The Devil’s Claw

Beginning of the New Journey

”You bastard! You traitor ” said Jason in shockingly angry voice, ”I will kill you once and for all ” Jason repeatedly cursed Keith, as he started moving towards Keith with filled up anger. Keith poured gasoline in between them, separating mother, father and Jason on one side while Keith and Watson on other side of fire. Micheal and Dina were in shock, couldn say a word, while Watson had realized that it wasn some sort of game, ”Brother Keith you
e a traitor! You should better die ” said Watson angrily as tears flowing down his cheeks. On seeing his mother full of burns and wounds, Watson just couldn stand still and started running towards her, going through the fire… ”Aahhhh ” Watson was crying and screaming as fire had wrapped him up all around. Dina tried to protect him but her legs weren helping, Micheal and Jason kept on seeing Watson burning in shock. Covered in fire, Watson kept moving rapidly and irregularly out of pain, till his foot got slipped on the edge of roof. ”Watson!!! ” cried out Keith as he moved following him through fire but Watson had fallen from that height of mansion before Keith could reach him. As Keith looked back, the only one helicopter he had planned to escape with Watson, had got fire. Now there was only Keith and outcomes of his improper plan, and burning fire all around them. Micheal kept on looking at Keith, like he was trying to convince himself that his son is really such a devil. Jason was continuously swearing Keith but because of fire in between, he couldn harm him physically. Dina was crying like hell, her shrieks were getting louder and louder. As Micheal was witnessing this hell, he had become sure that he was just going to die along with his family here, ”Sir__-!! ” It was Mr. Floyd, he was in a helicopter, threw down a rope for Janes to get up. When he was about to throw a rope for Keith, Micheal stopped him, ”Let that devil die! ” said Micheal in a rigidly angry tone. ”No honey, hes our son! Please bring him up for my sake! ” Dina repeatedly requested him, ”No Dina, he has crossed his limits ” Micheal said. ”Dad, hes only 12 years old, he has yet to learn a lot ” said Jason, trying to convince his father to bring him up. While Keith was waiting for his death sitting in the middle of flames he himself had started, ”HAHAHAHAHA ” laughed Keith crazily while drying up his eyes. Mr Floyd was confused why they were arguing over rescuing Keith, he just sent the rope down for Keith, ”What the hell did you just do?! ” said Micheal angrily, ”Its alright Micheal, hes our son, we can hide his sins, Can we? ” Dina supported Mr. Floyd for his act of kindness. Keith didn grip that rope, ”Keith! just get up to us! You promised to never worry your Mom! ” Dina kept on calling him but he didn respond. Meanwhile, other helicopter had reached there, ”There he is! Hey officer! lower the helicopter a bit ” It was Kate along with some other low class workers, that officer was some military soldier, they had called out to ambulances and fire brigrades.They sent him a rope and Keith gripped it at once. Kate was happy to see Keith safe, ”Im glad you
e safe ” said she, but Keith didn respond, like he was lost somewhere, his eyes still and lips dried. After they landed on the ground few distance away from Mansion burning in fire, Keith came out of helicopter and kept on staring at rising flames. Ambulances and cars of fire brigrades were all gathered, rescuing and evacuating people there. Rescuers found out that whole Janes family was safe though they all needed medical treatment for their burns and other wounds, except for unlucky Watson whose dead body was found to be covered with burns and blood.

After all the hell that had happened, Keith knew that his father was going to announce his death penalty sooner or later. ”Prince Keith, you need medical treatment, come with us immediately! ” said one of the rescuers while other members of family were also being taken to ambulance to shift them to hospital. ”Don touch me! ” said Keith to that rescuer, after which he started running as fast as he could… ”Wait! Keith! I still love you! ” cried out his mother as her last words that were ever going to be heard by him ”Prince, where are you going?! ” rescuers started following him. Kate and some other low class people whom hearts he had won, also started following him but lost sight of him as he jumped into the deep forest, few distance away from the road. As rescuers were trained in rescuing people, and not in searching someone through the forest, they left following him as soon as they realized that something was obviously wrong with him to begin with.

