cidence? Then why does she always do a few things that apparently seduce him…

Ye Li Xiao looked at Xing Luo with deep eyes.
She showed a clever smile on her face and her smiling appearance was so similar to that person…

Ye Li Xiao slightly opened his thin lips and spoke with an icy voice: “Go out, and before you are able to take transform with your own will, don’t come looking for me… and don’t go out.”

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Ye Li Xiao also didn’t know what thoughts to add to the last sentence.

Xing Luo’s transformation was unstable, and it was uncertain when she would transform from being a cat to a person.
If she was allowed to go out, what was to be done if she suddenly transformed in front of other people?

” ”

Ye Li Xiao subconsciously didn’t want her body to be seen by other people.

“Supreme Lord, then do you have an elixir that will increase cultivation? My unstable transformation ultimately boils down to the fact that my cultivation is too low.
If I can slightly increase my cultivation, it is unlikely that I would have another situation of unstable transformation.” Xing Luo’s eyes were bright while wandering and harboring evil intentions.
With the elixir, she could quickly stabilize her foundation and advance to her next step in cultivation.

He handed a bottle to Xing Luo.
Inside the bottle was a medicinal pellet that could promote cultivation and also had no side effects.

Xing Luo’s eyes lit up, and she took the bottle.
How could Ye Li Xiao be so unexpectedly good to her? She could tell this kind of medicinal pellet was the best quality goods at a glance!

That’s not right.
Didn’t she look very similar to her previous life in this one? Then Ye Li Xiao should hate her, why give her such a good thing?

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“Thank you, Supreme Lord~ Then, I won’t stay here to disturb you.” After saying that, Xing Luo wanted to leave, but her body could not move.

Ye Li Xiao seems to have used the fixation technique on her…

Xing Luo blinked her big eyes.
What did he want?

Surely good things weren’t given to her that easily?

Ye Li Xiao finally walked in front of her and pulled up her clothes that had slid off.
He didn’t know when there was an extra silver needle with thread in his hand and sewed on the collar of her clothes for a little while to fix the collar…


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