The Deity In Her Heart

He Felt Blissful

A fair, jade-like hand, stained with blood and fresh scars grabbed the top of the rocks with enough strength. Her blue veins could be seen bulging out of her hand.

”Mo Yanlin, hurry! ”

Her voice, which sounded worrisome, cracked as she had cried for a long time.

Her beautiful face was stained with tears and bruises that looked ugly. Her almond shaped eyes had turned red and teary mist covered them. In the dark, the orange light shattered over her face, making her look so delicate and pitiful.

”Liu Xiuying, just you hold on. Don give up yet ”

Around her waist was a strong arm. The heavy smoke from the gunshots blurred the mans cold and sharp face. Although he had lots of injuries on his handsome face, it still didn conceal his outstanding and strong look.

”I can hold it any longer ” the womans voice was so weak and soft that it could not be heard if not listened to clearly.

”Don you dare, Liu Xiuying! ” Mo Yanlins manly deep voice said calmly as though he was relaxed, but his heart was in a mess.

He reached out and climbed up her body. His fair and long fingers grabbed the top of the rocks, then his other arm reached out to grab her waist.

He lowered his head and placed his soft, thin pink lips on her forehead. The warmth from his lips traveled down her heart, making her panicked heart calm down a bit.

”Well be okay ” he said,his low voice sounded above her head.

She felt his adam apple vibrating in her heart when he spoke.



Liu Xiuyings heart vibrated as she smelt gun power dilute in the air. Her long slim fingers gripped his clothes nervously. ”Are we going to die here, Yanlin? ”

Mo Yanlin looked down at her, a smile appeared on his lips. Although, he didn answer her question, his smile meant he wasn going to allow any harm near them.

Successfully, they climbed up the rock safely.

Mo Yanlin felt Liu Xiuyings body was weak and carried her bridal-style.

Her eyes were struggling to keep open as her consciousness was slowly drifting away.

”Don close your eyes ” was what she heard.

”Yanlin! ”

Mo Yanlin stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned towards the voice. His eyes which were gentle and filled with worry had an ice-cold look instantly. His eyes looked like they were shooting daggers at the man coming closer.

”Yanlin ” the man flashed him a calm smile upon seeing his deadly gaze. ”Lets go back together. We will go back to the way we used to be before Liu Xiuying came. We will start all over ”

Mo Yanlins lips remained tightly pressed against each other.

The man continued, ”I know you hate me,but I don mind. As long as I take you back with me, then Im fine. You are my bestie and its my right to stop you from taking the wrong path ”

”Yanlin ” Liu Xiuying called out, her voice sounded weak.

”Mhm ” Mo Yanlin looked at her, his gaze had turned soft and affectionate. His free finger gently pinched her waist.

She moaned in pain, and pouted her lips.

Liu Chaoxiaos gaze shifted to the weak, paled woman in Mo Yanlins arms and his eyes dimmed, ”Sister- ”

”Don you dare! ” Mo Yanlin snapped at him, ”Did you consider her your sister when you continuously harmed her? Mhm? ”

Liu Chaoxiao didn seemed to care about Mo Yanlins cold gaze and smiled helplessly. ”Yanlin, Im only doing it for your sake. I don want you to take the wrong path ” he paused at his words and his gaze seemed to linger on his sisters pale and delicate face. The next moment, he said, ”I so much love my sister, but- ”

”Ah ” Mo Yanlin let out a cold laughter. ”You love her? Really? ”

”Yes and Im doing this for the both of you. I only want you both to be happy and safe ”

”By hurting your sister, you want her to be happy? ” Mo Yanlins dark eyes had a hint of disdain and his beautiful lips curled into a scornful smile.

Liu Chaoxiao felt his heart leaped into his throat as he didn have any word to say. After a while, he looked at Mo Yanlin helplessly and sighed, ”You probably don understand why Im doing this. Ive always wished for us to be happy together forever ”

”Which is not possible! ” Mo Yanlins cold voice rang out in the cold night. ”The moment you decided to hurt YingYing, you have lost all privilege to call us family ”

It was as if Mo Yanlins words were made of bullets, piercing the already wounded heart of Liu Chaoxiao which made him feel great pain.

He moved closer, reached out to grab Mo Yanlin who took a step back.

Liu Chaoxiaos heart ached so badly that his face twisted.

The night was already piercingly cold, but Mo Yanlins words made his heart colder and painful. ”Yanlin, don you understand? Why are you treating me like this? I so much love you, don you get it? ”

Liu Chaoxiaos already tightened fist loosened a bit, but his body was still trembling. He averted his gaze to look at Liu Xiuying and smiled, ”Lets go back home… ” he shifted his gaze to Mo Yanlins cold and handsome face, ”Shall we? ”

Mo Yanlin laughed, ”Home? With you? I have a home already ” he lowered his head to look at Liu Xiuyings face. His gaze turned affectionate and calm. He said the remaining words slowly and calmly, ”But with my YingYing ”

Liu Chaoxiao felt his heart tightened by an invisible hand. His hand tightened, his knuckles turned extremely white.

Under the bright light from the moon,his face darkened. He sneered, ”Right! Thats right! Its only YingYing you love and don care about anyone else. What about me? Your bestie? Its all because of YingYing you decided to throw away our friendship like it was nothing to you ”

Mo Yanlins dark and clear eyes narrowed slightly.

”Then don blame me for being ruthless. What I can have, then no one can have it ” Liu Chaoxiao gritted his teeth in anger and brought out a gun that he had kept in his pocket, pointing it at the duo.

Liu Xiuying, who was almost unconscious, managed to see the gun in her brothers hand. Although, the scene was a little blurry, her mind was clear and she knew what was happening. She spoke up, ”Brother, listen to me. Don be like- ”

”Shut the f*ck up! ” Liu Chaoxiao fiercely shouted. The rage and hatred that flashed passed his deep brown eyes was evident. ”You are the cause of everything. If you had not arrived, Yanlin would have been mine! You b*tch! ”

Liu Chaoxiaos words made Mo Yanlins anger erupt in his heart. ”She is my woman! No one dares to lay a finger on her ”

His voice was extremely cold like the winter wind, hitting Liu Chaoxiaos trembling body repeatedly.

Liu Xiuying turned her head to look at her brother. ”Brother- ”

”Don talk. Be calm and everything is gonna be okay ” Mo Yanlin said, reassuring her.

Liu Chaoxiaos cold laughter erupted in the cold and silent night. He laughed until tears formed in his eyes. The scene before him was repeatedly poking his heart making him go crazy.

He looked at Liu Xiuying with burning rage and said, ”Then, don blame me for being ruthless! ”

His dark gaze narrowed as he pulled the trigger. His lips slowly moved, muttering the word, ”Goodbye ”


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