I heard a beautiful voice. It was from a girl. I woke up and saw my seat neighbor.

Man, I don like her right now I thought.

Musashi! Musashi! Wake up! ” she said in panic.

”Huh what is it? ” I asked sleepily and annoyed.

”The teacher just went to get the principal, since you
e asleep! ”

wow…. already the first day I and I already attract so much attention?

,,Oh…Ill just pretend Im awake and say I wasn asleep. ”

The principal entered the room together with the teacher.

He looked at me and whispered something to the teacher

”Okay sorry for the delay dear students! ”

I think the principal didn believe her.

Or something is going on here… all the teachers are so overprotective of me.

Well, Ill wait and see.

We went to gym class.

I changed my clothes and wanted to go to sports normally… but again something came up… some boy thought it was funny to open the door and show the girls my half naked body.

To be honest I was about to summon my sword…

The girls started looking at me strangely… some with their mouths open but.. whatever….

I think it was because I have a scar on my chest… yes well it is big but still nothing special… right?

Well, it doesn matter. I tried to ignore it for the most part and put on my gym clothes.

In class I was treated kind of weird… everyone kept a safe distance from me and was just observing me.

The class started with a normal ”running workout ”. For me it seemed more like elementary school.

It was way too easy.

Somehow most of them still failed.

A boy with dark hair entered the gym in anger. He looked really pissed off.

”HEY, WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS IS MUSASHI? ” The dark-haired boy shouted loudly.

I came forward confidently and said to him:

”I am Musashi Akiyame ”.

He ran up to me, breathing like a bull.

It looked as if he wanted to hit me on the chin, but I dodged and grabbed him by the wrist.

However, I pressed a little too hard and there was a loud crack. He screamed like a pussy.

”AHHH! you know exactly why i hate you ” the student screamed.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied:

”No, Im afraid I don . But explain it to me before you hit me, ” I said, relaxed.

”YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH RIONE ” he shouted loudly.

”I don even know who this Rione is supposed to be… ”

The white haired sitting neighbor of mine looked panicked.

She said:

”I-I am R-Rione… ” She looked sad and panicked at the same time

”SHUT YOUR MOUTH! ” the student on the floor shouted to Rione.

”Honestly… I don know who you are but don act like that. I didn hit on her or talk to her properly. And even if I did. What business is it of a pussy like you which girl I talk to and ”flirt ” with? ” I said in an irritated tone.

”WHAT DARE YOU- ” The teacher interrupted our discussion.

”Both of you calm down. Now! ” He shouted

”Musashi to my office! ” I realized it was the principal himself.

I changed my clothes and went toward the teachers lounge and the principals office..

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