The Demon Lord Is Now A Cat?! (GL)

Chapter 3: I\'m not your lady!

t name. ”

Slaves were not allowed to have last names. She could only go by her first name that was given to her by her grandfather… Isabella stared at her in confusion but she explained thoroughly. ”I don have a family. I was too young to know and I was left alone. ” (Azel) looks away, biting her lip.

How naïve of her. Just because she had the same face of her mistress before- she… felt like she could tell her anything. Isabella didn know what to properly react or say in the situation so she just trusted her gut in this. ”I see… You know um… your name is really pretty. ”

Azels heart thumped once more, it felt like it was about to leap out of her chest. Not only was her figure and face the same but her voice too. It was soft and clear, when she complimented her name she reminisced about the past. Even if things were tough and their relationship was destroyed by an arranged marriage they had their happy moments together.

Azel was also glad that the matter of the bricks falling down was soon forgotten because Isabellas priority was her little sister.


Knowing that this girl was not the same person, her heart turned cold immediately and decided to focus on the task at hand, noticing the daycare building was closed. In front of it was a little girl looking worried while a daycare teacher was trying to calm her down. ”M-My big sister has never been late! Where is she? ”

The teacher patted her head and assured that her big sister called and was on her way to pick her up. Isabella noticed the small figure of Emily and immediately ran towards her, enveloping her in an embrace. ”Emily! You
e okay! ” (Isabella)

”Isa! You
e late! ” the small girl kicked her knee before reciprocating the hug. ”I-I was the only kid left, you know! I thought you weren coming back for me… ” (Emily) muttered feeling happy now that her sister came.

”Thank you for coming Ms. Insley. Im so glad you got here before the daycare closed. ” the teacher smiled politely, waving goodbye to her student. ”See you tomorrow! ”

Emily waved with her huge smile that showed her incomplete teeth but that just made her really adorable. ”Bye! Bye! Mrs. Lina! Im going home now bye! Byeee! ” (Emily)

Azel watched the two reconnect and feeling her heart moved she smiled. Isabella found out that the mysterious beauty from this morning had actually waited for her to finish picking up Emily. ”Oh! Im finished picking up my sister now… you can um… ” (Isabella) told her while the other girl shook her head.

”No, I will not be at ease until you both are safe when you get home. ” (Azel) told her honestly and waited for Isabella to lead the way.

Emily on the other hand was holding her big sisters arm protectively not knowing who Azel was. ”Hey you! Who are you? ” (Emily) gave her a suspicious look and the five-year-old seemed curious as well. Her sister never had pretty friends like her ever!

Azel bent down a little to meet Emily and answered seriously. ”From now on Im her protector, your big sisters protector. ” she wanted to add the bride part but she shouldn tell that to a child who probably wouldn understand just yet.

Actually… Did she even get the right girl?

No, of course she shouldve! Why else would she look like her lady Cordelia?!

Emily gasped in surprise seeing the stranger in a cool first impression. ”Big sister has a bodyguard now?! Cool! Will you also protect me too?! ” she asked enthusiastically.

Azel nodded seriously to Emily. ”You are her sister. I would promise to protect you as well. ”

Isabella heard everything and covered half of her face with her hand and pulled her sister away from Azels piercing gaze. ”Em! Don ask weird things like that! S-Shes just- ”

What is she actually exactly?

”Shes just someone who helped big sister today. ” (Isabella) bites her lip remembering the falling bricks… she never got the chance to ask her how she did it but maybe that was just a coincidence? ”So come on Em don make her uncomfortable. ”

Azel smiles and fixes her posture enjoying the look of her face right now. ”I am keeping my promise, milady Cordelia- I mean… ” she stops her words realizing she said the wrong name. ”Isabella. ”

Isabella blinked a few times and frowned. ”I am not anyones lady. Come on, Emily! ”

Azel didn understand… she called her by her real name at the end so why did she look rather mad? She kept quiet at the back while Emily talked and talked like there was no tomorrow.

Apparently their home was really close, Azel felt relieved but for some reason she felt something weird. Her eyes widened in realization looking at Isabella- for a whole half hour of walking they passed by some humans who didn get affected by her bad luck!

What the hell?

What happened? Is her curse finally gone? Or is it because Isabella was just near her presence- no back at the shop she almost fell over some cardboard boxes but she saved her so would that count as bad luck or good luck?

”Azel? Hello? ” (Isabella) called out to the beauty that seemed to have a lot of things on her mind.

”Yes? ” she snaps out of her trance once more and looks straight at her caramel brown eyes. Emily seemed to be impatient, wanting to go home as fast as possible but Isabella urged her sister to behave.

”You don need to accompany us anymore. Our small apartment is right there. ” she points at an almost run down apartment and bows slightly.

”T-Thank you for everything. ” (Isabella) said her face was getting shy so she turned around not looking back. ”Be safe on your way home! Bye! ”

Azel seemed to garner no other expression so it remained neutral. When she walked around once more in the human streets, the bad luck came again. This occurrence has rendered her thinking about Isabella for the whole night until she got home.

Thank you to my *******!


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