The Demon Lord Is Now A Cat?! (GL)

Chapter 7: The witch and the demon lord\'s bride.

Chapter 6: Unlimited Card holds much power.

Geoffrey had to recollect his thoughts after being teleported with his Master near a small fountain with several house rows over a mall. ”Master, pardon me for our traveling was brief however… how did you get a bride when I was away? ”

Azel, the demon lord looked at her human servant a little embarrassed to say.

”The heavens have appointed a human to be my wife, a messenger by the almighty has warned me of what to come. ”

The heavens?

The heavens for sakes?!

”H-Have you met your bride or have seen her? ” (Geoffrey) asks and the demon lord nods. Remember those curly brown hair and caramel eyes that you couldn help but being pulled into like a whirlpool in the deep ocean sea.

The same features as the human Mistress she served before. It gave her a conflicting feeling that the heavens above gave her someone who looked like her milady. ”I have and shes quite alright. ”

She pictured her bride in a little white gown and with a wide smile calling her name.

It made her cheeks red to the flush, but quickly she shakes her head and turns her attention back to her servant.

”Quite alright… Master, you
e going to need to tell me more details than that. When is marriage? Does she know shes the demon lords bride? Will she move in or will you move out instead? ” (Geoffrey) frantically pulls out a notebook and waits for his master to answer so he could note it all, afraid of forgetting all the details hell need because of old age.

”W-We need to invite guests, the plates, actually how do demons perform a ritual ceremony of marriage- ” he continues to ramble on. The Demon Lord looks bites her lip actually not knowing how demons prepare their marriages.

Despite being the ruler of them all, its just- shes on the top ranking of everything.

The demons measure their ranking by strength.

A former human turned into a demon.

The original true born demons by blood hated her for being strong, and only a few decided to pick fights with her. Fortunately, there are a few who she became good friends with not knowing what to do on her first visit to the demon realm.

Mostly everyone wanted her head but… she was just far too strong. The heavens up above blessed her too much that it ended up like this. Out of control, and she overthrew the old Demon Lord with sheer force taking the title.

However, she refused the duties of a demon lord and preferred to laze around in her house and gave up the title soon enough to another demon whos second rank to the power.

Now the demons really hated her so much for not accepting.

They can pick a struggle. They want her to be their ruler for being strong, yet they hate her for being a human in her past.

”I have never been invited to any demon weddings so… I am unsure. I also never studied demon culture despite being like this… I just know it involves human sacrifices but that was a long time ago- Im not so sure if they still do it now. ” (Azel) explains to Geoffrey who sighs, taking it down on his notes.

He hoped that tradition about human sacrifices has changed because thats immoral and illegal to do. He knows that his Master in kinder once you get to know her, ”If you don mind Master we can still do the wedding using human tradition. If your bride is human she might even be more comfortable doing so. Actually, we should ask for her opinion on the matter. ”

The old man chatted happily but thats the thing- the girl is not aware of what was happening.

”She actually doesn know… shes the demon lords bride. ” (Azel) closes her eyes and awkwardly looks away thinking of what shell do. ”Not to mention… Shes just a student taking her studies in a university. I don think her mind will be set for marriage at the moment- ”

”Master this is… ! ” (Geoffrey) covers his mouth in worry and panic flings into his face. ”W-We can let you marry an underaged girl- Did you ask for her age- ”

”I didn … ” (Azel) honestly answered and the old man almost fainted right there on the spot.

”Master you should always ask a ladys age at some point- you told me shes a student at a university but-! ” he scolds the demon lord with the tone of a worried grandfather, however it would be funny to think this small baby from before would become a nagging old man.

”I assure you shes probably an adult, shes working at some shop and those usually hire adults. Im not committing any crimes here. Cease your worries, Geoffrey. ” (Azel) orders her servant to do so and he follows but still not believing that his master that he has been serving for almost all his life is finally getting a girlfriend!

He thought she was destined to be single forever but no-!

Now the Demon Lord can finally have someone by her side!

”Master, don worry well get things that will certainly impress your bride! Youngsters like materialistic things like my grandchildren say. They would rather marry someone rich than poor at first glance. ” (Geoffrey) raises his hand to stop a taxi guiding the demon lord to a nearby mall to get the things theyll be needing. ”And Master, your good looks are already a plus. Surely your bride will find you irresistible after this. ”

”I will be in your care as always, Geoffrey. ” (Azel) smiles thankfully at her servant who excitedly pays the driver with a card and tells him to go to the mall.

