through his skin which should not have been the case, especially when it was fired from a powerful rifle.

They all felt as if they were sheep standing before a lion, waiting to be preyed upon.

The other three were ready to shoot again since they knew the situation had already become worse than they imagined.

However, their fingers froze when they saw the bullet wound on the man closing up at an amazing speed. Within just a second, only healthy skin remained. It was as if the wound wasn ’t even there in the first place.


They also saw the bullet falling off from his shoulder on its own and heard it hit the floor.

”What the… ” Rick mouthed with a slack jaw, unable to believe what he was seeing.

”Grrrr… ” The man let out a snarl that sounded like it was coming from a wild beast, sending chills across everyone ’s spines. It was as if he was angry that some weaklings dared to attack him.

The man ’s nostrils flared, his mouth opening slightly to bare his teeth, which slowly was elongating into sharp fangs with needle-like tips, his arm muscles flexing with veins popping up.

This sight totally frightened everyone, making them even forget to pull the triggers on their guns.

”GROWLLL!! ” The man suddenly rushed towards them with a loud growl, ready to tear them apart like a hungry wolf.

”HE IS NOT HUMAN! FIRE!! ” Brock shouted as they all squeezed their fingers onto the triggers of their guns, firing bullets one after the other.

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