The Devil Promised Me

The One Who Roams Through The Edges

We arrive at the factory, which is a knife manufacturing factory. Established by a new organization, founded by a noble. I made some friends here, I only see them when I work, I have never really gone out to the woods with either one of them. One friend stands up from the rest for me, I never tell them about my home situations, yet he seems to be aware of it. He tries to take good care of me.

He mostly has an expression full of joy, he is as poor as I am, and he always wears his work clothes, Ive seen him wear them even in the winter, regardless of that being the time when you are allowed to bring coats to the workplace. He doesn have any coats, which saddens me. So I saved up as little money as I possibly could, I am planning to buy him a cheap but sturdy coat when winter arrives. Luckily, it is autumn as of right now. His name is Thomas.

My coworkers and some friends always describe me and Thomas as the Sun and Moon, Thomas being the bright child, while me being the pessimistic one. Well, I really can blame them. I ahold of the aesthetic of your regular pessimistic personality. I thought maybe cutting my long black hair would do something to make them think otherwise, even though I am, I don want people to think about me so much.

Well, it is cut short now, I guess that makes my viewing more accessible.

My duty at the factory is mostly sharpening the knives that are being made by the elders, sometimes it can get really hot on our hands because we don have gloves, we do everything with bare hands. It is always hot, but you will have to get used to it.

My father usually leaves me after we sign ourselves in the administration room. I then go to the workplace and head to my spot as usual. Thomas however always waits for me when I arrive at the administration room, at the other end of the hallway.

”Top of the morning Dante! Had a good sleep? ”

He is as loud as usual… A perfect substitute for a cup of coffee, his energy will load you up by itself, really…

”Yeah, Ive been okay. ”

Thomas is coming closer and rubs my hair, great. Now its messy again…

”Lookin a little pale today mate, you sure you
e… okay…? ”

He forgot I was with my father, as I said before, it feels like he knows about my situation. He looks upwards and sees my father glaring at him.

”Good morning mister Porter! Lets make it a good day today alright! ”

He tries to greet him joyfully, only for my father to leave an awkward trail behind him as he walks away without saying a word.

My other friends have arrived as well, we
e a group of 4. We all met each other at the foundation of the factory. I can say that we have grown pretty close to each other, even my little antisocialistic self has grown to them, it feels nice, to say the least.

Me, Thomas, Okabe, and Gabriel. Okabes parents are foreigners. They come from the faraway country of Japan. However, Okabe has been born here. He doesn know too much about his motherland. He and Gabriel are more of the relaxed personality kind. Both of them are not as poor as I and Thomas am, yet poor enough to be working around here. They both have schools to go to, I envy them for that. Im sure Thomas does so too.

Gabriel is the tallest out of all of us, he looks the most handsome as well. Its sometimes hard to believe he lives a poverty life. He got all the righteous aspects as well, beautiful short-cut blonde hair, hazel blue eyes, and a good body build.

Okabe is the shortest out of all of us, he commonly wears his working clothes as well. Almost as much as Thomas does, he often has a relaxed expression on his face and is never afraid to indulge in conversations. He has a visible scar on the right side of his face, he always gets hostile whenever someone asks him about it.

Thomas is our joker, it still baffles me how he and the others are mostly in a good mood. I always see them at the workplace, so for them to be laughing around while we work is surprising to me.

Thomas is almost as tall as Gabriel, he has freckles on his face, green eyes, and ginger hair color, and he often has his hair tied.

And then theres me, compared to everyone else, I most definitely look the unhealthiest. I wear larger size clothes for them to overshadow my skinny body. Although I cannot hide my skinny face from the others, such a cover blow. My dark brown eyes aren exactly making myself look lively either.

”You sick or something? You
e looking so pale, did you have breakfast? ” Gabriel asks me

I overlook Gabriel and peek at my father, whos already at work

”No… ”

Gabriel reaches for his bag and brings out a large piece of cinnamon-sugared bread, and hands it over to me

”Work this down, I also have some water for you. We have some time before we go work anyways. ”

Well, Im glad I get to have something for breakfast, Ive almost gone two days without eating anything, I was starving…

We had our little chats, Thomas coming up with absurd stories, as usual, he often tells us the dreams he was having.

But all good things come to an end, its time to work now. I will hopefully perform better as I had some food. Luckily it is Saturday, as well. We don work on Sundays, it is the day I finally get to rest.

It is break time, after 4 hours of sharpening, we get to take a little breath, for 30 minutes.

e sitting together at a table outside, they all brought food with them, I, however, don have anything with me. I think we only have enough to eat before night, nothing to bring with our selves. I will suggest to father we should try and go hunting. We live surrounded by nature anyways.

Where even is he? Should he not be here…

I see my father filling himself up with good-looking meat and bread with his fellows. Lucky him…

”What are ya dozing off for Dante? ” Thomas tells me

I shrug it off shaking my head, its fine, Im, used to this anyways. My friends most likely do not have enough to share anyways, so I will let them be.

”Oh no it is nothing, maybe I did not sleep enough. ”

Surprisingly, Thomas hands me a piece of bread

”Here ya go, fella! Chomp it down, you bony vessel. ”

I guess it is my lucky day today

”Thank you. ”

We continue our chatter, and Gabriel makes an unusual remark about me

”Do you guys not think Dantes vocabulary is so different from ours? ”

”Oooh, yeah! He talks like those noble squirrels! ” Thomas replies

Even Okabe silently nods in agreement, me, being compared to nobility? What a joke

”Oh please friends. ”

”Hey, why not go out together tomorrow? Go in the woods, the cities, steal some food for ourselves ya? ” Thomas says

”But tomorrow is resting day, you know that. Stores are most likely closed on Sundays. ” Says Okabe

Gabriel insists on Thomas his idea

”Lets try it okay? We come here at noon, at the front gate. Is that okay? ”

Weve eventually come to an agreement on going out together tomorrow. The only problem is our parents…

The day is over I head back with my father home, its always good to see your family all well and together, my mother was cooking while my younger brother lunges himself on me, he seemed to have missed me a lot.

”Dante! Papa! ”

”Hello Noah, have you been a good boy? ”

”Yes, Dante! I take care of mommy! ”

I guess the girls are sleeping, however, my mom noticed weve come home as well, I did miss her too. Father has gone to their bedroom, Im left with Noah and mother.

”Hello honey, how was work? ”

”It was okay mother, I feel a little bit better, too. ”

”Oh! Speaking of, I made some tea which I believe will make you feel even better! ”

She grabs the teapot with a cup, comes back to me, and pours it in for me

”Here, drink up! ”

Ive never drank tea this good before, I felt such pure euphoria from the first sip alone

”Where did you get this from mother? ”

”I made it myself dear, with some herbs, plants, cinnamon, and sugar. ”

Such simple ingredients, yet such a delightful flavor. She is talented.

”I really like it, mother. I would love to drink more. ”

”Im so glad you do dear. Get yourself dressed up, lets loosen up before we go to bed. ”

I change my clothes, and head back downstairs, I spend my time with the others, my father is reading a book, however. Not that interested in conversing with us.

I afterward head to my bed, what a beautiful night sky it is today…

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