Lucifer was gone…

It was the final nail in the coffin that those wretched gods needed.

I was captured by the worst seed of them all, my brother Greed, the deadliest of the seven gods of our father demon lord. In Relo-Hell, everyone was out for themselves, in a selfish war to control the seven deadly sins. Our source of power came from influences on earth, and the more people sinned, the stronger we became. It was a chain reaction that I couldn help, because my people of Litheenia were weak, as they always had been. While Lucifers reign brought a sliver of order within the chaos, his death unleashed all hell upon my people. And now, I find myself pulling at my last resort, by summoning the man who could end this for the better.

My dearest lost squire… my knight in bloody armor…

He would kill for me without resistance, every kill granting him more and more power, becoming the very bane of my enemies existence. He would acquire a kill system in Relo-Hell, in my outworld, and bring my brothers and sisters to their knees!

From this dungeon, I couldn do much to preserve my kingdom. I was leaving my land and my people clear for the taking. I must put my faith in him, and hope that he would hear my call.

Great blood squire, follow the voice of your maiden, Lady Lust of Litheenia. Protect what is left of my nation, and rescue me from eternal damnation.

Because there was only so much of this torture I could take…




-months ago-

The air was crisp, the smoky breeze from the sulfuric fumes of my black stallion rolling off my face. My flame horse marched with a strong violent stride, galloping off hells speed, leading my army of men and a chariot occupying my two wives in it. This mid-eve, Id come to collect my debt. These Litheenian demons were taking my kindness for granted! Because I had allowed them an additional twenty-four hours to come up with their overdue taxes, and theyd come short every season. But tonight, I was determined to send them another reminder, the village elder the first to spot the pillars of torch lights flickering off the horizon from my entourage.

He noticed the blond debonair who had long taken a human skin as a masked vessel. Tall, lean, and charming to a fault. I wore a white suit and carried a smile just as bright, one that had every demon shaking down their hooves.

Their barren land of clay homes and moss tents was an insult to someone of my rank and power. As I closed in on them, I noticed the gathering around the camp fire beginning to disperse, those Litheenians cowering at my presence.

As they should.

They lined up their limited defenses, bringing me the tallest and broadest men to block my path. With their goddess under my capture, they were straight out of options, their pathetic formation bringing a long smile to my face.

Well, at least they had their cute little spears and arrows to play with.

I gave my horse a command, reeling in the reins, forcing my beast on his hind legs. The village elder approached me, with those same sunken milky white eyes glaring at me impishly. My horse towered over him, a death beast with skin rotting along the ribs, jowls stretched back and wide, with sanguine eyes that would tear your soul out. My horse frothed through its jagged teeth, the intimidation rolling of this mans wrinkled skin eating at my patience…

At least this time, he bowed in respect, that hard lesson evident from that huge gash behind his wrapped forehead.

”Lord Kurrun, of Bydo, ” my guard announced, and everyone fell to their hands and knees. The air was unsettling and stiff as I paced down that line, my eyes scanning the few who were brave enough to stand here before me. Every cluck caught a sweat drop from these insubordinates, holding their positions underneath me until my guard gave his signal. But there was one sorry soul who decided to break, a stout old hag in dingy drapes tossing a dark glance at me.

I dismounted my horse with no weapons, because I didn need any, bearing the power to absorb kinetic energy and life-forces as I wanted them. The old hag with horns and blue skin tensed up as I approached her, realizing her ** up. She shook with every step I took toward her, bowing her head further to the ground.

”Lost something? ” my baritone fired condescendingly, the rest of those low-life demons trying not to stare at me as I stood over this peasant.

I bar

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