The Demon Lord Is Now A Cat?! (GL)

Chapter 5: The Demon Lord and a Lokia Pro.

be back once I conjure another anti-bad luck charm! Ill take a while but if you have a phone by the time I come back I might give you Isabellas phone number! ” she waves at Azel who flies off into the sun.

Azel tilts her head in confusion, ”Whats a phone… number? ”


Azel sits around her house for days wondering when will the witch come back and finally explain to her what a phone number is. ”Why is she taking so long to make a charm? Its quite simple… ”

And not only does she miss the witchs presence but her trusty loyal servant as well.

Surely one of these fine days her servant would go back to this place…

Knock! Knock! Knock!

”Speak of the devil. ” The demon lord stands up walking towards the door and opens it. She could see a short old man with a long white mustache on his chin. He was smiling happily while holding a lot of bags. ”Geoffrey, welcome back. ”

The old man bows to his contractor with a smile. ”Master. Im back from my long journey in the city. Thank you for allowing me to spend some time in the family before I go back to serving you once more. ”

Azel nodded, helping her servant with the bags and asked, ”In your room? ”

”Master, no need to help this servant of yours. ” (Geoffrey) worriedly looks at his master trying to catch up to her but it was to no avail. He was rather old and weak, the demon lord would lose face if she let an old man carry all these things by herself inside the house.

Shes a little mad that she hasn noticed his presence in her domain.

Anything that comes inside the barrier she would detect really easily but… shes been distracted lately by the thought of her new bride. ”No… I want to carry these things and I need to ask you a few questions after, Geoffrey. ”

Geoffrey perks up curiously at the words of his master. Usually one should be asleep or she should be reading a book right about now but why is it that shes out and about?

”Yes master. Anything that you wish to know I will answer. ” (Geoffrey) takes his cane and enters inside the demon lords lair.

Azel quickly puts all his servants belongings in place of his spacious room and comes back to their house living room. Many vintage sofas, tables and chairs that were made in the 1800s were in good condition.

Geoffrey, the old butler of hers sat down at the sofa due to the uneasy feeling of pain at his back. ”Ah… Master, what is it that you need to ask of this one? ” he smiles at the demon lord. Remembering his years, almost all his life was meant to serve the demon in front of him.

”Do you have a phone I could have? ” she asks the old man who made a confused face.

”Pardon me, Master. A phone? ” he couldn help but blink a few times. Not once has his master became interested in modern technology.

What happened in the few weeks he was away?

”I… do have a phone, Master. However… its quite old. ” (Geoffrey) takes out an old Lokia Phone Pro. It was so thick, nothing like the thin phone the pink haired witch had before. The transparent screen keyboard was no more- it had buttons that you had to press. ”Here. ”

He offers it to the demon lord who accepts it gratefully but squints in confusion.

”I see… this is very old. The witch that visited me seemed to have… different ones with floating images and floating letters you can type. It is very thin as well. ” she inspects the phone more properly and sighs.

The old version of the phone seemed to be working properly but for some reason she can forget about the phone the witch had.

”I… need the new ones. It looks… cool. ” she says while looking down at the floor. ”With the floating thing… ”

The old man laughs seeing the demon lord in such a state. It was like a little child asking for candy. ”Master, its available in city stores if youd want. I can go get it for you. ” (Geoffrey) stands up from his seat, holding the cane but Azel shakes her head.

”I can go buy it myself. I just need whatever currency they use right now. ” by the mention of currency. The old man takes a black card out of his pocket and gives it to the demon lord. ”Master, this is the money of your share from our company. Everything you need to pay with, you just have to swipe it with this. ”

Azel takes the black card out of his hands. ”This little square card have money inside? ” she asks her Servant not believing such a tiny little thing would contain coins and bills!

”Yes, Master. It has money inside and of course you can use that money- but this cards money is infinite due to the success and luck youve given our family. We
e forever in debt. ” (Geoffrey) bows his head a little in respect and Azel looks at her door.

She needs a guide on the new human era.

”Geoffrey, accompany me on buying things from my old city. Things that todays generation would think are cool and such. ” (Azel) takes her hand and lets out one of her sharp claws.

”Youd let this old man accompany you, Master? ” he walks towards the same door from before.

Taking the sharp nail, she cuts her arm and draws a circle on the door with a few more engravings. It took a few more minutes before the blood circle of teleportation worked, soon it glowed and even a small breeze could be felt under the door.

”Hold my hand and don let go. Well teleport together. ”

The old man rested his hands onto the demon lords palms and smiled. ”Its the first time in a while that you
e going out in years, Master. ”

Azel looked at her servant and couldn help but furrowed her eyebrows in place. ”Geoffrey… I have a bride now. Thats why I need… to look decent the next time I meet her by chance. ”

The old man held his heart feeling a heart attack incoming but stopped and yelled. ”Wait what?! Master, you
e getting a bride?! ”

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