The Conquerors Path

Chapter 29: The Punishment

Chapter 28: The Crisis(2)

currently within the Ezraeil palace, the Emperor, Empress, Grace, several people and me were gathered within a room

“”can you tell us the about the situation grandpa Bruce”

the Emperor spoke respectfully to an old man at his side, the old man had white hair, green eyes and a white beard

the ravages of time had left a few wrinkles on his face, Bruce Ezraeil, the grandfather of my mother and the Emperor, which means hes my great grandpa, oh…one more think to hes an imperial

“this really is incredible, to think both the girls would awaken their bloodline, one leading to great military might and the other leading to elemental strength”

“this generation of kids are really amazing”

Bruce sighed with both happiness and regret, happiness because of thier talent regret because they might not live up to it

looking at Grace his granddaughter who had gone through a lot, he hesitated if he should speak but in the end decided to be truthful

“Grace for them to fully awaken, they must go through the trail of our historic world but with their current situation theirs 0% chance of them succeeding”

the words Bruce spoke brought the room to silence, even the usually cold faced Empress frowned, Grace paled completely almost falling to the ground

but i was there and i caught her, giving her support, after that i spoke

“cant they choose not to awaken it?”

“no, if they choose not to then they would be crippling themselves”

Bruce then sighed, he looked towards the boy holding his mother, he still couldnt believe that the timid boy from before had completely changed

he always had the nagging feeling that something was up with this boy, but he never felt any threat from him so he let him be

“Is there any other methods?”

it was the Emperor who spoke this time, Bruce hesitated a bit but he still spoke

“there is a method but the price to pay for it wont be small”

he then spoke about a method of using Graces life force to support the bloodline, to which i instantly exploded and refused

“No, no way would i agree to it, if you want you can use my life force not moms”

my determined words caused a wave of surprise among the people gathered, who instantly gave off some affection points, when i was to argue more, Grace placed her hands on me

“no need Austin mother will do it you dont have to worry about, i cant have anyone leaving me agian”

angry i pushed her and left the room, once i made sure i was far away my angry expression faded away and only calmness remained

looks like i will have to use that method

actually there was a simpler methos to solve this, that was to have a single person carry Nora and Elda and take the test for them

the historical world that the Ezraeil Empire possessed was what basically contain the powers of all the past bloodline holders, it contains thier treasure, weapons and inheritance

but the problem is that a person is only allowed to enter it once, and the others had already done it, plus the historical world was “real” in a sense

it means that if you die in it you die, even if you are an imperial the test would automatically adjust to your strength

so taking Nora, Elda along with you, youd basically doing the test for 3 people which basically is a death sentence

who would jump into something when the end is basically death??

controlling myself i move towards the room containing my sisters, entering there were several maids doing their best to look after them

in the there was also Olivia sitting in there to looking worried, she too had changed, not only did she become more beautiful, the whole aura around her had changed giving out a strong confident women

After entering I spoke

“All the servants within the room has to leave, I need to speak privately to her highness Olivia”

After I spoke all the people within the room moved out

“What is it Austin?”

“Before I speak could we move to a more private space”

saying so I pointed to a room connecting to the current one we are in, she looked at me for a bit but nodded in the end, entering the room I spoke

“Olivia, remember what you said 3 years ago, that you owe me?”

“yes, i do?”

“then i need you to pay it back to me today”

“what do you want?”

she asked me back, her eyes scrunched

“i want you to secretly get me and my sisters inside the historic world”

“what!!, are you carzy?”

being a smart person Olivia instantly understood my intentions, which she strictly disagreed

“no, no way you would die”

“i am not as weak as you think Olivia”

saying so i realesed my sealed cultivation for her to sense

“y-you, how?”

even though she couldnt tell my exact cultivation she knew that i was above her someone who was an origin level 2!!

one must know that she had awakened her founders bloodline and had extensive resources, which gave into her current power but i was above her!!, this had dealt her pride a huge blow

but she pulled herself back quickly

“no matter how strong you are its too dangerous i wont allow it”

“ohh?, is the famed princess going back on her word?”

my words angered her, she brought out her mana to mobilize her spell, but before her i moved faster, in the blink of an eye i reached in front of her

i tripped her leg, brought her hands to the back and forced her to kneel, immobilizing her, currently she was forced to kneel with her mana restricted

“yo-you, do you know the outcome of what you are doing?”

Olivia roared with anger and shame, she the esteemed princess was forced to kneel, just this was enough to have Austins head rolling, having her kneel i was just accurately at her height

“i dont care if i could save my sisters then death would be a happy end”

i roared back at her increasing my strength on her, my words caused her heart to beat faster, my domineering presence bringing her hidden desires to the light

“i dont care and i wont allow it”

Olivia stubbornly replied

Ohh, i see so thats how you wanna play it huh

seeing how stubborn she was, i didnt get angry, once Olivia decided on something its almost impossible to change her mind on it…..almost impossible

“so?, you wont listen to me huh..”


seeing the sadistic smile on my face Olivia felt as if something bad was going to happen, she could feel that Austin was different

“wh-what are you going to do?”

“nothing, i am just going to punish you”

hearing my words Olivias eyes opened wide, she couldnt belive whay she was hearing, was this the same Austin she knew

“punish me?”

“yes, bad girls needs to be punished after all”

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