The Devil’s Claw

The Flower that Grows into Deserts

That night Keith played on the recent footages to check the latest updates. Though he was sitting there in the bank as main accountant, yet he had placed his laptop in a way that screen couldn be seen in the camera above him, installed to keep an eye. When the spy agent working in security department, named Miss Saila noticed his way of sitting and placing his laptop, she felt something suspicious. She immediately went to Micheal and informed him that she feels something not right about his son sittings position. ”Sir, don mind but your son Keith has been sitting in that same posture for about 2 hours.. It doesn feel right, should we check him? ” asked Miss Saila. ”No Saila, Im going to have some break, I will check him on my way ” answered Micheal in a casual tone. At that time, Keith was watching a footage in which his older brother was raping the maid named Kate, the only maid Keith liked the most. Then he played the next footage, where he saw how his mother was beating the child to a pulp for saying that he was tired of cutting the grass. Despite such bad times on Janes, their hatred and tyranny towards low class people did not cease. ”Keith, what are you doing? ” asked Micheal, who came from behind. Keith was so much indulged in footages that he didn notice his fathers presence. He suddenly stood up in front of laptop, blinking his eyes, he thought his father has just caught the real killer.. ”Since when have you been here? ” asked Keith with clenching his fists and looking down and then looking at fathers eyes the very next moment. ”Why are you being shy? ” asked father in suspicion. ”No.. No! Why would I be shy? Dad! Im normal, completely normal.. ” while using his fingers near the keyboard to type P.. O.. R.. N so that some vulgar scene would open there, covering all what he was actually doing. His father pushed him aside a little, and started laughing. ”So you are just growing up Kid ” said father laughingly, patted his head and left. ”I had been grown up long before you ever think! ” thought Keith to himself. It was now only his father that was left alive, among all those seven men who were involved in Richards brutal murder. But it wasn just possible for Keith to kill his father in the same way as Richard and all other six men involved in his torture were killed. Besides, he often questioned himself that whether he had any love left for father or his heart has been really empty of it, yet he beleived that he had no human right to question that.

On next morning…

All the four people working all day and night in security department along with Micheal showed their suspicion towards Mr. Floyd after careful analysis, because only Mr. Floyd was the only entrusted class person, who was living outside the basement. There were so many conclusions supporting Floyds position as a main suspect. 1. Control of ventilation system was located outside the basement, so someone from outside must have switched it off. 2. It was Floyd who was responsible for closing and opening the doors of basement, and only he could pass through the door in between 8 AM and 8 PM. 3. Floyd was seen in the cameras to be passing through the door in between those hours, when he had no such business there. All these conclusions were demanding Micheal to have proper investigation of his own secretary.

After few hours…

Mr. Floyd came in Micheals room, ”Yes Sir? You called for me ”. ”Why did you go inside the basement at 6:37 AM on Sunday morning? ” asked Micheal while looking directly into Floyds eyes. Now Mr. Floyd had understood that members of security department had turned Micheal against him, and with that one question, Floyd knew that his life was now short. ”To be honest, there was a woman named Rose.. I went there for her ” said Mr. Floyd. ”Who is she and what relation do you had with her? ” asked Micheal. ”She was someone I loved though she was married.. We had illegal relations ” answered Mr. Floyd. ”Hm.. If it is so, then why did you go to meet her before 8 AM when her husband could be there? ” asked Micheal another suspicious question. ”Her husband wasn there, he was dead already, his name was Smith, the former head of security department ” answered Mr. Floyd. Meanwhile, there was a knocking at the door, ”Dad! its emergency! All four people working in security department are shot dead and again there is no such footage to cover the entire scenario ” reported Jason. Micheal got up and hurriedly started running towards that department room, leaving Floyd there. With all people dead there, now he was sure that killer was either Mr. Floyd or someone from very few low class people serving there such as maids, workers, servants etc. After these more killings, Frenz family simply refused to send their help but rather offered Janes to come to their mansion and live there as part of Frenz family, thus demolishing the name of Janes from its mere existence that had now left.

