The Branding System

Chapter 8: A daring choice.

ive depends on him, if he is killed by them then I can hardly do anything but if he reveals any information about the two of us then I will make sure that I kill him myself. ”

These were the words the green-eyed woman had told him before she had left their hideout. If he took her words from then and now then he could say that Aksel had at least started winning her respect.

”So, what do you two do here all day? ” Aksel asked looking at his two new friends. He knew that accepting his new life was the only option but he didn feel quite settled in.

”Well, Yve usually goes out looking for water and food and I stay here keeping guard, cooking, cleaning, managing our little hideout, ” Daren explained recounting what he did on his fingers. When he stopped Aksel waited for him to continue but then he received no answer from him making him prod the blue-eyed dude as he said, ”And? ”

”And nothing. What else do you expect us to say? We don have time for anything else and neither do we have the luxury, we are too busy surviving as it is, ” Yve said realizing the astonishment in Aksel. To her, it felt as if Aksel was making fun of their hardships.

”You can seriously be thinking of continuing to stay here doing nothing for the rest of your life do you? ” Aksel asked looking at the two figures sitting in front of him and staring at him like his words didn make sense to them. To him, the thought of even spending more than a few days here was impossible.

He had accepted his new life but he was going to choose his new home himself.

”What else can we do? We can go up there and live normal lives like the others by getting a job. For people like us it is a boon to even be alive, ” Yve sharply said, disliking how casually Aksel had dismissed their efforts.

Noting the static convulsing in the air Daren quickly intervened as he said, ”Aksel, I understand that it is hard for you to adjust but we three are the only unbranded people here. Instead of fighting, we need to stick together. ”

”Are you sure that we three are the only unbranded people in Aquilo? ” he asked, not believing it. He hadn given it much thought before but if there were only three unbranded people then they were more of a rarity than he had thought.

”Are you trying to question us, who have been living here for far more than you? ” Yve asked pointedly and sighing at her anger Aksel looked away from her and at Daren who simply nodded his head at him.

He took a moment to himself on getting this information. He couldn understand yet what he should do but staying here was out of the option.

Suddenly something struck him and turning to Yve he asked, ”Didn you say that our memories are altered? You said that we are being brought from somewhere else and then being branded to serve some purpose that we are still unaware of, right? ”

Yve, who had been hostile with him was a little taken aback by his sudden perkiness, and nodding her head she replied, ”Yeah, so what? ”

”Then didn you both want to get out of here and find our real home? We aren sure to what extent our memories are changed but it could be that the places outside this city of Aquilo are entirely different from here, maybe we could even live a normal life! ” he exclaimed, his inquisitive mind was running on overdrive as he began thinking of all the possibilities.

”What are you trying to say? ” Yve asked straightforwardly, its not that the woman had never thought of these questions but she had never dared to believe that she would be able to get out of there.

She had never given herself the option of moving out.

Receiving a lightly positive reaction from her Aksel grinned at them and clapping his hands together he announced, ”Let us all run away from the Branding System. ”

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