just written a few questions.


The teacher saw this scene but didn’t take it seriously.
He only thought that Xing Luo had finished writing haphazardly.


“Cough, cough…” At this moment, a woman sitting next to Xing Luo suddenly coughed lightly twice, as if intentionally drawing Xing Luo’s attention.


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Xing Luo looked sideways and a small paper ball flew towards her, and Xing Luo caught it.


The woman revealed a smile towards Xing Luo, seemingly without malice.
She pointed to the teacher and then to the note, signaling for Xing Luo to hurry up and read it, and then she hurriedly returned to sit upright.


At this moment, the teacher, who was looking at the students elsewhere, did not notice anything on the other side.


Xing Luo opened the paper ball, and written inside, were the answers to the test paper.
Was this woman trying to help her? It was probably because she saw how fast Xing Luo had answered just now and thought she was writing blindly, so she passed her a note, right?


Xing Luo was a student personally sent by Ye Li Xiao, so it was normal for someone to want to curry favor with her.


But Xingluo didn’t need any answers, and she didn’t think it was necessary and put the paper ball inside the desk and pretended that she didn’t see it.

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What she didn’t notice was that when the woman who passed her the note saw her put the paper ball inside the desk, her eyes flashed with a light of triumph…


It didn’t take long for all the other students to finish their papers one by one.


The teacher graded it on the spot and announced the results.


For all the students present, the cultivation was around level 30, and only Xing Luo was a level 20; but the content of the test had knowledge of someone at level 50.
For everyone, they all belonged to the exceeding class, so each student had at least a few mistakes until the teacher reviewed Xing Luo’s paper…


“Hmm?” The teacher frowned lightly, and his expression became a little strained, and only after a moment did he regain his bearings.


It didn’t take long for the papers to be graded and the teacher began to announce the results, “This time, there was only one person who got a perfect score.”

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