The Demon Lord Is Now A Cat?! (GL)

Chapter 2: The Bride of The Demon Lord (2)

Chapter 1: The Bride of the Demon Lord.

How many years has it been since she watched that man take her beloved Cordelia away? How many times she cursed and swore the same horrible luck would run on to generations to come in his family.

Perhaps its been hundreds of years. The new generation of his descendants might have been innocent to the sins he committed… so she lessened the punishment and now they
e only a little bankrupt.

The demon lord was stuck to her current form, a human with an ear and tail for a cat. It was utterly inconvenient to sleep for the past years but shes grown accustomed to it. The almighty deity might have given her the curse of immortality to pay for what shes done but to her, it was all worth it.

Cling… cling…

The bell she used to ring in order to summon her services was now turned into a ball she can place at the middle of her cursed collar. It ringed as she stretched her body like a cat.

”Mnn… I don like Mondays. ” (Azel), the former slave that served a aristocratic family back in England was now living in a provincial state where she could be alone. A small cottage house full of vintage trinkets to which was obviously collected and put to care with how they were neatly cleaned and with no speck of dust in sight.

It was cramped but just the way she liked it… it felt like home.

Her favorite thing she owned… was a portrait of her master, Lady Cordelia.

After she died she feared that she would forget what her first love would look like after hundreds of years, so she commissioned a portrait with the last of her salary before being turned into a demon. By that time, she was not acquainted with her form and was not able to hide her ears and tail so she ordered it through letter and left the money in his doorsteps.

Of course she left a reference for the artist to study and now she was given one of the wonderful pieces of art no one could ever take away from her. Not again.

”Good morning, milady. I hope you
e having a wonderful morning. ” she smiles fondly at her master reaching out to the frame before dusting the portrait making sure it was clean as a whistle.

After cleaning she just liked to sleep and do nothing on most days… like what a cat would do. She has heard that some humans are envious of cats, how they wish they could be them so they could do nothing but sleep, eat and judge people when they walk in front of their view.

”Hmm. ” (Azel) yawns tiringly, taking a piece of yesterdays bread while she opens her window to let the air in.


A flying broom immediately whizzed just by her stopping right at the moment, a girl with bright pink hair giggles at the sight of her neighbor who groans at the sight of the witch so she closes the window once more.


She bursts open the window once more and enters pointing at the tired demon lord who just wants her peace. ”Hey there little cat~ so are you going to reconsider my offer on being my familiar? ” she parks her broom outside the window and enters the demon lords domain.

”Witch. I am not here to be anyones familiar or slave. So if you don want to have a hundred year curse of bad luck, you best be going. ” (Azel) warns the girl and shifts her hand pointed at the broom.

In motion the broom went to the direction Azel wished and flew right inside and into the girls hand. ”Leave, I won be as merciful as the next warning I give. ” she warns the girl who crosses her arms refusing to leave. It was such a bad time when her servant was away, he couldn send this little witch in her stead.

”But I need you to become my familiar! Come on! My witch advisers told me you were the strongest demon there was! ” The witch stomped her feet, such bravery yet such stupidity and ignorance to demand for the demon lord to give up her freedom and service to a little girl that would never be worthy. ”Did you know how hard it was to fly from here? Why didn you ever like to buy a closer home? I do like the cottage core vibes and how clean this is but you look so lonely- ”

She continued to rant and the other party was not having it. Azel was quick to open the door, the moment she did she was back at her once peaceful homeland.

It was magic- teleporting from one place to another as long as she has been there, the cat can pounce. Instead of a small village it was now a small bustling city running out and about.

Shops with glass, concrete stone and had a modern outlook to their aesthetic.

”This place has changed a lot after hundreds of years. ” she muttered to herself while making her cat features disappear. It went poof! She was already wearing clothes fit for the era so she can remain undetected or not being a human.

Humans might take interest in her ability for immortality, how annoying. She doesn want humans following her every trace so she rarely goes out but… after that little incident with the witch she couldn sleep in peace anymore.

Honk! Honk!

Azels attention turned off the noise and noticed the honking cars in the middle of the street.

Before all this technology they used horses as the best breeds, from expensive carriages made from expensive hardwood and mules or the means of walking in order to travel.

Now it was overly crowded by humans that drive cars that honked loudly onto the streets and to think theyve also achieved the inventions to be able to fly!

My, if the people back then saw the advancement they have made surely they would yell witchcraft! In every direction. Science was another matter often misunderstood as sorcery.

Azel walked and with her hands on the pockets of her pants. With her look from the long dark hair flowing behind her back, emerald green eyes and pale skin everyone who would take a look at her would think shes definitely a model- ”Ow my shoe! It broke! ” a teenage girl full of makeup and an expensive handbag complained taking a look at her shoe, it appears that her heel has left her and was left dangling.

”M-My coin! I lost my coin! ” a kid leans over to the ground trying to find his coin to put in a vending machine.

”Kyah! A wind blew my papers away! ” a woman held her skirt letting go of her papers after Azel had some distance with her then the wind stopped. She hurriedly ran for the important looking papers before sighing.

