I was sitting in the classroom when Rione approached me.

Thank you Musashi! It was so sweet when you defended me like that! He always abused me like his property and treated me badly… ” she showed me her wounded arm

”That doesn look very good ” I said to her

Well, at least hes been taken into custody now, ” she said.

”Has he? At least that. ”

”Didn you know that? What happened to you? You were with the director ”.

I didn feel like continuing this conversation.

She was a nobody.

I didn even know her.

Rione was her name?

The only thing I know about her is her name… well.

Shes kind of pretty but… I don know her. I just went away.

I walked along the forest to go home.

But when I was just before my house, I heard a deep and strange voice coming from the forest.

It sounded like a familiar voice. Somewhere I have heard this voice before… it sounded something like… no or?

I have to go to the forest quickly!

I ran into the forest until I reached his destination.

I hid in a bush and observed a hooded person.

Sanriona Chinjori Tazukagu SINA ” shouted this hooded person.

A huge wave of pent-up energy was quickly released and a few weak trees snapped.

The bush I was hiding behind was partially torn out of the ground.

He saw me!

The person turned and looked at me.

Those eyes… they glowed red… as red as blood. That red felt hot… hot like a thousand flames.

But wait a minute… its not like… it can be.

Eron? If Eron is here, Id better get out of here!

Musashi ran, hoping that the hooded person wouldn get him. But this released energy was a ritual that created a protective wall around their forest.

He could not pass through this wall. When he touched it, he burned his palms and he cried out.

That dark laugh… It must be Eron.

Im in a bit of a bad spot… I wonder if anyone else is still here? Unlikely, I guess. I have to find my own way out of here.

I heard footsteps. The person I think is Eron was coming closer. I have to fight.

Please accept me and give me strength… Denki! ” I summoned my sword ”Denki ”.

It manifested itself on my waist belt. I put my left hand on the handle.

You are trying to fight me? ”

Im not just trying. If you go for it, Ill beat you! ”

”Mhm… surely ” he disappeared?

I couldn see him anymore.

The only thing I saw for a moment was a shadow which dissolved to the sides.

I am here! ” Something touched my shoulder.

I put my right hand additionally on the handle of my sword and pulled it out.

I turned and in the turning movement I tried to cut him in the side. But he was too fast… he used his teleportation again and kicked me in the back.

AAHHH ” I screamed

don try it first… thats far from all Ive got ”.

At the same moment he kicked me in the back of the knee and grabbed my right arm.

He pressed so hard that the sword fell out of my hand.

First Ill incapacitate you ”.

He broke my right arm and kicked my back again. I fell forward on the floor. He walked around me and squatted in front of me.

As long as you can even begin to handle this kind of fighting, you shouldn just rush in and attack me… but you know. You always see each other twice in life! ” He spoke in a whispering tone

He kicked me again so hard that I passed out.

A female voice spoke to me

You can fall yet… you can give up ” she said carefully from a distance.

Keep fighting… don give up! ” It seemed to me that this voice was getting closer and closer. Somehow I felt so safe… this warmth that enveloped me… am I already dead? That can be… somehow I felt the grass that lay beneath me.

Get up at last! You have to make it! Take my power! ”

The voice sounded like it was right by my ear… it was very close.

I felt something touching my arms…my eyes.

Why do my eyes hurt so much?

My body was moving on its own…what is happening?!

Something was moving my body…was it Eron?

What was he doing to me? Who was that voice? Rione?

I have to know who this is… I have to wake up.

I have to wake up!

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