Fire was extinguished within few hours, Mansions structure remained intact but most of the walls, windows and doors had been burned down. The whole building needed contious repair for few months. Some technical systems had to be renewed, cameras needed to be installed again, ceilings had to be repaired at places. Janes family had to restart from almost the ashes. Micheal, Dina and Jason were being given medical treatment in a citys general hospital where Frenz family had come from Dinas side including her parents, and other low class people were also gathered there, paying tribute to Janes through their visits and well wishes. From Micheals side, there was no one of his family, he had only one sister who died in young age. No one knew that all those things were done by Keith, it was kept a secret among Janes. After few days when Micheal and Dina got recovered enough to discuss things, ”Micheal, please let Keith come back to us or else he would die wandering about the forest, go to media and tell the world that you still don know who was behind all this, it will ascertain Keith that you don hold any intention of punishing him ” Dina kept on insisting Micheal, while they were in hospitals room and Dina on hospital bed as her legs still hadn recovered fully. ”No Dina, you aren understanding… Keith was always like this.. We ignored his reality.. He could never live among us.. We tried to make him live like us.. If I give him another chance, it would only result in another such outcome ” Micheal tried to make Dina understand. ”So you want him to die? He has nowhere to go! Just because we can stop torturing low class people that our kid doesn like, should we let him die? Is it enough reason for us to let him die?! ” asked Dina as her voice raised. ”Don be emotional Dina, we can stop following the traditions our ancestors have blessed us with. Why do you think we torture low class people? It is our paying tribute to God for making us an Elite, it is our way of worshipping and thanking God ” said Micheal. ”Can we hide all those traditions from Keith? ” asked Dina with tears in her eyes. ”No Dina, We can hide anything from Keith.. Hes a genius beyond our expectations, Can you see how he had been making us all fool this whole time? We don have anything left today, it is all his doing! And don be worried that he would die or something like that! Hes a Devils claw. Before anyone attacks him, he would rip apart all his enemies… ” said Micheal in a strictly calm tone. ” You mean hes a evil person? He tried to make us change.. He sincerely tried to protect Watson, he went through all that trauma himself watching all those footages.. He got mentally exhausted… He saved all low class people from burning in hell.. Yet you call him Devil? It doesn sound like it.. ” said Dina as her cheeks got red due to rashes because of continuous flowing and drying up of tears by rubbing her face repeatedly. ”Look Dina, Keith isn devil or angel, Keith is just not one among us, He doesn belong here, he never did, he was born in wrong place, so he has left to go from where he came, Devils claw is also the name of flower that grows in desert, Keith was like that flower.. And flowers don fit in deserts ” said Micheal while tears finally came out of his eyes, turning his face aside Micheal started moving towards the door to leave. ”You still love your son, Micheal, you can do him last favor by announcing in media that you don know whos behind all those happenings, this will at least ascertain him that we will still accept him if he ever decides to return ” requested Dina again. ”Okay, I will, thats not what I meant, But I guarantee you that he will not return.. He has gone.. Somewhere.. Because he doesn want to return.. Because hes more happy and healthy now.. ” Micheal kept on muttering in low voice as he left the hospital room.

After just one more day, Micheal made that announcement in front of media reporters and journalists, that he still doesn know who was behind all those unfortunately mysterious happenings. ”Why did your other son named Keith ran away the time we rescued him? ” asked one of the journalists. ”Because our youngest son named Watson died because of Keiths mishandling, and so Keith thought he would be punished by me if he stayed.. He left out of fear ” answered Micheal. ”Don you think he should have returned by now? ” asked another reporter. ”He might have forgotten the way to home.. Hes only 12 years, Or he might got eaten by some wild animal in the deep forest he jumped into.. Who knows ” answered Micheal. All other elite families listened to his gloomy and sorrowful speech as he cried multiple times whenever he spoke the names of his one dead and the other missing son. Dina couldn stand on her legs, so her interview was taken in the hospital room. This speech and interview were being broadcasted everywhere in the world. It was almost for the first time in the history of Elites that some family had witnessed its such hopelessly terrible decline after famously ruling the world for so many years.

After few days…

”Whats your name boy? ” asked Bus conductor, ”Frey ”, ”Your full name? ”… ”Frey Rons ”, ”Okay, whos with you? ” Frey kept on looking at him with blank face, ”Fine ” said Bus conductor.

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