One and a half year ago.

In Guangzhou University. The moment the lecturer left the class, the entire class became lively.

Liu Xiuying packed her books and walked out to the class with her bag swung over her shoulder. She didn leave the school premises and walked to the private art galleries. She wasn an art student, but she was interested in art. She had wanted to study art, but her family wasn rich and they had to feed from mouth to mouth.

She wasn a person who was very popular in school. She didn talk much and didn keep friends at all.

She was alone.

When she entered the private art galleries, she saw Hyatts vibrant and colorful work. Starting from the entrance area all the ways to the end of the room.

She was a fan of Hyatts works.

In the year 20XX, Hyatt became a maestro and he had his works bought by influencial and powerful people.

He received the future generations art prize, bucksbaum award, Jameel prize, Hugo boss prize and many more.

No one had seen Hyatt before and if any company wanted to sign a contract with him, they had to meet with his manager.

Liu Xiuying admired and respected him in her heart. She had wanted to buy his artwork, but had no money, so she took several pictures of his works and printed them out, keeping them in her home.

Liu Xiuying raised her head and looked at the painting above her head.

In the dark night, the shadow of a little girl could be seen clearly, only her back drawn out. Her dark, long wavy hair seemed to be dancing along with the wind. The figure seemed gloomy as she stood in the dark night.

Liu Xiuying had always felt like she was in every of his paintings.

The weather hadn been good recently in Guangzhou. When Liu Xiuying walked out of the school, it started drizzling. She was already used to taking the public bus and didn have the habit of carrying an umbrella, so she could only quicken her pace and started jogging.

By the time she ran out of the private art galleries, the rain was getting heavier.

Left with no other choice, she could only stand under a porch roof to hide from the rain for a while.

She was wearing a white shirt and a wine skirt with a pair of black shoes. As the cold breeze blew, her skirt swayed slightly like the layers of soft waves. The rain was too heavy to make out her features, but her legs were slender and pale.

Liu Xiuying rubbed her palm against her long and slender arms, trying to make her body feel warm. She lifted her gaze and stared at the Guangzhous sky. The cold breeze continuously hitting her already paled, yet beautiful face.

She gritted her teeth.

At this moment, her phone rang. She rummaged for her phone in her handbag, brought it out to answer the call.

”Mom… ”

By the time Liu Xiuying got to her apartment, the rain had just stopped and it was drizzling. She hung her handbag on the bag hanger at the door and bent down to change her shoes into slippers.

She ran her fair fingers through her damp black hair. She entered the bathroom to take a shower before going to the kitchen to make dinner.

After eating dinner, she boiled water for herself, walked to the bedroom with the porcelain black cup filled with hot water. She sat on the chair in the room, setting the cup down on the little desk in front of her.

She turned her head to look out of the window when she heard the growling of the thunder. The rain started pouring down heavily again.

Mixed with the bright and different colors of light decorating Guangzhous night scenery, the world seemed to be very beautiful.

Liu Xiuyings gaze seemed distant.

Her mind was filled with what her mother said over the phone.

Her beautiful hand reached out to her neck, pulling out a beautiful gold necklace with the name, ”Liu Xiuying ” carved on it.

Liu Xiuying closed her eyes, feeling the cold necklace against her fingers.

She picked up her phone and browsed for part-time jobs that paid well. She brought out a pen and a paper from the drawer and began to write down what she found on internet.

When it was quarter past 10 in the night, she stood up and stretched. She turned her head to look out of the window; the rain had stopped pouring down.

She walked towards the bed, bent down to take her reading books and textbooks before seating in the chair again. She tied her already dried hair into a messy bun.

The bright light in the room shone on her face. Her facial features were so beautiful, like she was pulled out of a painting.

The next day, after Liu Xiuying was done with classes, she took a taxi to a government owned hospital in Guangzhou.

She stood in front of the hospital, her head raised up to look at the tall building, her heart beating so fast.

Her hand which had clutched her handbag suddenly gripped tightly onto the bag, her knuckles turning white. After making sure she had controlled her emotions, she raised her legs and walked into the hospital.

Through the transparent glass on the door, Liu Xiuying saw a middle-aged woman dressed in a t-shirt and a baggy pants speak softly to the man lying in a hospital dress on the bed.

The mans face was pale and sickly, but it didn hide his cold and aloof look. The woman seemed to be coaxing the man to eat his food and take his drugs.

Liu Xiuyings grip suddenly tightened on the door knob. Her eyes turned red. She pushed the door opened and walked in. ”Old Liu,mom is right! You should better take your drugs. We all want you to get better and go back home ”

The man and the woman turned their heads to look at the young lady who just spoke. They saw her place her handbag on the chair and walked towards them.

Liu Xiuyings beautiful eyes landed on her father and she smiled, ”Old Liu- ”

The man whom she called Old Liu turned his head and looked away, feeling annoyed, ”Why do all of you treat me like a patient? ”

Liu Xiuying felt helpless. She looked at her mom, signaled to her to leave the matter to her. She looked at her dad and sat on the bed. ”Old Liu, don you know you are not growing younger anymore. Did you not promise me that youd want to hold my arm as you walk me down the aisle on my wedding day? By doing this, are you sure you are going to fulfill your promise? ”

Liu Xiuyings voice cracked as she spoke. It seemed that she was going to break down with every words she said. However, when Old Liu turned his head to look at her, he saw a sweet smile on her face which seemed not to be faked.

His eyes turned red immediately.

He had tried to control his emotions in front of his wife and child, but he couldn after listening to Liu Xiuyings words.

He reached out and stroked her hair affectionately. He said in a deep and matured voice, ”How can dad not want to fulfill his promise? Give me the drug!

Old Liu said in a voice that showed he was tough and serious.

Liu Xiuying signaled to her mother to bring him the drugs lest he changed his mind.

When Liu Xiuying was at the age of 15, Old Liu found out that he was sick, but kept it from his wife. It was later when he fainted in his work place and was rushed to the hospital that he was diagnosed of vasovacal syncope and another disease which needed surgery.

His wife, Qiao Liuli cried day and night, lamenting on how they were going to get money to treat his sickness.

Old Liu, in his early years had always wanted to spoil his wife and child. He worked so hard, making sure they never lacked a thing. However, now he felt useless as his wife was the one working so hard to get money for his treatment.

He didn have the courage to face his wife anymore and always proved that he was alright and strong. He didn have the money to send Liu Xiuying to a prestigious school, but he made sure she lacked nothing while still on his sick bed.

He gave everything to Liu Xiuying,not making her think of getting a part time job. His heart felt warm and comfortable when he thought of how his wife and child had supported him and given him strength to fight for his life.

He felt blissful!

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