The Devil’s Claw

The Rising Flames

Keith was staring at the Mansion on fire, standing in front of its main gate, where cars of fire brigades and ambulances were gathered to evacuate and rescue the people there. It was once a big silver building with ten white pillars on the front of it, spaced in an order with a regular gap in between. Windows were as large as doors made of wood and glass and its wide corridors could be seen from far away the building. It was named as Mansion of Janes where the famous elite family named Janes were living and controlling all the affairs of city named Derfin including banking, media, journalism, accounting and everything, either directly or indirectly through some agents from all renowned companies regularly reporting to them about their internal affairs. ”Thanks to God! Sir Micheal janes and his wife Dina along with their two older sons are saved! ” said one of the rescuers in a loud tone. ”But what happened to Watson? Their youngest son. He is nowhere to be found! ” cried out other rescuer. ”Look here he is….. ” said another rescuer in a grimacing tone as Watson was found to be dead, his body covered with blood and burns…

Three years ago…

With the voice of spoons hitting plates periodically as they were having rice with grilled chicken as a dinner, Keith asked his father who was the owner of their elite family, ”Where has Bruno gone? I was used to his company for a while ” in a firm tone, not making any eye contact with his father. ”He doesn belong to us anymore, you should forget about him now ” in a casual tone, while noticing the questioning silence of his wife Dina and his older son Jason. ”Why doesn ? Is it because he couldn follow your order of abandoning his family? ” said Keith angrily with his clenching fist hitting on the table. ”Calm down Keith, father must have some valid reasons for suspending him ” said mother. ”You are all the same! ” Keith stood up and left. ” I wonder why he is like this… ” said mother in a hopeless tone. ”Whats so strange? Its just so much of admiration for Bruno that he couldn hold himself after being heard of his suspension ” said Jason as he knew his little brother more than anyone. ” Keith is now 9 years old already, but his anger towards us is rising as his increasing age, I wonder why he is like this… ” said Father whose name was Micheal, while he was standing up from his chair to leave the table.

After few hours…

There was a knocking at the door of Micheals office, ” Yes, come in ”. It was Keiths recent tutor named Richard. ”Yes Richard, hows Keith doing? ” asked Micheal while revolving his chair towards him, ” Sir… It might worry you a bit but..

” replied Richard. ”Go on Richard, I know my son is definitely a piece of worry ” said Micheal calmly with such an understanding. ” As you already know Sir, Keith is beyond normal in understanding Physics and

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