The Boy Who Defended The World

Chapter 3: Accident On The Road

A week and a half passed before Charlene was deemed fit enough to leave the hospital, he was wearing very loose fitting clothing that included an all purple hoodie, a pair of dark blue sweatpants, a pair of black sneakers, and a baseball cap. It was around 8:30 PM when they left the building.

Making sure to keep his head down, Charlene tightened the hood on his hoodie as he walked beside his mom, who was wearing casual clothing that included a blue sweater and jeans, a pair of hiking boots, and a pair of green glasses.

Walking into the parking lot, they entered into a blue Jeep Commander, and they started driving out of Edmonton towards their home. While in the car, Charlenes mom started explaining some changes that have happened since hes been in a coma.

His sister and her son who had been living with them had moved out and went to live with her boyfriend who was a police officer, his older brother who had still been living with them moved in with one of his other older brothers, and most of the animals on the farm had been sold.

They no longer had five horses, they had one, they had a single pregnant cow that will give birth soon, a bull that will be butchered in a month or two, a single llama, 5 sheep, 10 dogs, 8 cats and 10 pigs. Most of the pigs are boars, there are three sows that were kept for in the future, the boars and sows are in separate pens as no piglets are wanted right now.

A bunch of stuff had been sold and given away, 6 of the 16 dogs that they had were sold for 600$ a piece, and 5 the 13 of the cats had been put down due to old age and sickness. Arriving back home, Charlene watched as the 10 dogs rushed up to the chainlink gate to see them, and they were all wagging their tails and barking.

Arriving back home past 9:00 PM and getting out of the car, Charlene got the key for the bike lock that was around the gate, and he unlocked and opened the gate. The dogs were sniffing him aggressively as they hadn smelt his scent for a while. Charlenes dog, Bertha, who was a massive dog weighing over 70 kilograms, jumped out onto him, which caused him to stumble back into the gate and almost fall over.

Last time he saw her she was only around 35-45 kilograms. Opening the gate all the way, Charlene started running and calling out to the dogs, who all followed after him, and he made sure none were in the way when his mom parked the car.

Noticing that most of the vehicles were gone, he guessed that they had been sold, all that was left was the Jeep Commander and the Ram truck that his dad would drive all the time. Walking into the house, he noticed that it was very… empty.

Looking in most of the rooms, they were empty without any beds or dressers, almost of the music instruments were sold, the amps were sold, and almost all of the spare clothes were sold. A single bass was the only instrument that was left, it was the favourite bass of his dads.

None of the books were sold, unsurprisingly, they were all just moved into bookshelves in two of the rooms. Every wall was turned into a bookshelf in both of those rooms, along with the bookshelves downstairs and the ones in the hallway, there were tens of thousands of books owned by Charlenes mom, she loved to read.

His room that was downstairs was much different compared to the last time he saw it, the amps, brass instruments, and guitars that were put into his room for storage were gone, the boxes of books in his room were taken out and the books were put into the rooms upstairs.

His bed, dressers, bookshelves, weights, and Xbox were the only things left in his room. The room was clean, no dust or anything, the floors were swept and mopped, the rest of the house was also clean, the cleanest its ever been.

Feeling tired, Charlene lied down and fell asleep. Waking up, it was 6AM, he slept for more then 9 hours, and he needed to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, he went upstairs to the kitchen, his mom was still sleeping in her room, so he decided to make a little bit of breakfast for himself.

Opening the fridge, Charlene was greeted by the sight of vegetables, fruits, some yogurt, eggs, and a couple bowls of meat that was presumably made yesterday. Taking out the yogurt and some fruit, Charlene put a little bit of yogurt into a bowl, cut up the fruits he took out, and them put them in the yogurt.

Making sure to eat slowly as to not cause any problems, he finished his simple breakfast before washing his dishes, drying them an putting them away, and then getting ready to do chores. Going into the back, which had another two fridges, one smaller than the one up in the kitchen and bigger, and also two more freezers.

Looking inside the fridges, Charlene noticed that they mostly empty, except for a few bags of frozen meat and frozen veggies. Putting on steel-toed rubber boots, a big black winter jacket that could shrug off -30 degree Celsius weather, and a pair of leather gloves with cuffs that almost went up to his forearms.

Charlene was ready to go outside now and do he did. Stepping out the door, he realized that all of the dogs were laying there waiting for him to come out, and when he did they all stood up and wagged their tails expectantly.

Unlike yesterday, none of them jumped up on him this time, his smell was so deeply ingrained in the black jacket that they didn need to smell him anymore, and they trailed behind him like a group of guard dogs.

All of them reacted to the smallest noises or movements as if they were some immediate threat to their masters life, they looked every which way as if they would pounce at anything that got close, and that wasn that far off since they were trained to protect their master.

Charlenes mom wasn an official animal trainer, but she has 18 years of experience dealing with animals and 26 years of dealing with children, so she knew how train something, that and she was and still is the top dog on the farm.

She was so intimidating that a horse that had escaped into the yard 7 or 8 years ago had retreated back into their pen and was willing to get kicked by another horse than try and go past his mom. Back when the amount of sheep was over 150, they would all swarm up to her, none ever tried to ram her, cause when they did then every other sheep would segregate that sheep from the group, it would then be eaten by coyotes or sometimes even a cougar.