”Come back here you mutt! Ugh! Of all the unlucky days! ” a man shouted chasing after a dog with his sandwich while Azel ran past him giving a quick glance before going on her way.

Unlucky days, only because she was walking there. No other human knows that whenever shes in a neutral mood small bad things will happen to the people around her but nothing that could hurt them, if shes in an angry state its possible to bring death to a person around her… and if shes happy?

She hasn really been happy all these years of roaming. When she did though… lets just say it was a rare occurrence and she doesn want to talk about it.

”Meow. ”

”? ”

Azel looked down on her foot and saw a black cat similar to her aesthetic. The cat tilts her head and the demon lord smiles offering her hand to the adorable yet evil creature. ”Mreow. ”

The cat called out to the demon lord bowing in her presence. In that one sentence, she told the demon lord of her pain and the need for food to provide for her litter. The demon lord is a busy person- someone who has their own agenda of either cleaning, reading or sleeping around all day in her home.

Giving mercy… to something shes been cursed with.


She stops remembering that her lady adored cats, and would be incredibly sad if she knew a cat called out to her and she refused to help.

”Hmph. Get on. ” (Azel) ordered and seeing that the cat understood what she said, she climbs up to her head and settles on her shoulder.

”Meow! ”

”Mreow! ”

”Meow? ”

Almost a dozen cats noticed the commotion and started following the demon lord who put one of her hands in her pockets and the other was holding the cat that climbed her shoulder for safety.

Azel talked to the cat by communicating with its mind. She can only read what animals can say and she heard from these hungry litter that they wanted food and had been trash dumping for days. ”Are you all going with me? ” she asks the other cats who were following behind.

Not even an hour and she already formed her own cat army.

”Purr… ”

The soft vibrations of the purr made Azels body relaxed herself and couldn help but scratch the head of the cat that was dangling in her shoulder. ”Im not sure what kind of currency todays era takes. Im sure I can still make a bargain with the store owner if you all behave outside. ”

Azel replies to the cat who was coaxing her to buy food for them all.

She tried finding a pet shop that was open in the area, the other cats still followed her and crowds were starting to form trying to take a video of the cuties following one person who might we add- really attractive while she walked in sync with the cats.

Crack! Crack!

”What?! M-My phone just broke! Oh no! ”

”Isn your phone really expensive?! Like those pineapple phones? ”

”Yeah and it just- cracked I was taking a video of them! I didn press hard on it or anything… ”

”I tried taking a video too but my phone fell into a sewer… What bad luck. ”

Azel has heard their countless whispers, and to the people who wanted to come up close and introduce themselves their legs were left trembling and an unknown shiver passed through their body as if telling them to not get close.

The people followed their instinct and just decided to leave the mysterious girl alone with the long line of adoring cats behind her.

”It seems we have arrived at this… pet shop. This is where humans get food for you? ” (Azel) asked her cat companion, who was resting on her neck comfortably. The cat nodded and the demon lord was hesitant to go inside… for this type of store was still unfamiliar.

She has seen countless changes in humanity, but not once did she try interacting with it herself. She moved forward into the shop and was a little surprised-

Ding! Dong!

The door opened and slid apart, the cold air and cat food scent waft her nose. She could also smell dried fish not too far away, I suppose she was in the right place. ”Mreow. ”

The cat urged her to hurry up and Azel complied. She walked into the aisles and her brows furrowed when she reached for a tuna can. It appears there are more brands and kinds of food for cats- she doesn know what to choose. ”Right… which one would you all like? ”

She didn only turn her attention to the cat on her neck but to all the dozen cats that were following her before. They all meowed and listed all the things that they wanted. ”Meow! Meow! Mreow! ”

A staff member from the back heard the commotion and gasped taking a few steps back because she had never seen this many cats before- accidentally she almost fell onto a few cardboard boxes but our demon lord felt her bad luck coming and immediately held the girl by her arm.

The girl blinks for a few moments feeling her face turn red for the person in front of her was really pretty even if there was a cat hanging on her neck.

Actually it made her even more attractive.

”A-Are these cats all yours? ” she turns to the cats inside the shop and gains her balance once more.

The staff lady had her hair hidden behind a thick hat and she was wearing sunglasses so she couldn see her eyes. She also had a mask covering her face. Usually the reason for this is the person was sick and it was considered rude if you went to work sick and was not wearing a mask it might spread.

Azel sniffed the air for a moment, the staff ladys scent… it was familiar but she could just be wrong.

”No. They are not mine but they told me they are hungry. ” (Azel) replied casually giving a look at the staff. ”Do I grab anything I need here? ”

”Yes um just grab a basket here- ” she takes the plastic carrier and gives it to the alluring woman who nods in thanks while the cats follow her around the shop.

The staff tilted her head, trying to remember if there was a cat limit inside. Pets are definitely allowed inside but- she wasn sure if strays were included.

Azel on the other hand was busy taking in a bunch of tuna cans and cat food checking the prices before dropping it into the basket. ”Meow… ” a cat behind her gently presses her paws into her cheek before pointing at an expensive brand.

