The Conquerors Path

Chapter 19: massage

Chapter 18: A Party

Grace pov:

currently a women was walking throught the corridors of the mansion, she had blonde hair and green eyes

sigh, what could have happened?

Mia had entered her room and said that Austin had something important to say and i had to head there, she said that it was urgent

thinking about her son a smile naturally formed on her face, its been 2 and a half months since he had taken the bow empress as his teacher

in the beginning he would return all hurt and dispirited, my heart had heart seeing him like this, he was just 8 year old, i wanted to stop him from doing it but each time he would show determination and move forward

i could see changes in him to, he had become a little taller, proactive and more confident plus his sisters are being more attached to him to

he also now has 3 girls following him around to, looks like my son is quite the player, i chucked a little

my mind goes back to half a month when he came to me saying that there was a salve trading going on in the dukedom, naturally I didnt believe him at first but then he showed me all this proof and I had to make a move

i quickly mobilized the soldiers and raided the area,when I saw the slave arena i was so enraged that i had killed all the perpetrators and gave each people caught a heavy punishment

after that three of the girls who were being sold got attached to Austin,it seemed that they were only saved because of him and they had no family to return to and wanted to serve him

the human girl became his personal maid and the other twin fox tribe girls became his personal soldier attended

while i was thinking i reached the room i could feel familiar auars from the room, curious i pushed it open and entered


i could see my childern in the room holding banners and tables filled with foods

i see it was my birthday today and my childrens remembered, ahh whys my face wet

it was only then knew that I knew that there were tears flowing down my eyes, seeing this my childern came out me and we all hugged

i had regained myself after 5 minutes

“how did you all know?”

“it was Austin he was the one who said us, he said that we could give mom a suprise”

Nora answred in a slightly disappointed voice as if she was sad that it wasnt her that could give the idea

“but it was big sis who had arranged it all, if it wasnt for her we wouldnt be able to do this, also Elda helped out a lot to”

hearing Austins word both Nora and Elda looked a bit smug, i chuckled a bit at this

this boy really knows how to handle his sisters

i turn towards Austin who has smile on his face, colidnt help but pull him to a tight hug

i wont let anything happen to my family again


Austins pov:

that went better than i thought

i was currently surrounded by my family, who were wolfing down the food i made and praising me about it, my cooking skills had really increased these days though not at the level if 5-star but i am near to it

“master shall i serve more”

during my inner monologue a girlish voice enters my ears, turing my head i saw a girl of 8 years with brown hair and black eyes in a maid costume looking at me in atmost devotion

she had a cute nose and a average face


Name: Clara

Sex: Female

Age: 8

species: Human/demon

Talent: 8/10

>booldline unawakened

Power: Null

Title: None

Love : 94%

Description: completly devoted to you

>she wants to be worthy of you but thinks that her lowly self cannot be your lover

>has an intense desire to make herself better

Difficulty: what difficulty?? you already conquered her in a way


Clara one of the girls i has managed to win over, she was not a capture target but an important person in the story as a part of the villam faction that is

she had joined the Babylon school as part of a dark organization to be a spy in the school, the protoganist would later change her heart and bring her to the good side

she had an intense hatred to my Dukedom, because she had been sold has a slave here and had been violated a lot, in the game she tries a lot to kill me or my sisters

i had a good memory of her because her special bloodline that provided her great aptitude with darkness and had the rare darkness healing magic and was a great support in battle

once she awakens her demon bloodline, her looks will completly change and her talent will rise,she had many suitors rushing to be her boyfriend but learing about her past they move away just as quick

The issue of the slavery had been found out later in the game causing many reputation damage to the dukedom, so i nipped the probem in the bud and got myself 3 powerful followers

it wasnt hard i just had to play the cards right, the perfect moment of entry, the perfect support and the most important cliche line and they are in the bag

i then looked towards the other 2 girls, one of them had a white fox ears and tail with a cute face and the other had black ears and tail, twins to be exact

they both looked same except for the white haired fox girl being shy and the other one being extremely straight forward

in the game both of them were known to hate boys and only suppported each other, they were also part of the organisation, they had suffered just like Clara


Name: Rika

Sex: Female

Age: 8

species: white wolf beastwomen

Talent: 8/10

Power: Null

Title: None

Love : 89%

Description: her feelings for you continue to rise

>Her shy feeling causes her to be unable to convey it but your words gave her confidence and a desire to stand together with you

Difficulty: no need bro shes yours



Name: Mika

Sex: Female

Age: 8

species: black wolf beatwomen

Talent: 8/10

Power: Null

Title: none

Love : 83%

Description: as a person whose personality was falling your words had rekindled her hope

>swears to protect you and be your sword, she deams her body and soul to be yours

Difficulty: dude how much do you 2 want her to fall?


it wasnt hard to raise thier love, give the inferiority complex Clara a butt load of compliments, responsibilities, trust and love. Then shes yours

as for the twins they were made fun of by thier clan when they were young due to not forming a plate, they were thought to be special cases were they had no talent for mana

but that was just a misconception, they had the rarer case of forming thier plate all together at once, Rika will have great talent in water magic and Mika will be a close conbatant

together they were a very strong team not to be pissed off but right now they lack confidence and hope so i just gave them that and so i got them

though Mika was a bit suspicious in the beginning i quickly won her over, and now i have 3 future stars under me.

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