His mom didn tolerate her animals being killed for any other reason than being food for the family, so coyotes, foxes, wolves, cougars, and bobcats were able to be shot on sight, but only if they wouldn be able to run away and be in pain somewhere.

Basically, any predator is shoot on sight but only if its a ground dropping shot, and it was a very good decision to be made to shoot the predators. Charlenes older brother, the one who had moved out while he was in a coma, had shot and killed two foxes with headshots using a .22lr rifle.

Charlene had gotten two coyotes, one with a .223 rifle and the other with a shotgun using buckshot, the coyote with the .223 was the first one that was shot. Back to Charlene doing chores, he was carrying a 5 gallon bucket of grain using both arms.

Normally, before he had gone into a coma, he was able to carry three in each arm, now he couldn even carry one without using both arms. The good thing is that there were fewer pigs then before, so he only needed to bring two buckets of grain.

Watering them was easy since there was a hose directly connected to the side of the house, you just needed to turn the valve and keep the hose in the water dish, so the only hard part was giving them grain.

Luckily the pigs hadn moved the dishes used for the grain away, or Charlene would have to climb in there and move them back to beside the pig fence, and he would probably get injured in doing so. Finishing up his chores, Charlene turned off the hose and went back into the house after checking in the rest of the animals.

Sitting at the table was his mom, drinking some green tea, and looking out the window towards the pig pen. Smiling at Charlene, his mom started speaking, ”How are you feeling today? Also I will do the chores in the morning and at night, just focus on getting better. ”

Smiling back at his mother brightly, Charlene also spoke, ”Im fine, just feeling a little weak. ” He was happy he was alive and that he had his mother with him, but he was in anguish over the fact that his dad is dead.

Not willing to cry in front of his mom, Charlene went down to his room with a glass of water, and he started working out. Unable to using any of the weights he had in his room, he started with the basics, push-ups, squats, and sit-ups.

Barely able to do a single push-up before he couldn handle doing anymore, he started doing squats, of which he could do only five of, and then he tried assisted sit-ups and he could only do one of those as well. Continuing to do this for an hour, he only stopped after he all could do was lie there and take deep breaths.

Resting for ten minutes, Charlene was finally able to get up, he then drank the entire cup of water and went to the bathroom before eating something, reading until it was past 8PM, and then sleeping.

Waking up once again, Charlene did the chores in the morning again, ate the same breakfast with a little bit more fruit and yogurt, drank a glass of water, and then played with his dog, who was partially blind due to cat scratches she had got on her face when she was smaller.

Working out for an hour again, then reading some more, Charlene was just about to go to bed when he got an notification on his phone, it was a notification from a video streaming platform. Opening his phone, he saw that it was one of the streamers that he followed was streaming.

Clicking onto the stream, he read the title, ”BIG NEWS! ”, he then looked at the timer counting down for five minutes before the streamer would be ready to stream. Patiently waiting, Charlene saw a gigantic man suddenly appear on screen, it was the streamer.

His name was John Frizear, he was 28 years old, bald with brown eyes, a height of 2 metres, and a bodyweight of over 260 pounds. Charlene has been watching him for just over a year now, not including the time he was in a coma.

There were some changes to John, first was that there was a scar in the shape of a dog bite on his right cheek, and second was that he was bald. Four months ago, the day before he had gone into a coma, Charlene had watched a stream of his, and he had shoulder length blond hair.

”An underground fighting ring has asked me to participate in their matches as a representative against an opposing fighting rings own representative, winner gets 200,000 dollars for winning and 40,000 dollars for losing. ” Were the first words out of Johns mouth after a few seconds and the chat instantly exploded.

Or it would have if it was enabled, but it wasn . ”I know you guys must be going crazy right now, but this is just a stream to tell you about it, how I got it, where to get the tickets, and how to participate in this underground fighting ring, or any for that matter. ”

”I got it when one of the owners of the location that the fighting ring is located had reached out to me after stumbling upon my stream, he then just offered me the chance to be the representative along with the amount of money I would receive for winning.

Tickets can be bought on my website, just follow the directions on the back of it to get to the location of the fighting ring. If you want to participate in next years fights, since these ones are already decided, then you need to fight in three random matches against random opponents and win all three. That is all I have to say and is the end of the stream. ”

Going to the website, Charlene bought a ticket and looked at the location it was at, it was at an abandoned football stadium four hours drive north of his current location, according to his gps on his phone.

However, the fight was two months from now on June 6th, so Charlene wasn in a rush to go anywhere, 12 hours before the fight he will drive there, but first he needs to get his body back into shape and get his full drivers license instead of just having his learners. He then slept, awaiting the next day so he could continue getting his body back into shape.

(AN. I take back what I said about him getting his system in the third chapter, he will get it in a later chapter. Im not sure when but it should definitely be before the tenth chapter. I already know how he is going to get his system and in what situation, so don worry, I just need to work up to that situation, but itll only happen after he gets back from the fight and some other things happen. If you spot any mistakes then please leave a comment on that paragraph so I can fix it. Peace out)

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