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Seeing that there was no one else, Xing Luo ran up to the edge of the ice coffin, and using a cat’s flexible body to her advantage, she jumped on.

Just as Xing Luo crawled up to the edge of the coffin, strands of dark, cold, and demonic qi were suddenly produced next to the ice coffin.

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Xing Luo’s body stiffened, as she was very familiar with that type of breath.

Is he… coming?

With the increasingly intense qi, a dark figure appeared in front of the ice coffin.

The individual was a tall and slender man, wearing a dark changshan1, draped with powerful pressure and extremely noble temperament.

The man’s long hair was neatly cascading over his back, and he resembled a proud son of Heaven.

The man’s looks are also the most extraordinary in the six realms, and the profound and exquisite facial features are as if they were the most perfect work of art meticulously carved by the Heavens.

But seeing the man’s pleasing appearance, Xing Luo could not produce any admiration, and the hairs on her body unconsciously stood up.

This man was the king of the demon world, Ye Li Xiao.

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It was her arch-nemesis before she died…

Although Xing Luo is not a peaceful person, she can be certain that she has not taken any initiative to provoke Ye Li Xiao; yet somehow, from the time they have known each other, he seems to hate her, frequently sneering at her, and later even wishing her dead.

Over the years, the relationship between Xing Luo and Ye Li Xiao can be said to be very bad and had always been hostile.

There is absolutely no good that comes from having this person showing up at your own funeral!

What does this man want?! Is it possible that he wants to destroy her body?

Absolutely not!

In desperation, Xing Luo simply did not notice the grief in the eyes of Ye Li Xiao…

“Meow!” Xing Luo yelled in a milky voice trying to lure the man over, but she was merely a cat now, and she couldn’t make much noise at all.
Instead, she attracted the attention of Ye Li Xiao…

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The man’s deep, icy eyes swept towards where Xing Luo was.

Exposed to the dangerously chilling beeline of Ye Li Xiao, Xing Luo’s body instantly shivered…

Why does she sense that this man is giving her a scarier feeling today than he ever did before?

When Ye Li Xiao saw the small black cat with white paws clinging onto the edge of the ice coffin, he didn’t react.
He raised his hand and directly lifted Xing Luo off the coffin.

“Meow!” Xing Luo fell to the ground.

Ye Li Xiao simply ignored her, who had now turned into a cat, and the man stood in front of the ice coffin, quietly looking at the person lying inside.

The person inside the ice coffin, with a small face that looks like it was carved out of jade, was now pale and had lost its previous vitality and spirit.

The man’s eyes could not control the emergence of his profound sense of grief, and he stared unblinkingly at Xing Luo in the coffin.
He stretched out his hand and slowly examined her small face…

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“Mew, mew, mew!!!” Before Ye Li Xiao could touch it, a strong and ear-piercing cat cry came out from Xing Luo beside the coffin.

“…” Ye Li Xiao lightly knitted his eyebrows as he raised his large hand, intending to directly take the cat’s life.
But when he saw the expression on the cat’s face, he paused in his actions.

Xing Luo had already exploded, and she thought she had a very fierce look on her face, baring her teeth and glaring at Ye Li Xiao.
This man even tried to touch her corpse.
He really wanted to ruin her?

One man and one cat stared at each other for a moment.

If you exchange it with other animals or people, they absolutely do not dare to protest to Ye Li Xiao because when they feel the demonic qi released by him, they will be scared away and simply do not have the courage to approach.

This small black cat’s nerves are not ordinary…


This is basically a long robe or long shirt.
It is the male equivalent of a woman’s cheongsam or qipao.

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