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She couldn’t help but recall Ye Li Xiao’s shocking wounds and her heart softened for a moment.
She didn’t say anything else and went over to help Ye Li Xiao put his clothes back on.


When it was time to eat breakfast, Ye Li Xiao was just sitting there, quietly looking at Xing Luo, seemingly waiting for her to feed him…


Ye Li Xiao’s injury was on his right hand, so it was indeed inconvenient for him to eat by himself.


After all, it was caused by her, so Xing Luo very consciously fed Ye Li Xiao his breakfast.


When He Chen walked to the door, when he saw the scene where Xing Luo was feeding Ye Li Xiao, his whole person suddenly froze in place…


It seemed like he came at a bad time…


But in this situation, how could He Chen expect it?


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Previously, Ye Li Xiao was never close to women, so He Chen who usually came here did not need to be mindful of his timing, and therefore he did not expect to bump into this situation today…


He Chen did not leave.  It looked like the Supreme Lord truly missed the previous Demon King, even if it was only a similar cat demon, he remained by her side, so indulgent…


He Chen’s arrival drew Ye Li Xiao’s and Xing Luo’s attention.


There seemed to be a flash of displeasure in Ye Li Xiao’s eyes, but it passed too suddenly as he opened his mouth coldly, “What is it?”


He Chen looked at Xing Luo.
It seemed inconvenient for him to speak in front of her, and she clearly understood that, and directly got up, “Supreme Lord, I’m done eating.
You guys talk, and I’ll go to school first.”


After saying that, Xing Luo left the bedchamber straight away without a word.


He Chen then walked in and reported, “Supreme Lord, recently the border of the Demon Realm is in turmoil.
It seems that people from the Ghost Realm are starting a rebellion while the new Demon King is in the unstable period of just starting to take office and has no time to take care of the situation at the border.
Supreme Lord, should we get involved?”


Ye Li Xiao had always had his men pay attention to the Demon Realm, because the Demon Realm was Xing Luo’s territory, and he wanted to help her guard there…

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