The Conquerors Path

Chapter 18: A Party

Chapter 17: Going Forward

The next moring after my meet up and cooking lessons with Richard i left towards the shop of my current master, i am really exited about what shes goin to teach me today

reaching the shop i saw that it was closed, just i was about to knock i felt a sudden dizzy feeling and the next moment i know i am inside the shop seated across my master

to think she can just pull me into the shop, is this the power of an imperial, this just makes me more exited to learn about the supernatural

Eleanor looked towards her current disciple who was looking at her with excitement and eagerness

he looks just as exited as me when i stated

“do you want to eat anything?”

“no need i ate and came”

“then lets start, what do you know about the origin way”

after that i explained to her the basic idea i know and she nodded to it

“umm, thats pretty much it, looks like you study well”

i “blushed” to her words as if happy and embarrassed about it

“by the way do you currently feel any connection with the atmosphere?”

“ohh, you mean the little particles floating around?”

“so you can feel it”

after that Eleanor sighed and looked at me like a rare specimen

“Austin do you know that you currently have a plate its tier 3 and rank 10”

“what !”

i shouted in suprise, real this time

so wait i am tier 3!!, no wait whats rank 10 plate?

“master is there a rank for plates?”

“ohh, i forgot they didnt teach you about it yet”

“The plates formed in your body also has ranks, it determines how much forward you can go in your path”

“its noramlly from Rank 1 to Rank 10, with Rank 1 being the lowest and Rank 10 being the highest, the Rank 7 and above plates are termed as genuises”

damn, i didnt know about this!, looks like everything cant be found in the library

“master does that mean i am strong”

i reacted with “excitement”

“no its the opposite your body is in danger, your curent body is like a glass overflowing with water but the glass holding it isnt strong”

“if it goes like this, your body wont be able to handle it and explode”


damn, i didnt know that!!, system you didnt tell me anything about it!!

[System, duties is only to support not to warn and protect the host]

Your heartless!, plus whats wrong with this women, is this something you say directly to an 8 year old boys face?, if it was any other kid he would be peeing his pants

What Austin didnt know was that it wasnt much of a problem and it was easy to settle to but Eleanor wanted to see how he would react to death and seeing him so compsed impressed and made her curious

“arent you afraid of death?”

afraid?, of course i am!!, who wouldnt its just that my poker face is good, wait this could be an opportunity to score some points

putting on my serious face i directly looked into her eyes

“of course i am, but the fear of losing my family is more to painful to me than fear of death

“my father gave his life to protect mine he only had one wish that was for me to protect my family and i plan to do that, so no matter what comes i will survive it”

in the end my voice raised to high pitch for dramatic effect

oph….thank you wuxia novels for your cliche lines

looking at my master i saw a deeply surprised face on hers contradicting to her normal graceful self, suddenly i felt a pull on me and the next moment i was in her embrace, an unique orchid smell entered my nose these pillows are huge maybe even than my mother

meanwhile Eleanor

ahh, what a pitiful child dont worry master would protect you and make sure your strong, such a pitiful child master is there for you

thinking of it she ruffled the boys hair who was looking at her with absolute trust and admiration

ahh..if you look at tracher like that, then i cant help but pamper you

+3000 affection

wow, looks like my words hit her pretty hard

then suddenly i again felt the same pull and when i opened my eyes i was in a forest near a cliff, Eleanor then puts me down

“from now we are going to get your body accustomed to your power, so your first task is to run 5km here then do 20 pushups, squats and situps”

“after your warmup your task will be to climb the mountain after that, when you reach the top we can start the real training”

looking at the tall clif as if touching the sky, my feet suddenly felt unsteady, putting on my puppy eyes i looked towards her but all she gave me back was a look of disappointment seeing that i clutched my teeth

“I will do it but after that will teacher show me her face?”

After my question she hesitated a bit but then later she nodded, seeing that I took action

the warmups even though hard was accomplish able but when it came to the cliff, i climbed scraped my knee, my hands turned red,my nails peeled almost of and i almost fell to my death but master saved me at each turn

like this is it was only 2 months later that i reached the top, standing above it and seeing the rising sun i gave it out a huge scream of accomplishment, at that time the thought that cane to me was

Behind me stood my master proud without a veil covering her face, her black hair swayed in the wind, her her looked beautiful creating a beautiful picture at first her beauty moved but then later a more important thought came to me

when i am strong enough, i must destroy this cliff

and like that a few years later this huge cliff disappeared from this world, no one knows how


Name: Elenor Claus

Sex: Female

Age: 140

species: Human

Talent: 10/10

Power: Imperial rank 3

Title: The Bow Empress, cold beauty, The imperial…etc

Love : 90%(a masters love)

Description: happy she found a strong willed disciple

>awakening a certain dangerous tendency

Difficulty: S+ (she is a women with powers you cant imagine, courted by several men, if you wanna conquer her, you gotta work to the bone)


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