The Conquerors Path

Chapter 23: Taking Action

Chapter 22: The Party

The next day i was standing in front of the mirror looking at my current appearance, i was wearing a black suit which contradicted with my hair, my face had a touch of makeup

my current appearance was a package of cuteness and a hint of handsome, i was dressed up for the event coming up right now, after dressing me up the palace maids led me to my family

getting there i saw my family standing together, my mother was dressed in a conservative green dress with her hair tied to a bun with a hair pin, she appeared graceful and beautiful

next to her stood my elder sister Nora who was similarly wearing a one piece green dress with her shoulder exposed, her hair was left to her back giving a beautiful veiw, she stood tall and proud

next to her stood my little sister Elda wearing a black one piece dress, her blob of short silver hair and her shy expression giving her a cute and adorable appearance

when i arrived they looked towards me, my mother smiled at me while both of my sisters had a small blush on seeing me, well my appearance is a plus point of my current life after all

“you look handsome little Austin”

my mother said with a teasing smile to which i responded with a smile

“bi-big brother looks handsome!”

Elda replied with a blush

“you dont look bad right now”

my sister responded

“thanks you all look beautiful too”

i replied with a smile to which they all gave a smile back, after this we headed towards the hall where the event will take place

the hall was extremely huge with several important guests being within it, there was a huge table with food that cost beyond a normal noble houses yearly earning

when we entered several eyes turns towards us, after all we are a dukedom and my mother is the Emperors sister so many paid attention to us

all of us walked in with a proud and dignified aura even the usually shy Elda was walking with seriousness, after all as a dukedom we need to show the bearing of one

the eyes of several older and younger mens lit up, my mothers and sisters status and appearance are somthing that attracted several of them

even though my mother was married her beauty still hasnt left her, so she was a fatal attraction to many even just getting together with my elder sister to was very tempting

but not only the guys but several little girls also had thier eyes scanning me up and down, my serious face attarcted the little girls heart strings and my adorable appearance brought a twinke to the older ones

we entered inside and waited for the event to begin, during which several people come towards us to strike a conversation my mother was surrounded by several mens and we went to interact with the childrens

i walked along with my little sister and we went around talking to several others, networking is important for a noble, but all the people i talked to were girls

several of them came towards me to strike a conversation i maintained a smile and conversed with them, in a matter a few minutes they were laughing and happily chatting with me

as the atmosphere was getting lively there was an announcement that the princess would be arriving soon

the doors opened as the Emperor and the Empress entered together unlike when we met them before right now they were giving the pressure and standing of a ruler

following behind them were the princes there were 3 of them and a little girl of 6 year old along with them, they came and stood behind the Emperor waiting for the stars arrival.

if i remeber correctly wasnt there a fighting arc with the other princes in the game?

looks like i must stay away from these cousins of mine

suddenly there was a ringing of bells and a girl of 10 year old enters, she was wearing a golden princess style gown, she had blonde hair and blue eyes aligning with a beautiful face

she gave the feeling of authority and magnanimity, giving the feeling that people could not help but follow her

her appearance taking in the attention of every person in the hall


Name: Olivia Ezraiel

Sex: Female

Age: 10

Species: Human

Talent: 10/10

Power: origin level 0- tier 2

Title: princess, the inheritor

Love: 11% (familial love)

Description: she is proud to be born as the princess

>currently a bit confused about her unique traits

Difficulty: SS (work hard, thats all)


as expected of one of the top 5 capture targets, her difficulty is indeed off the charts

while i was thinking the ceremony started, many procedures were done and in the end the princess gave a speech, after that many people moved to meet and talk with her

its not a secret that Olivia was born with founding Emperors bloodline so she was given a lot of respect by the people

after some time my family moved forward to give congrats, my mother moving forward to give some pleasantries while we congratulated Olivia

“congrats cousin, you were really great up there”

i moved to speak completely diffrent from how i do it normally, my way of speaking caught her by suprise and she stared at me as some stranger

“what happened princess, cant remember your cousin after not meeting him for a while”

its only when i spoke again did she repond, with a smile she said

“no, no its just that you changed a lot Austin”

“i, know

i puffed uo my chest like i did something great after that we did some talk and moved on, telling that i wanted to explore alone i left my family to look around the castle

while i was walking through the garden i heard a crying sound so i moved towards it, reaching and hiding i saw a group of boys surrounding and bullying a little girl

“little sister, i dont even understand why you are even part of the family, with your face its disgrace”

“yeah, you should just leave”

“thats right no one wants to see you”

following the first boys words several others started shaming her, the girl just closed her eyes and just took it all in

foucing on her i used the read function


Name: Emily Hoffman

Sex: Female

Age: 8

Species: Human/elf

Talent: 9/10

Power: Null

Title: None

Love: 0%

Description: as a princess instead of living a happpy life shes going through a lot

>secretly shes being planning her revenge

Difficulty: A(shes smart so you should make sure you move with caution)


seeing the information i smiled

looks like i am lucky tonight

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