ow to cultivate, but she had directly used the secret technique that only the former demon king would…


Ye Li Xiao’s eyes became increasingly heavy.
Could it be her…


Even though there was already an answer in his heart, he didn’t ask about it directly.


If it really was her…


He was afraid that he would scare Xing Luo away.


After all, she hated him so much… and thought he hated her as well.


Ye Li Xiao concealed his tightly clenched fist in his wide sleeves.
He struggled to control his emotions.
His expression didn’t change and didn’t reveal any flaws in front of Xing Luo.


No one knows how excited and happy Ye Li Xiao’s heart was.
His beloved one who was lost had been recovered.
He simply wanted to embrace Xing Luo into his arms immediately.

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But I’m afraid I’ll scare her…


Still, it was better to pretend to be unaware at first so that she would continue to stay by his side.


Moreover, Ye Li Xiao was actually a little scared.
He was afraid of what if it was just a coincidence.
What if the kitten was exceptionally gifted and these abilities were innate to her?


So, he still needed to confirm again…


Ye Li Xiao flicked his sleeves, and the wreckage on the ground was instantly cleaned up.


Then, Ye Li Xiao ordered people to bring a new table and serve the meal.
Xing Luo had been cultivating for several hours, and it was now time for the evening meal.


After finishing the meal, Ye Li Xiao actively opened his mouth, “You seem to be keen to promote your cultivation.”


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Xing Luo nodded her little head.


Ye Li Xiao: “In that case, tonight, you will sleep with me.”


“…” Xing Luo’s face went blank.


What did he say?!


Ye Li Xiao explained in a deadpan manner, “Staying by my side will speed up your cultivation.”


Actually, this wasn’t a little false, his cultivation was just too high.
His body would automatically absorb the aura, and low cultivation cultivators could receive benefits from just staying around him.


This point, for Xing Luo, should have a enormous appeal…

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