My body was moving even though I was unconscious.

What is going on here?

My eyes opened… I had my sword in my hand and drawn.

My broken arm was suddenly healed!

The person I thought was Eron was standing in front of me. I heard him mutter something under his breath.

”This can be. I haven seen this shape in a long time. What is this? Is it the true heir? The heir of Denki?! ” he spoke very softly… but how did he know Denki?

I mean… my clan has not really been unknown in the past generations. We were known for our use of various weapons.

My clan was especially known for the use of the katana, the spear and especially the enchantment of weapons.

Well, we trained most of the professional fighters and were also involved in wars.

However, my father was the most famous Warrior among us.

He was the strongest of our clan and the best fighter of our previous generations.

He had been the bearer of Denki before me. He had enchanted the katana himself with the houses own magic. This kind of enchantment only my father could do.

But his sword Denki was originally created by his brother.

He never told me much about his brother, but he was said to be even better than my father.

According to my father, he disappeared at the age of 15.

According to him, he always defeated him in fights and was the pride of my grandfather.

But something happened which is why no one ever mentioned his name.

Even I don know what his name was until today.

Only what I know is that he himself had a weapon which was enchanted with an even stronger magic.

Well, anyway… He looked at me in amazement. But suddenly he rushed towards me!

As if by natural reflex, my body moved extremely fast towards him and we began to fight.

”How can this be? What or who are you? ” he said, startled.

”,A bastard like you doesn need to know that ” I didn know what I was saying and went on

I gave him many small cuts on his shoulders and thighs several times. However, he did not seem to feel them.

”You can do anything to me with these stitches, ” he said confidently.

I noticed that he really did not weaken. But how else can I wound him?

”Use me. Use me properly! ” said a female voice inside me.

”Who are you? ” I asked suspiciously.

”I am you ” she said

”I don know who or what you are, but how do you mean ”use me ”? ” I asked.

”Use my power by calling me. The more you believe in my power, the more you desire my power, the more power you will be able to use from me ” she said in a whisper.

I wondered what this meant, but I imagined that I must win this fight… maybe this man is really Eron. He should be arrested immediately.

I would probably even get a reward laughing inwardly.

Well, I concentrated on my sword and on the words of the voice inside me.

”Lightning Strike ” I whispered without thinking about it.

My body moved on its own and formed a lightning bolt in front of me with the katana.

Suddenly, my body rushed through the lightning and my katana had small blue flashes around it.

As if by itself, my arm moved as I sprinted forward and I slashed through his side with the katana in a very fast motion… at least thats how it felt.

I turned to him after the blow and wanted to see if something had happened. But he is not there? Where is he? ?

I looked up and to the sides. Of course also behind me. He was nowhere. But the barriers were still there. Somehow I must have wounded him… what happened in the meantime?

”We didn hit him. ” replied the voice.

”But where is he? And who is he? ”

”Im afraid I can tell you who he is. Im not allowed to… and I don know where he is either.

”He disappeared just before the impact, ” she said, worried and trembling.

”hm ”

I went back to the point where he was before the fight.

But there was nothing. I suddenly noticed a cold wind through which a howl could be heard.

It sounded like a wolf calling its pack. I had no good feeling to stay here.

My problem is that no one lives with me except me, so no one will look for me…

”I am here ” whispered a dark and deep voice through the forest.

”Who is there and where are you? Where is the other one from before? ” I shouted into the forest.

I began to wonder if anyone outside would hear us.

”Im everywhere and who I am doesn matter… youll find out soon enough who you met today and what or who I am…. Musashi Akiyame ”

It sounded kind of creepy but not strange… who was this person?

Eron? or someone else ?

The director?

He emphasized that ”Akiyame ” so strangely…. Somewhere I have heard it before…

”Behind you! ” shouted the voice inside me.

I just jumped to the side without looking at what was behind me.

I turned around and looked at who or what was there.

The hooded person I thought was Eron stood behind me and released a wave of energy at me.

Although I dodged it, I was slightly hurt by the heat of the energy.

My right arm hurt again.

The effect is slowly wearing off. My weapon fell to the ground again

”Nah? Weakened again? Its only just begun! ” He hurled waves of energy from both sides that transformed into dark matter and hurt my legs.

”Aahhh! ” I screamed in pain

”You thought you could defeat me so easily? By far you are inferior to me ”

He walked towards me and I began to tremble.

Was it the pain or the fear?

I have never been afraid before what is going on?!

He formed his Dark Matter into a Black Staff and took a swing at me as he walked towards me.

He bent forward a little to hit me with his staff.

”So this is how it ends with the oh-so-strong Musashi Akiyame? This is what the Akiyame clan has become? Sad… sad… ”

His words… How does he know my clan ? How does he know about me?!

I didn even see his face until now!

”Burn to ashes, freeze in the grave… Take their life and suck their energy… AMISHARU ” He lashed out and I felt that it was ending with me.

I closed my eyes and already expected to die….

”MUSASHIII!!!!!! ” I heard another voice but it was so far away…

I felt it getting hotter and hotter… like I was just going to hell.

I was lying on the floor with my eyes closed and couldn move.

But suddenly I heard a voice coming closer.

It certainly was not the hooded man I thought was ”Eron ”.

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