The Conquerors Path

Chapter 26: Time Skip

Chapter 25: The Game(2)

Ella was another capture target, she might not have much when it came to strength but her innate ability gave her a high intelligence

she was the right hand girl of Carmel, when it came to planning, organization and everything else there was none that could beat her

after entering the room i was starred on by countless eyes, it was as if i was a rare specimen,i got goosebumps on my body

Looking at my front I could see the girls behind Carmel, if my guess was right then they would be using projection magic to display themselves here

The chess board in front of me might be using some magical connection to the chessboard in front of them, when I make a move the move would be done on their side to

Its just like playing chess on the computer with your friend, except it this being on a higher level, while I was running the magical theories in my head a voice was heard

“Nora dont you know the rules, no boys allowed”

a voice was heard from one of the screens, i couldnt see the figure but i could guess that she was an important person

“i know but i am not inviting him to join plus he is my brother”

Nora replied defiantly

“Nora are you sure he can help us win?”

Olivia asked her doubt, after all she didnt know that this cousin of hers was such a talent in chess

“affirmative, i am sure”

Olivia then looked towards me who was looking around as if i had no idea whats going on but i did get the gist of whats happening

looks like this is the perfect opportunity to show off

“whats happening here big sis?”

i raised my “doubt”, after that Nora explained to me what happened and what i had to do

“so i should defeat this big sis in chess”

i said looking towards Ella

“thats right”

Nora nodded but insted of her expectation of me agreeing i did something else

“but why should i help?”

my question brought about a silence to the room, the previously uninterested girls started paying attention, after all this was the first time that they heard someone say no to them

“umm?, so you are saying you wont help me?”

Olivia asked intrigued instead of angry

“well…i can help but sis you know what you might have to give me”

hearing my words my sister went silent but then she spoke

“1 weeks worth”

“2 weeks worth, then we are done”

i directly said my price causing her to flinch but after thinking about it a bit she finally agreed

“fine you can have my 2 weeks worth of sweet”

hearing that i gave a pose of success and moved to play the game but then Olivia spoke

“so you are saying that you wont do what i want for free?”

“why should i?”

Hearing the same answer it should have made Olivia angry but somehow instead she was feeling happy

it really is a different experience to be rejected

+35 affection

humph….girl i know you inside out

instead of focusing more on Nora i move to Ella sitting in front of me whose expression had turned for the worse

“kid do you really think that you can beat me?”

i shrugged my shoulders and gave her a smile

“who knows?”

after that we sat to play the game she made the first move, like this we continued to move our pieces, several of the girls had thier concentration on the game

it continued for 15 minutes before i placed the final piece



everybody had a disbelieving face on them, especially Ella she couldnt understand where she went wrong


“your too perfect”

my reply caught her off gaurd, everyone looked towards me, waiting for me to continue

“each of your moves are strict or rule following as if its predetermined, theres no uniqueness within it hence they create cracks in your plan”

“because your too perfect there is no flexibility, hence you loose”

it was silent for a moment before a slapping sound came, everyone turned towards Carmel who was clapping with a smile on her face

“amazing, it really was an amazing game”

“Nora, i lost this one”

after she said that others also started clapping along with her who marveled at my performance, my sister came to me and ruffled my hair

“i knew you would win, my sweets are not wasted after all”

“that was amazing Austin, i owe you one”

Olivia interjected

at that moment Ella stood up and came to me, she was just a projection and couldnt do anything to me, she came in front of me and pointed her finger

“your name is Austin right?, i will remember you, the next time we have a match i will win for sure”

after that she disappeared

“dont take her word to heart shes just competitive”

Carmel spoke up

“i am really surprised that there is such a chess genius here, i hope to meet personally in the future”

after that she went in to speak with the others while i was quickly thrown out of the room, shaking my head i walked back to my assigned room

fight Ella in chess the next time?, Id probably lose

the only reason won against her this time was becuase of my information from the game, in fact it was one of the prerequisites to win her affection

there was personally a flaw in her gaming style which the players muat use to win against her i had just used that, though it will only work once

tired i entered my room and feel asleep

the next day after the party me and my family set out to return to our home, i received a gift from both the Emperor and Olivia

currently we were standing near out ship getting ready to leave the Emperor and Empress had come to leave us off

“have a safe trip sis, if you have any problem just inform me okay?”

“sure, you dont have to worry about me”

i stood there looking at them and i directly looked into the Empresses eyes, i felt my body go cold for a moment, saying my goodbye we boarded the ship, i didnt even want go stay close to that women at all

the Empress felt like a storm which was only calm for now, why you ask..?

i had found over 5 recording devices in my room, it was hidden in different angles, normally a child who hadnt awakened wont be able to feel it but i could

looking through it i could feel mana similar to the Empress, i should be an idiot if i couldnt understand it till now, as much as i want to deal with her currently i cant

well the thought of cucking an Emperor does sound exiting, i must live after all that, so i couldnt move against her until i awaken my bloodline

so like a nice boy i kept it all back, as if nothing had been changed, taking a deep breath and confirming my goals i entered the ship knowing not what the future held for me.

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