Digital currency is truly amazing. You don need to bring cash, you can just swipe your card like magic and youll be paid! Before it was either coins, trading by items or jewels.

The ride was particularly fast, the taxi driver waves his goodbye courteously at the demon lord finding her really beautiful and even asked for her number. ”I don have a number. ” she replied back and the young driver clicked his tongue looking back at the driveway.

She heard him say, ”Really pretty but cheap. ”

”… ”

That certainly didn sit well with her and she proceeded to snap her two fingers with grace, ”H-Huh?! ” The taxi driver looked outside in his window and saw his tires making weird noises.

Swishhh Bfffft!

It was the sound of the car tire suddenly having holes and it was now turning flat. ”Oh no! No! Come on not now I don have a spare tire with me! ” he quickly gets outside and looks at the damage. Not too far away from them, there was apparently a nest of nails lying on the ground.

Where did those come from?! What utter bad luck!

The Demon Lord felt her first taxi experience horrible for this experience of being hit on. She would hope there are still some sensible drivers out there who don flirt with their passengers. Back in her day- if one would even flirt with a passenger they would have their finger cut off.

Well… only because she saw it beforehand when a carriage driver was trying to flirt with the lady she was serving.

Geoffrey was already outside huffing his chest in anger but he couldn tell the young man himself to keep his advances to himself. He knew that his Master will find a way to make his day problematic in a lot of ways.

A flat tire is certainly one of them.

”Ugh… come on I had a party to go to later. ” he curses the car and kicks it a little feeling so pissed that this happened.

Azel looks down on the human and her eyes seem to have glowed a light green color before chanting a curse, ”The whole day youll be cursed to have bad luck ahead of you. Only when the sun sleeps and wakes anew will it be lifted. ” when the chanting was over she smiled, her eyes no longer glowing, continuing to look away at the pathetic human before her in disgust.

”Human, always watch your words to people you don know. Who knows what bad luck theyll bring if you
e not too careful. ”

With that she leaves the young man looking at that weird chick like she was crazy. Are all girls like that nowadays?! Now he has to call up the car company or one of his buddies to lend him a tire and fix it.

”Mreow… ”

”Huh? Where did you come from? ”

A black cat wags her tail looking at the young man with his broken flat tire. She grins, nuzzling his nose into the taxi car. It might look adorable and even the young man thought so- ”Hold on kitty! I need to take you on Mewtube! People nowadays are so obsessed with cats for some reason, aw man this will get me tons of views- ” he takes his phone out of his pockets but to his surprise it slips from his hands and falls flat onto the concrete floor of the highway.

”Nooo! My phone! ” He bent over to see the damage and saw that the whole screen was cracked. Now he was almost crying in pain, he has money to fix it but that money- he was supposed to use it to get more crystals in his new gacha game hes been addicted to! ”Wait, how am I going to get out of here if I can call anyone for help! ”

”Mreow… Purrr… ” the black cat continues to nuzzle its nose into the other car tire that wasn flat until-

Swishhh Bfffft!

The other tire pops up and at this point everyone was looking at the driver pitifully. Not for the demon lord though, anyone who tries to pursue her will have their day ruined badly.

The young man kneeled to the ground and wondered why is all this happening to him?!

”The curse Ive placed on him will only last for a day and the bad luck hell be having are just minor inconveniences. He should consider himself lucky its not for an eternity that will be passed on from generation to generation of his kin. ” she mutters to herself never looking back at the pitiful site of a human kneeling in question.

”Truly you are kind, Master. I wouldve cursed him for a month for what he even did! ” (Geoffrey) raises his cane up in the air in anger but softened once he remembered that his Master needed materialistic things to impress his bride.

”I have no experience in pursuing someone but I have always been told clothes gives the best first impression you could ever do. Perhaps this will help on our shopping trip today? ” (Geoffrey) advised the old demon, thinking deeply.

Back when she was still a maid she had no good reason to dress up fancily for someone other than… actually never mind. Shes going to need new clothes!

”We would browse any wares this… modern mall has. I would like it if you would show me how to use the card you gave me as well, Geoffrey. ” (Azel) takes out her own credit card and stares at it in amazement one more time.

Due to her happy demeanor and excitement to shop.

Not all the people around her have been struck with horrible luck and just been met with united shoelaces or missing coins or oh dear my pen is missing problems.

”Certainly, Master. ” (Geoffrey) smiles walking around with his cane with the demon lord in tow. He also made note to text one of his children to make some new identity for the demon lord just in case she needed it.

