The Bored Immortal

Chapter 7 - Land Of Eternal Peace


The bullets kept escaping from the nozzles of their guns one after the another, but none of them hit their target.

The mysterious man was too agile and fast with swift reflexes, allowing him to dodge the bullets without breaking a sweat.

”How the fuck! ” Rick ’s whole body trembled as he quickly retreated while firing his gun.

”Take this, you freak!!! ” Brock ’s subordinate kept on firing his gun, continuously squeezing his trigger.

The man ’s eyes narrowed, his expression becoming feral as he quickly stepped towards the mercenary and clutched his neck before digging his sharp fangs into his neck.

”AHHH!!! ” The mercenary let out a painful cry as blood gushed out from his neck. He felt as if his neck was being pierced and ripped apart by two sharp blades.

The man tore out a piece of flesh from the mercenary ’s neck. He dropped his lifeless body on the ground while spitting out the piece of flesh that got inside his mouth as if he found it distasteful.

The others felt the hairs on their neck rising when they saw how that man killed that mercenary by biting onto his neck like a beast and then tearing his neck apart.

They also saw how the dead mercenary ’s blood was smeared all over the man ’s mouth, making him look even more frightening.

What kind of a monster is this?…This question rang in everyone ’s mind like alarm bells.

Rick, who was at the forefront, fired his bullets right onto the man ’s chest in quick succession.

But the man ’s body only kept on slightly jerking as he kept on advancing towards him. And within a few seconds, the bullet holes on his chest closed up without leaving even a scar behind.

”No shit! ” Rick mumbled, but by that time, the man reached before him and pushed him away by the back of his palm, sending him flying over a few meters. Rick landed and collapsed on the ground as if he died.

Brock and Coby frantically reloaded and were about to fire again when they saw that the man was already standing before them, looking at them with rageful yet condescending eyes.

Their hands froze as if they lost all strength to even lift their guns to fire at this monster wearing human skin.

The man clutched both their necks and lifted them with his powerful arms as their feet left the ground and dangled in the air.


And with just a twist of his wrists, the sounds of bones being snapped resounded, and the two fell to the ground with lifeless eyes.

The man then got the scent of two other humans in the vicinity and saw Dina and Brad hiding behind a stone.

Dina and Brad were peeking at what was going on when they suddenly noticed the man looking at them. The two gulped and shrunk their heads while holding their revolvers close to their chests.

The man narrowed his eyes and walked over to them for god knows what reason.

”W-What should we do?? ” Brad asked as he continued to sweat profusely. He felt like they should shoot at the man and run away, but his mind was telling him that they both would then surely end up like the ones dead on the ground.

They couldn ’t understand who or what this man was. And especially why he seemed to have superhuman abilities.

”Grr… ” A low growl escaped from the man ’s mouth the moment he stood before the couple, startling them.

The two were sitting on the ground and looked up at the man with trembling eyes, their revolvers still in their hands, but didn ’t dare to point at him.

The two, as planned, threw away the revolvers and raised their hands in surrender, ”P-Please let us go. We don ’t mean any harm. ”

The couple decided to gamble since they knew using revolvers was not an option. However, they still couldn ’t help but feel intense curiosity about the man ’s identity or at least what he was.

They desperately hoped that the man before them would at least be able to understand through their actions that they don ’t want to offend him.

The man ’s wariness reduced when he saw their gestures, making the couple feel as if there was hope.

But his brows pulled together as he suddenly turned around…


The sound of a bullet being fired from a powerful shotgun echoed, and the couple saw a rain of blood spraying out from the man ’s head.

But it still wasn ’t enough to blow his head off, let alone kill him. The man only slightly stumbled sideways while shaking his head in confusion.


Another sound of a shotgun being fire again echoed, hitting the same spot on the man ’s head as before.

This time some pieces of skull blew out, and the man slowly fell to the ground, his body completely limp.

The couple with wide eyes saw that it was Rick who shot the man from behind with two shotguns in his hand.

Blood was leaking from Rick ’s lips; his expression winced with pain because of broken ribs after getting hit in the chest from the man ’s hand.

*Chk chk!*

Rick cocked his shotgun immediately as he aimed at the man ’s head and…


Another shotgun shell was fired at the man, destroying the man ’s head, even more, scattering his blood all over.

He then threw that shotgun and cocked the second shotgun in his hand…

*Chk chk!*


Yet another shell was fired at the same spot, spraying the man ’s blood all over.

The man ’s body only shook slightly due to the bullet hitting his head but other than that, he remained lifeless as if he really died.

But all these shots still weren ’t enough to completely destroy the man ’s head.

However, Rick was satisfied by seeing how lifeless his body seemed.

”Good riddance, you fucking monster! Damn, I should have aimed for the head first, ” Rick sneered as he threw away the shotgun and picked up a revolver lying on the ground.

”Why the hell did you do that, Rick?! ” Dina shouted with a frustrated expression. They felt that the man was not going to attack them and might have even been able to interact with him somehow.

But Rick ruined all that by killing him.

”You shouldn ’t have done that, Rick, ” Brad added with a sigh as he and Dina got up, looking at the body of the mysterious man with a pitiful expression.

They felt that they lost the chance to discover something that could change the perception of their whole history and maybe even unravel some myths and legends.

Rick looked at the couple, especially Dina, as he licked his lips with a crazed expression, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Brad frowned and was about to say something when…


Rick suddenly fired a bullet from his revolver, making Brad look down at his leg with an incredulous expression, only to find a bloodied bullet hole on his leg!


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