The Dragon of Akiyame

The first conflict

”Is it 4:00 already? Haah…guess Ill have to get going then. ” I got ready and started walking.

I had to go to school. So early again.

In truth, I don really feel like it..

Tsk. But it is what it is….

I arrived at the school. Unfortunately, I do not know in which class I had to go but here runs a professor.

I will ask him.

”You are Musashi, aren you? ” asked the teacher.

”Yes, but how do you know who I am? ” I asked skeptically.

”Well, you are not completely unknown among the staff ” said the teacher.

”Oh ehm… Okay??? But do the students here know me? ”

Actually, I already knew what kind of answer was coming, but there is no harm in pretending.

No… The students here don know you yet. But you should be careful, because the students can know about your past. Otherwise you would be ostracized and they would complain to the ministry. So you better watch what you do or how you do it. ” Answered the teacher.

”Ah okay Ill keep that in mind…thanks again ” I said it as I wanted to play it cool.

”Your classroom is 4-A ” said the teacher.

”Oh, thats right, thank you! ” I had even forgotten the question I had asked. Ill just go and see whos already there.

A short time later…

I arrived at the classroom and saw only 4 students so far… I thought there were more already.

Maybe they haven found the room yet.

The teacher wasn there yet either… I guess Ill just sit in the corner… then I could be lucky to be less conspicuous.

”Good morning! ” A female voice called out.

I looked up… I was almost asleep.

I saw an adult woman who was taking her place behind the desk… I guess she is the teacher.

All of a sudden someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I looked to my right and saw a young girl. I guess she is the same age as me.

She whispered to me.

”I think you
e kind of cute… I know this is weird since we don really know each other but you look very cute… ”

She kind of blushed at that…and Im not supposed to stand out?

Right on the first day I failed… wow Musashi….

I forgot to answer because I couldn handle such a situation… Ive never had a girl tell me that Im cute… in my village there was no one in my age.

”Hello? Are you still alive? ” she asked impatiently.

”Oh yes, um… Thank you?? Ive never been complimented like that before, Im sorry. ” Now I didn know if that was appropriate but I think it will be fine.

”Nawww that makes you even cuter! ” She said.

I was really starting to wonder if I should just ignore her….

,,Thanks… ” I was starting to sound a little annoyed and thankfully dismissed her with that.

She turned back to the front and made it seem like she was happy. She bobbed her legs forward and backward.

”Musashi, will you please stand up for once? ” the teacher said expectantly.

I stood up and pushed my chair back a little.

”Please introduce yourself… Ive seen that you get along well with your neighbor, but Im sure the others don know you yet. ”

”Im Musashi Akiyame… yep… Im just new. Hope we will all work well together. ” I sat back down and the teacher looked at me skeptically.

The girls kind of turned to each other and giggled… they whispered something and turned red.

I think it was about me. Well anyway, the teacher started the lesson and I listened for a bit while half asleep.

Musashi fell asleep in the middle of the lesson

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