I slept off all of my burdens from yesterday, I am feeling really nice today.

The morning sun beaming through the short curtains, making my room look absolutely pleasing.

I wonder what the others are up to, Ive overslept a little

*Argh*, darn it… I try to step out of my bed and my head starts to hurt again. Why does it hurt as soon as I move? Maybe I should have some more of that tea mother made me last night.

I carefully head downstairs, I finally come to see my two sisters, one of them coming up to me

”Morning Dante, I haven seen you since last morning, you haven even greeted me, how dare you! ”

If only she knew father was being his usual self again last morning…

”Yeah, my bad. I will try to be more aware next time. ”

She looks closely at me and grabs my chin

e looking paler than usual, are you eating alongside us? ”

Even though she is just two years younger than me, she is almost as tall as me already, she inhabited most of my fathers aspects, a very tall man. I find it interesting that only she and I have different hair colors than the rest brown colored hair, mine being black, while hers is blonde.

She can be very dominant, she tries to stay as positive as much as she can, however. She always helps mother with taking care of our other two siblings, who are significantly younger than both of us. Well, one downside about her, is the same with Thomas, she always seems like she knows me more than I know myself. It is so weird.

I push her hand off me

”Im okay, I just need some tea. ” I reply

Only for her to stare me down with a suspicious gaze

”Fine, you need tea? Mother saved us a lot! ”

My face brightens up after hearing that, and we both make ourselves some tea, sitting on this handmade couch, much better…

Not shortly after father comes downstairs, he seems more relaxed than usual. Cutting open an orange for himself.

”Good morning Dante, Madison. ”

”Morning father. ”

Oh right, I forgot to ask him about hunting, well, this is my chance. I walk up to him and leave my suggestion

”Father, don you think we could go hunting sometime? We live surrounded by nature, after all. ”

”Where will you get ourselves the equipment needed? Don bother suggesting to me things we cannot do. We aren barbarians, Dante. ”

Barbarians… Equipment, it wouldn be too hard to find them right…?

Wait, what if I just look for some in the factory… There has to be some debris I could have.

”And if we get ourselves equipment, will that be settled then? ”

”Sure Dante, we will be hunting. ”

Awesome… Now I would only need to go there- Wait, darn it… I forgot I was going to meet my friends. Will father even let me go outside?

”Oh father, I forgot to ask one more thing, am I allowed to go outside with my friends? ”

”Do whatever you want Dante. Don make your mother too worried. ”

Well, that was easier than expected. Who am I kidding, he could not care enough about me anyways.

Madison sneakingly walks towards me from behind

”Don go too far, or the Devil will notice ya. ”

Is she trying to make me scared to go outside?

”What are you talking about, Madison? ”

”You haven heard about the folklore? The Devil, roaming around the outskirts on the earths, collecting souls of whoever comes close to him. ”

”Alright… ”

Maybe the tea has gotten to her, well I should get myself dressed up before I leave

”Oh, hello mother. ”

I walk up the stairs and see my mother walking it down, I should have waited downstairs for her.

”Good morning dear. Are you going somewhere? ”

”Yes mother, I had plans with Thomas and my other friends, we were gonna go outside for a little. ”

”I see, don make it too late, promise? ”

”Yes, mother. ”

What shall it be today… I only have three pieces of clothing, make that four. I recently found a sack coat for myself, luckily it fitted me. I hear my mother calling for me from downstairs

”Dante, will you have some breakfast before you go? ”

Hmm, Im not feeling so hungry, its better to save it for the rest I guess, our food is very limited after all.

I finish clothing myself up and head downstairs

”It is okay mother, Im not feeling hungry. ”

She still wraps up some bread covered in butter and puts it in a bag and hands it over to me

”For later then. ”

I could have them later indeed…

I hand my goodbyes to the rest and head outside of our cottage. Its kind of cold today, just how I love it. The gloomy weather, the clouds covering the lands, something about it makes me feel at such peace… Im glad I get to go outside today, I will get to enjoy this lovely weather…

The factory is in sight, I think Im seeing Thomas standing by himself at the front gate, I take a few more steps and he notices me

”Dante!!! ”

As energetic as usual…

”Hello, Thomas. ”

We head inside the factory, luckily it was still open since it gets cleansed every Sunday by a cleaning crew, instead of ourselves wrapping it up. I tell Thomas to wait for me for a little, and head over to the magazine, I see someone standing there, they wear the same work clothes as we do, they must be one of the people overseeing the place today

”Excuse me? I have a question. ”

The man turns around

”Hey there Dante! Why are you here today? ”

”We are just going to enjoy ourselves today, only I had a wonder, could I borrow some extra knives? ”

He turns back to the magazine and digs in the loads of stuff that have been put there

”There might… Be some knives… There! Here ya go. ”

He hands me over a bunch of knives, more than I actually needed.

”Thank you very much, mister Bruno. ”

”No problem kid, be careful though! ” He says while patting me on my head

Thomas saw him handing over the knives to me

”What is he doing…? ”

As I walk back to Thomas, he asks me

”Why are you having knives in your bag? ”

”Oh this, it is for my father, we will be hunting for animals soon. ”

”Ohoo! Sounds exciting! Hey, we should do that together sometime too! ”

I scratch my head looking downwards

”It could be dangerous for you, Thomas. ”

He expresses an annoyed expression on his face

”What do you mean! I am no child! ”

While he is making a ruckus, I see Okabe and Gabriel coming in, as well.

”Hello, mates! ” Gabriel says

Okabe looks pleased with my coat

”Fancy sack you got there Dante, you bought it? ”

”Oh no, I found it in the forest nearby my house. ”

He replies

”Your forest must be loaded with gold! It looks great, only a bit too depressing! ”

I will have to agree, but I have come attached to black-colored clothing, Ive always worn darker colors, I don mind it.

We have all assembled, and after a short talk between us, we head outside, onwards to the city, the sun starts beaming through the clouds again, I guess it looks pretty, as well.

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