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Ye Li Xiao, surprisingly, had still maintained the same posture from 3 days ago.
He sat dejectedly on the ground, surrounded by many empty wine jars.
His body has long been unable to see the scenery of the past1, only a profound sorrow…

What’s wrong with him?

This was the first time Xing Luo had seen this kind of look on Ye Li Xiao.

She had always thought that Ye Li Xiao was a cold-blooded and heartless person who cared about no one.
That was how everyone saw him.

But now, it was surprising to see him wear a heartbroken look.
Clearly, he wasn’t emotionless.

Xing Luo couldn’t guess what was going on, nor was she interested…

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Xing Luo swiftly ran towards Ye Li Xiao, lifted her little white paw, and lightly touched the back of the man’s hand twice.

“…” Ye Li Xiao finally noticed Xing Luo’s existence.
His eyes were deep and emitted a silent yet deadly aura while brewing with emotions that Xing Luo couldn’t understand.

In the next moment, Ye Li Xiao grasped Xing Luo’s body and finally held her to his face.

“Mew, mew!!!” Xing Luo struggled to stand up, bared her fangs, and brandished her claws2.

What does this son of a b*tch want to do to me?!

Ye Li Xiao looked towards her with eyes that seemed to look through her, looking at someone else, “Luo’er…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Li Xiao slightly lowered his head closer and placed a soft kiss on Xing Luo’s fluffy face.

” Mew, mew, mew!!!” Presumptuous! This pervert! How dare you kiss me!

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Xing Luo immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation3.
She suddenly revealed her claws, facing towards Ye Li Xiao’s good-looking face! Let’s see if she doesn’t scratch this pervert to death!


She scratched several claw marks onto Ye Li Xiao’s face.

“…” Ye Li Xiao seemed dull and held Xing Luo further away from him.
But he did not get angry.

With that bad temper of his, anyone who dared to offend him would not live to see the next day, not to mention scratching him.

Yet, Xing Luo had scratched him, but he did not have a displeased reaction.

 Ye Li Xiao’s eyes were deep and had a look of pain.
He looked at the kitten with it’s bristling fur on his hand and slightly opened his thin lips… 

“Vicious and fierce… just like her…” The man’s voice was much huskier than before.

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“Meow?” Xing Luo was still gesturing with her little paws.
What was this man saying? She couldn’t understand it at all.

“Gulu…” At this moment, Xing Luo’s little stomach once again let out a rumble.

 “Hungry?” Ye Li Xiao’s eyes seemed to clear up a bit, and he put Xing Luo down.
He slowly stood up from the ground and raised his large hand to gently stroke over the scratched area on his face.
The wound had instantly disappeared. 

Ye Li Xiao pushed open the door.

“Supreme Lord!” Keeping watch outside the door were two young men in black clothes.
One man who had delicate and pretty looks was called He Chen, while the other man had coarse and wild looks was called Yuan Xiu, who was Ye Li Xiao’s right-hand man.

Ye Li Xiao coldly glanced at He Chen and ordered, “Prepare water, this Lord wants to take a bath.”

“Yes!” He Chen immediately turned around to leave and went to order someone to prepare water.

Yuan Xiu respectfully opened his mouth to ask, “Supreme Lord, you already haven’t eaten for 3 days and nights.
Do you want to have a meal?”

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“This subordinate will go and order someone to prepare!” Yuan Xiu turned around and wanted to leave.

“Wait…” Ye Li Xiao called him back.

Yuan Xiu: “What other instructions does the Supreme Lord have?” 

Ye Li Xiao: “Prepare some… milk.” 

After saying that, without waiting for Yuan Xiu’s reaction, Ye Li Xiao had already closed the door.

“…” Yuan Xiu was confused.

Just now, what did the Supreme Lord just say? He wants milk? Why do you suddenly want to drink milk?

Although Yuan Xiu thought it was very strange, he still did as he was told.


Means he was so sad he could no longer recall the past.Idiom: to make threatening gestures.Idiom: to be ashamed to the point of anger.

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