Shell be taking on their family name at the moment which is considered highly one of the most powerful family tycoons in business!

Ding dong!

The two of them looked up curiously at the sudden alarm going off, the ones that notify the staff when someone has entered their store. Many security guards were also patrolling and when they saw the two having shabby clothes they immediately asked, ”G-Grandpa are you lost? ”

”No… I came here to shop with my- grandchild here. ” he turns to the demon lord who nods in understanding. She has forgotten how to blend like a human in this era. It might be better if she sticks to Geoffrey because she has no idea what to do and the clothes she was wearing right now were rather shabby and old.

A hundred years old and in good condition at this point.

”O-Oh! ” One of the staff ladies looks up and down at the demon lord inspecting her. Sure she was admired by the charming face but it looked like she can afford any of the things inside of the store! ”Would you like to go to our um… sale section? ” the staff lady asks, seeming so innocently but honestly she just wanted the two slum looking people gone out of her store.

Shes mostly betting that theyll just browse the wares and not buy anything anyways.

Geoffrey raised his eyebrows at the staff lady and was angry at the people in service today. First it was the taxi driver, now this staff lady?! How horrible!

”No! My Mas- I mean my grandchild deserves the best there is and I would like to see your most expensive phone there is. Well be taking it. ” (Geoffrey) stood her ground and made the demon lord proud.

She still remembers the ever so shy servant from when she was young.

Now hes old, wise and his fighting spirit is still strong.

”Im sorry for assuming but… do you both have enough money for it? ” The staff ladys smile seemed polite but it felt like they were looking down on them.

Azel felt like cursing this lady in front of her but for now she decides to calm herself down and steps forward with her credit card in hand and slowly raises it up for the staff lady to see. ”I have this card that should be able to pay for us. My family just gave it to me after I turned… into an adult. ”

The staff lady widened her eyes staring at the card the demon lord was holding. ”T-Thats a black diamond platinum card-! ” she steps back a few moments trying to collect her thoughts that she just insulted one potential rich customer in the mall!

Azel felt uncomfortable, because that was the most horrible lie she used but she went with it.

Geoffrey felt like joining in on the fun and even gave some twists on his Masters story. ”Don you know who we are?! We
e part of the Hua Lin family! ” he slams his cane into the ground with high authority.

It made the demon lord smile, she rarely went out with Geoffrey so this was another new experience for her.

”H-Hua Lin family?! I-Im so sorry! Let me show you to our private collection instead. We even have electronics that have several collaborations by many celebrities and games like yenshin impact or Kibg! The staff lady in front of them was now even more guilty and cursing at herself for judging a book by its cover but in this case-!

Judging someone based on their clothes.

Seeing the flustered panicking face of the arrogant human in front of her, Azel crossed her arms and scoffed. ”No need to show. Well take them all. Whatever you have. I want them all. You could even include this sale section you mention of. ” she yawns tiredly realizing the power she holds with this card.

”S-Seriously? Y-Youll buy all of them? Like! Everything in the store?! ” she still couldn believe it. They were rich- rich? All the items in the store would cost more than a hundred thousand dollars!

The demon lord eyed her like she was wasting her time. ”Did I stutter? ” she crossed her arms and pulled out the most badass smile she rarely uses. ”I could change my mind and just go to another store, remember. You
e not the only one here I could buy over. ”

The credit card seemed to be limitless after all.

”R-Right! Ill get the other people to pack everything youll need! ” she ruffles on about and in a panic telling her how the whole store products were just bought by one person from the Hua Lin family and everyone went into panic mode.

Usually they don let anyone buy more than one device- but if its someone from the Hua Lin family they must or else! ”Quick! Pack that Laptop neatly! We need to tell our boss that one of the Hua Lin people came and ordered everything! ”

Geoffrey smiled ever so proudly at their work but realized they probably need a huge truck or something to carry all of these. Certainly they have gone and gotten carried away. ”Master Ive forgotten. We probably need a place to store all of these things. ”

He takes his cane and gestures to all the things theyve bought.

Azel hums for a moment, definitely not taking that part into consideration but well shes a smart cat and will use anything given to her if needed. ”How much for a house in this area? ” she asks her servant who didn know the answer as well.

The staff who overheard this almost dropped their expensive goods and cursed at rich peoples carefree attitude by just saying, how much is a house?!

Now they wanted to shove the laptop up her face!

Thank you to my patreun!


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