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“What did you say?!” Cheng Xin Yan’s eyes immediately widened, and the jealousy in her eyes almost gushed out, “Impossible! The Supreme Lord doesn’t have a woman he likes!”

Ye Li Xiao simply does not allow any woman to come close to him.
The only woman who could approach him was the former Demon King Xing Luo, but everyone knew that the Demon Lord and the previous Demon King were old enemies, and they would become hostile as soon as they met.
Even if Xing Luo could approach him, she would fight with him!

How was it possible that Ye Li Xiao could like a woman like this?

Cheng Xin Yan said in an angry voice: “You are simply talking nonsense! An insignificant small demon, how dare you say such arrogant words! Today, I will teach you a good lesson for the Supreme Lord’s reputation, you little demon who slanders as she wishes and doesn’t know how profound and high the sky is!”

As soon as the words were said, Cheng Xin Yan’s hand flashed with a purple light, and a long, dark purple whip appeared in her palm.
This whip was called the Demon Whip, which was specially designed to beat small demons with a low cultivation level, and was more than enough to deal with Xing Luo!

“Pa—” Cheng Xin Yan gripped the whip tightly and ruthlessly whipped at Xing Luo.

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Xing Luo nimbly dodged…

Goddamn it, bullying her now that she has no cultivation base, right? Who dared to do this kind of thing to her in her previous life? A tiger in the plains gets bullied by the dogs!1 If her cultivation was still there, she could have turned Cheng Xin Yan into ashes with a single look! Where was the need to dodge all over the place like this?

Although Xing Luo’s cultivation was nonexistent, the skills were still there.
Cheng Xin Yan’s cultivation was not high, and she could not hit Xing Luo easily.

But after a few whips, Xing Luo became somewhat physically exhausted.
This body is too weak…

“Xiu2—” Cheng Xin Yan was about to thrash the whip over.
Xing Luo wanted to dodge, but her body was too slow to react.
Seeing that the whip was about to land on her, it was too late for Xing Luo to dodge, and instinctively she closed her eyes…

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When a tiger leaves their mountain to the plains, even a dog can bully it –> the tiger lost its advantage when it left its home turf.A sound effect.

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