During their dinner, there was a long silence, everyone was looking dull and gloomy, ”Listen I have an idea ” said Micheal after which everyone started looking at him with questioning eyes, without saying a word. ”We should leave this mansion for few days, we can go somewhere to live for temporary time, while all other people who are living here will be set on fire ” said Micheal with grim smile on his face. ”Great Dad, you
e going to set our home on fire… Nice plan ” said Jason sarcastically. ”No Jason, our home will stay safe, I will just call each and every person working or living in this mansion to our center hall in the ground floor, and then we will close the doors and set them all on fire ” explained Micheal. ”Nice plan honey, killer will also be burnt to death in this way! ” said mother in excitement. ”Do you plan to burn all those people who have been serving you in these times of crisis?! ” asked Keith in a shrieking voice. ”Calm down Keith, this is the only way we can kill that hidden traitor among us ” said mother, but at that moment, father looked into Keiths eyes and felt something.. Some thing very deeply impacted.. Though he ignored his perception, got up and left.

Hidden behind the bushes in the front garden of mansion, Kate was desperately crying, in a very low voice. Sitting beside her, ”Hey Kate.. I know you
e hurt, but I need to talk about something ” said Keith. Seeing him sitting just next to her, she got up rapidly, ”You! You devils brother! ” she started crying out more and as she was about to run away, Keith held her from behind, put knife on her neck, ”Don move, I said I just need to talk about something ”. ”I want to protect you and all others from burning in the fire.. Janes have decided to burn you all.. ” Keith continued. ”What can I do for you then?! ” interrupted Kate as her breaths were unsettled. ”Just one favor.. Go and inform all maids and workers that they have to escape from this mansion before sun rise ” said Keith while displacing knife from her neck. ”Why should I trust you? Maybe its a trap.. Wait how wouldn it be? All entrance gates of mansion are already closed! ” said Kate while holding her tears. ”I have opened all gates, just do this favor and save everyone before its too late.. Now go.. Go! Time is short! ” but Kates eyes as if she just couldn trust him. Keith placed his knife in Kates hand, ”Kill me if you think Im lying, I am not like Jason who rapes you every night, I am not like anyone of elites living here.. Trust me, it is chance for you to escape this hell! ” said Keith in a desperate tone. Kate couldn seem to trust him, after all he was himself an elite. Meanwhile, the truck full of gasoline cans entered through the mansions front gate. Now Kate had seen with her own eyes that mansions gates were really opened and it had always been her deepest desire to escape that hell. ”How many people do I have to inform before I can escape? ” asked Kate. ”All maids and chefs and other household workers ” answered Keith with a normal smile. Kate started running towards mansion to carry out the task. Soon after, maids and other workers started escaping through all the gates of mansion. As Keith started pouring gasoline through the corridors of mansion, he remembered how he was used to run through them while playing with his brothers.. ”Brother Keith, why are you washing corridors of Mansion at this hour of night? ” asked Watson as he thought that gasoline was some cleaning agent. ”Watson, after we pour this liquid, well playing with hell fire.. ” said Keith while pouring more gasoline. ”How do we play with hell fire? ” asked Watson. ”Just don be scared.. Be brave.. Go through it.. Thats the rule ” said Keith while pinching Watsons cheeks. Childhoods sweet memories were haunting Keith again and again, but his dark exposures to realities couldn stop him. He poured gasoline in an order making such angles that all family members could just burn in hell he was going to create. As smoke and fire started spreading, Micheal woke up, woke Dina up and both of them hurriedly started running towards door. Jason was already there desperately and fearfully knocking their door to wake them up. ”Jason, wheres Keith and Watson? ” asked mother while coughing. ”Hurry up, go upstairs, there are helicopters we can pick up to escape! ” said Micheal, while moving towards Watsons room. ”Wait Micheal, don go alone! ” cried out Dina and she started following him. Jason was already full of burns, yet he followed them too. Watsons room was empty, he wasn there. ”Where has he gone?! Damnit ” said Micheal. ”Wheres Keith? ” asked mother in tears, while she started moving towards his room. Meanwhile, Keith and Watson had already reached the roof of mansion. Keiths room was also found to be empty, ”Damnit! ” his mother repeatedly checked his room, heavy ceiling fell there due to fire just little distance away from Dina, burning her legs ”Dina!!! ” her half of body was burnt, she started coughing. ”Mom, forget Keith and Jason, lets go upstairs ” said Jason. ”No… I want to see Keith.. I want to see him for once.. I want to see smiling face of Watson! ” Dina was desperately crying. Micheal picked Dina up and started moving upstairs along with Jason. On his way, through one of the windows, he could see truck loaded with gasoline cans, parked just inside the mansions front gate. ”No! No! I WANT MY SONS BACK! ” Dina kept on insisting, though she was so much burned that her legs couldn support her but she was a mother after all. On reaching the top, Micheal cracked open the door and there, they all witnessed Keith standing with holding gasoline cans in both of his hands, along with Watson while all helicopters except for one were already burning.

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