ed her body to move, but her brain was in shock and wouldn give the command. She had just witnessed a murder! A man had just killed another man and she had watched it happen. Lela shut her eyes, praying to the heavens that she unsee what she just saw, but the image was branded like a tattoo in her mind, all she saw was the blade taking off another mans head.

Lelas head was spinning, her heart rate increasing, beating furiously against her rib cage. She felt pain where her heart was, and it wasn pain from seeing a man die a gruesome death, it was physical pain from having had something similar happen to her.

Foreign memories danced in her head in a blur. They weren her memories, but that didn stop her heart from aching. Lela shut her eyes tighter as her head banged loudly, and then she could see, although barely, she could still see; She was in the garden and there was a man before her with his sword sticking into her flesh, her hands were on the mouth of the sword, hoping to stop the sword from entering her flesh, but there was a pushing force from the man holding it; his eyes were blood red, glowing in the dark, long hair flying about his face.

This was the princesss death.

Lela sprung up to life, her eyes wide like saucers, she wanted to yell, but there was a hand over her mouth. The murderer was behind her. The man smelled like blood and death. A wave of fear drowned Lela. The mans sword was too close to her, and his bloody hand was over her lips, stopping her from making any sound. Tears flowed freely from Lelas eyes at the realization that this man was the man that killed the princess, and he was going to kill her too.

Fate and Order had been wrong, they had been so wrong. They said the princess gave up and died, but how was the princess supposed to fight this giant who was skilled with a sword? Once again, Fate and Order had made a fool of Lela and if she was going to die, she would die cursing them.

”Its just like you to cry, ” the deep voice resonated through Lelas spine, sending current to every part of her body. The man was big, bigger than her. Lela was a fine five foot five, but this man seemed to be ten feet tall, his body could cover hers four times over, but that wasn what Lela paid attention to. Her attention was on his words, ”its just like you to cry. ” He sounded like someone who knew her, but she didn know who he was, except that he killed her.

The man, noticing that the princess had something to say, took his hand away from her mouth, wiping the blood and tears on his black cloak. He turned to the princess so they were standing face to face. His face was barely visible from all the hair covering it, but it was those eyes that gave it away; they were a glowing red, just like she had seen.

She looked just like she looked that night, tears pouring from her eyes, her clothes tattered as she called him horrible names. The man shook his head to rid himself of the memories from that night.

”I swear I didn see anything, ” Lela pressed her palms together as she lied.

”I promise you that if you let me go, Ill keep my mouth shut. in fact, I never came out tonight, I didn see you or that guard, ” Lela just got a second chance at life, and she wasn about to die at the hands of the same man that killed her. Fate and Order told her to change her fate, and she was going to do exactly that.

”Just please, let me go, ” Lela begged. The man smirked, his eyes on his blood-dripping sword. He wasn looking at her, it was the perfect time to make a run for it, Lela thought, she had forgotten the height and size of the man, she underestimated his big body, and horror filled her body as she watched in shock the way the man ran after her, catching her after taking three big steps while she was sure she took ten.

”Where do you think you
e going? ” His deep voice asked her, her tiny arm in his large palm.

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