Chapter 01 – Meeting in the Cursed Forest

”Are you sure about your decision, Duke? ” The man with white hair asked Gerald when he informed him that he would enter the Cursed Forest.

”Yes. ”

”I see. ” The man nodded, ”You should know the rules of that place. If you
e lucky, you will live. If not, then you might become a sacrifice. Even I cannot help you right now. ”

”Im aware. ”


Gerald shivered when he felt the cold drops of rain on his skin. A visible red liquid trickled from his head and lips, and his breathing turned heavy. He looked up and saw that the fog was covering his surroundings.

The lightning from the sky was his only source of light. Gerald used his sword to support his body as he started to walk with staggering steps.

”So you are here. ”

His hair stood on its end when he heard a voice from behind. He slowly turned his head and was welcomed by the beast the size of a lion they had encountered earlier. A ripped, bloodied arm holding a sword was in its mouth.

He readied himself to fight but knew that this might be his end.

”My wife and daughter, Im sorry. I guess I have to accompany this forest forever, ” he thought as he gathered all his courage and strength to raise his sword.

The Duke saw the beast throwing the hand on the side as it launched toward him, bearing its fangs.


His sword flew from his hand, and Gerald hit the nearby trees while vomiting blood. He looked up with a heavy eye and saw the beast run towards him while laughing maniacally. Gerald closed his eyes as he accepted his fate.


His ears twitched when he heard that sound. Then it was followed by a melodious and lazy female voice.

”So, this is where the smell of blood is coming from. ”

He opened his eyes and saw the back of the female. She had long hair tied in a single french braid and wore a robe. Gerald tried to stretch his neck and saw that the beast was on the ground earlier. It stood up while looking fiercely toward the new intruder.

”Tch! Another useless human. ”


It relaunched its body, but the female casually raised her right hand, and a bluish aura came from it. It rapidly covered the beasts body as it tried to struggle for its life. The moment that it breathed its last, it fell to the ground. Gerald saw some squirming worms appear from the ground and started to cover the beasts body and consume it until its final piece.

”What a spectacular sight. Don you agree? ”

The female turned towards him,

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