”That one? ” (Azel) grabs one before throwing it beside the others. The other isles were either full of toys, pet carriers, pet feeds and on the other side you can even see some other pets on sale.

Azel talked to the other pets who were in the cage if they desired freedom.

The animals in the cage were rather spoiled and lazy. Except for a golden retriever dog who was just walking in circles in her cage, excited to be bought so she can play with a human.

Uninterested Azel walked where she came from and found the modern looking counter.

She came across the lady she was talking to before and she turned to the basket noticing it was full. ”W-Will that be all? Maam? ” the lady asked.

Azel placed the things she wanted into the table and nodded. The staff lady was diligent in scanning the prices every time an item went through it went with a beep! It was truly a satisfying sound- she was really engrossed in it.

Like a cat, Azel watched the tuna cans moved from left to right.

Beep! Beep!

The other cats joined her as well, patiently waiting for the staff lady to finish. ”Mreow… ” one cat tried smacking the tuna cans but Azel gently took the cat and placed it over her head instead.

The lady in front was just finding the whole thing weird but- it was cute.

”Your total is this much… ” the staff lady points at the total to be almost ranging at a hundred dollars. Azel takes something out of her pockets and reveals a few gold coins that were in good condition.

”Will this be enough? ” she shows the staff lady and the teenager who knew nothing looking around in a panic shaking her head.

”Im sorry maam! I- Um! Is that real gold?! ” she covers her mouth and takes a closer look at the coins that were in Azels palms.

”Yes. It should be enough to cover all this. I heard that gold in this era is expensive. I even heard that humans these days like to collect old things. Rest assured, these are older than King Henry III. ” (Azel) flaunts the few coins she was losing. She has a thousand more in her home anyways.

”I-I… Ill go and pack all of these things then- just making sure… are these real gold? ”

”Do you think Im a gold inspector? These would cost millions in auction. Take it or leave it. ” she pushes it more and the teenager bit her lip under her mask, her brain fighting over what to do.

Gold coins that were probably worth millions?

Or should it be fake… and she could lose a hundred bucks.

”Ill take it. Ill pay for the cat food with my own money. ” the staff lady takes the coins carefully, putting it in her pockets before placing the canned tuna in a brown paper bag. ”T-Thank you for your purchase. ” she handed the paper bag over and the cats behind her cheered.

Azel didn look behind her, she was even annoyed that the human would question her words about the coin not being gold.

They all hid in an alleyway. Where Azel pried open the tuna cans and the other cats thanked her for her kindness. They were just lucky her old master loved cats dearly, Azel thought.

Azel left momentarily after thinking her work was done. Just as she got out she heard an old woman snicker staring at her. It was peculiar- Azel glared at the woman noticing that her bad luck was not affecting her.

She must not be human herself.

”How nice of you, great lord of demons. ” the old woman beckons her over with her hand waving to get closer. She has a small table with a crystal ball in the middle and several tarot cards scattered all over.

”Who are you? And how do you know of me. ” Azel didn move on her stop but soon she found herself trapped. If she gets too angry- or her emotions unstable the other humans would suffer severe injuries.

”Now now… Im here sent by the almighty… they said youve been single for too long and they picked out a bride for you. ” the old lady clapped with her hands sounding so joyous about the news. Its almost been a thousand years after all! After creating many havoc and chaos- now she can have a peaceful life with someone she can be with!

A bride?

A bride?!

”What do you mean- by a bride?! Listen here human- I am someone who brings bad luck to others- I don need a bride! ” (Azel) grumpily sits down and immediately a bird flies past them and it poops, it lands on the crystal ball.

The old lady grimaced, taking a napkin and wiping it off. ”Please calm down. Your bad luck is truly horrifying to have. ”

”Ill have another bird flying to land its execrations on your clothes next if you don start talking. ” she threatens the old lady who rolls her eyes and gives the news.

”Youll meet your bride the moment youll hear a voice calling for help. Someone with a mark by the shoulder, the blade of your old beloved was met and someone who will free you of your chains. ” the lady scoffs saying the line. ”It was a rather cheesy message from the almighty. Who knew youll be a free spirit after marriage? ”

A free spirit? After marriage?

How a dream it would be- but as if shell believe a random woman on the street. What if this was some random demons ploy on toying with her. Azel couldn help but hold the collar on her neck…

”Im not ready to have a bride. I am not suited to have one anyways. Mind you I am the lord of demons, if you toy with me. Ill make sure youll cease to walk this very earth. ” she stands up from her seat and faces the old woman with a threatening glare.

”That might be, but the verdict has been decided. The almighty has decided on your faith. I am no one but their follower. ” the old lady points behind her. Azel swiftly turns around to where the old woman was pointing only to find out she was pointing at nonsense after all!

”You- ” the moment she turned to punish the old lady all her things was gone. Her table, the crystal ball and even her presence was nowhere to be found.

It made the demon lord terrified for once.

A bride?

Such utter hogwash. If theres one thing shes sure about is that shell never ever get married. Whatever the almighty has laid upon her path, calling it faith she refuse to play her part.

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